Zappr Review – Cash Exploding Content or a Scam? Review by a NON-Affiliate

Hey all, welcome to my Zappr review!

This is a product created by Trevor Carr, Luan Henrique, and Jonas Lindgren, on how you can easily turn any videos and publish into content in 60 seconds.

But does the product really do live up to the hype?
Can you actually make money using the “automated” content?

Well, in this review, I would like to share my findings on this product and most importantly whether it’s worth it for you to get it or not.

Since I’ve been a victim to many thin or cheap products like Zappr before, I want to help my readers make a better decision in choosing which product to get and which to avoid.

There are many shortcuts being sold to a lot of people nowadays on the internet, promising quick cash. Though it might be tempting to get, it’s not always the best practice to have a sustainable online business.

I’m going to share more on that later in the review.

Before I move on with the review, a quick disclaimer that I’m by no means associated with Zappr or any of the product creators.

I’m not an affiliate so I won’t be profiting or getting any kickbacks doing this review, should you decide to get the Zappr product anyway.

This is just my unbiased third-party review. If the product is good, I will have no problem saying that it is.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started with the review! 😊

Is Zappr a scam? Here’s the truth…

What I’ll be discussing in this review:

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What Is Zappr?

Zappr Review

Product Name: Zappr
Price: $13 + Upsells
Owner: Trevor Carr, Luan Henrique, Jonas Lindgren
Recommended? No

Zappr is a basically a plugin that you could install on your WordPress so that you will be able to generate content in a matter of a few clicks.

As Zappr is essentially a plugin on WordPress, you will need to get your website ready first before thinking of getting the product.

You will need to get a hosting (here’s what I’m using and what I recommend) and a domain of your choice.

I also did a quick training here on how I’ve managed to build my website in less than a minute. It’s not that hard anymore to create a website these days.

But if you’re still a beginner in website building, you will need a bit of guidance on this and you can also watch my free training here.

Anyway, once you’ve gotten your website ready, it’s just a matter of installing Zappr plugin and you’ll be ready to use it to create content quickly for your website.

Let’s take a look at how does Zappr work below.

How Zappr Really Works

Zappr Review

The Zappr plugin is really straight forward as there aren’t many details that you will need to fill in.

There is a training section for the plugin, but not necessarily on the whole scope of creating a successful website. You probably will need more training on creating a cash-generating website somewhere else.

Here are the things that you’ll need to do once you’ve installed Zappr plugin:

1) Insert the YouTube API Key
2) Add any video URL to be turned into written content & post it as your blog post, or
3) Search for an article based on your niche/keyword
4) Spin the content (optional) to make it “unique”

Basically, you will be able to turn any YouTube videos into written content. The system will transcribe the video. Honestly, there is multiple free software out there that you can use to do this – without the need to buy a system like Zappr.

And another way is to use the done-for-you articles that come with Zappr related to your keyword. You can use the “spin” feature to make it more “unique”.

I will share in the later section on why these are not the best thing for you to do with your website and business.

Below is a demo video done by one of Zappr’s affiliates that you can watch to see how the plugin works.

I don’t endorse this video or product. Just watch it for educational purposes only.

If you’re a beginner in blogging or creating website, Zappr might look like a good product to get so that you won’t need to make time and create your own content.

However, this practice could potentially hurt your website and business in the long run.

There is a big reason why companies and other successful affiliate marketers or bloggers out there are writing their own unique content and spending money to hire a good freelance writer.

That’s because we want all of our content to be as unique and as valuable to the reader as possible. It’s the only sure thing that can guarantee us to have a sustainable business for the next 10 to 20 years.

Is Zappr A Scam or Legit?

No, Zappr isn’t exactly a scam. You can get access to the plugin and create the automated content you want once you buy the product.

That said, it doesn’t mean that this product can be good for your website and business. If you do want your website and business to take off on the right foot, you might want to avoid getting these automated, done-for-you systems.

With that, I don’t recommend Zappr to my readers because I know that products like this are not going to be very useful in the long run.

Apart from that, here are some of the other reasons why I won’t recommend Zappr to anyone.

Disadvantages of Loophole 2 Profits:
1) Duplicated content.

I know that many argue that search engines won’t see them as duplicated content as you are turning a video content into a written one.

But, search engines are smart.

They have the transcription of every video produced on YouTube (some will be extra accurate when the users upload the subs themselves, some will be auto-generated).

Videos with subs that they upload themselves will have a higher score than the videos that don’t and I guess this is one way for Google to make sure they get to understand what kind of content being mentioned in the video.

So when you have the exact same content only to have it as written on your website, it is going to be considered as duplication.

You might get away with it now from Google but Google makes algorithm changes all, the, time.

And I’m not going to be surprised if your website is going to be penalized after using this automated Zappr system in the future.

Think about your business for the long-term.

2) Beware of the done-for-you system.

This goes hand-in-hand with the first point.

Done-for-you pages, systems like the one in Zappr can be extremely mouth-watering to beginners because they don’t really need to spend hours and energy to work on those money-making content.

But you should know that if you are looking for a business to last, you shouldn’t look at taking shortcuts such as getting these done-for-yous because at the end of the day, it will only hurt you and your business.

Systems like this will always come with some risks and it’s definitely not built to last.

If you do want a business that can be sustained for the next 10 years, my advice is to stay away from all these done-for-you, automated systems and master the art of creating your own unique content, product, offers and business.

Templates are fine as you’ll get to learn what works while still producing your own flair. But with DFY, I don’t believe you’ll learn anything from it.

3) Is it really for beginners?

As I mentioned before, if you are a beginner, you will definitely need more training on how to properly monetize your website and content.

This product won’t equip you with all of that.

Getting content is one thing but getting traffic is another more important aspect of creating a successful business and website.

If you’re thinking of getting to make money just by getting Zappr, I’m afraid that that won’t be the case.

4) Multiple upsells await you.

One of the things with low-priced products is that, they will always have multiple of upsells to make sure the product creators are still making money when you buy the product through an affiliate.

Since they need to pay their affiliates a commission, they will need to make sure that they can still get a large enough portion from the upsells that they offer.

And with Zappr, you will be presented with 6 different upsells 😊

From getting more addons (like social media share button), done-for-you pages, to reseller rights of Zappr.

Are they worth it?

To me, they are just “shortcuts” for you to get in this business. And we both know what I feel towards shortcuts. It’s not sustainable.

So, with these different upsells, you might be paying from $13 to 315.

Yes, $315.

Also, do note that if you were to ask for a refund, you will only get the front-end price back, which is $13. If you did take up on the upsells, you won’t be getting any refund on those.

With all these laid out in this review, I strongly encourage you to skip Zappr product and get a better, proven technique on how to succeed in blogging or affiliate marketing.

And more importantly, you want to find a place where you will have a community of affiliate marketing beginners and super affiliate marketers out there in one place so you could learn from the best.

Bonus point, you’ll get to see their real-life testimonials and journeys!

That is one of the best things that happened to me when I was just starting out as I get to read testimonials from people who have done it AND I could actually talk to them privately and get their coaching.

If you are a beginner, I would suggest finding the same community with the right training. I’ll share more below.

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If you have any questions regarding Zappr or anything else, feel free to leave a comment below as I always reply to my readers 😊

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