YT Money Review: Is Kody White A Scam or Worth The Money?

If you’ve been thinking of making money on YouTube, I’m sure you have heard about Kody White. And today I will share my thoughts on his course in this YT Money review of mine.

This course is not new. It was first launched a couple of years ago in 2019.

But as I wasn’t really into making money on YouTube yet at that time, I didn’t know the existence of the course. Now though, YouTube has been huge, especially during this pandemic, that is hard not to notice all the YouTube courses available out there.

I have also recently reviewed another very similar course to Kody’s called No Face YT by Thomas Garetz.

These two courses are very similar and in fact same in price.

Is any of them worth the money though?

Well, that’s what we’re going to figure out in this review 😊

Before I get on with the review, a quick disclaimer to make on my side that I’m not an affiliate of YT Money or Kody White.

I’m not associated with him and I’m definitely not getting any kickbacks writing this review for you guys. If you guys decide to get the course, it’s really up to you.

I’m just here trying to help you guys make a better decision when it comes to purchasing those make-money-online programs so that you won’t fall flat to scams.

Now that I’ve made that clear, let’s get on with this YT Money review!

Is Kody White really legit and can you really make money following this 22 years-old? Let’s see below..

YT Money – Kody White Summary

yt money review is kody white a scam

Products: YT Money

Price: $247 one-time payment + $7,500 1-on-1 coaching

Recommendation: No

Even though Kody White’s personal YouTube channel does not have many videos of him promoting this course (at least from my current point of viewing), he does have a lot of followers and students trying to learn from his strategies making money off YouTube.

With 20 cash-cow YouTube channels, Kody produced videos on those channels without ever showing his face and has been making thousands of dollars off those channels.

There’s one video from his student revealing one of Kody’s channel, which can attest that Kody in fact is making a lot of money doing what he does.

Even though he gets to make a lot of money this way, you can see that a lot of them are the more clickbait and gossips kind of videos. If this is up in your alley, then good.

If it’s not your thing, you might want to pass on this course.

This way of making money on YouTube is actually not really my thing, but giving Kody’s YT Money course the benefit of the doubt, let’s check out who Kody is and what exactly you’ll be learning from the course.

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Who Is Kody White?

yt money review is kody white a scam

Kody White is a 22-year-old who has managed to find his success in making money off YouTube by creating hundreds, if not thousands of viral videos on his 20 over YouTube channels.

Kody didn’t get his success overnight.

He has built these channels and videos for the past eight years slowly, learning how to monetize and perfecting the skills of getting the clicks and the views from each of the video that he uploads.

And in 2019, he wanted to “give back” by creating a YouTube course to teach others on how to make money using the same strategy.

This is when YT Money course was launched.

Not exactly sure how many students Kody has but he’s still really making money from his YouTube channels as you can see that the bragging rights hasn’t stopped on his Instagram account.

Like many of these successful online entrepreneurs who later created a make-money-online course, Kody also shows off his wealth on his Instagram page with cars, mansions and also a private jet.

Does he own all of them? Well, God knows. But he is certainly making money from his YouTube videos.

YT Money Review

As mentioned above, YT Money course is mainly to guide you on how to start making money on YouTube, by creating viral videos and monetize mainly via ad revenue.

You don’t need to show your face, you just need to craft a very engaging viral type of content, with a clickbait title and thumbnail picture.

You might think that this way of producing videos will be cheaper but do note that you will still have to pay for the video editing software and if needed, a microphone.

If you don’t have the time or skills of producing all of these videos, you can of course outsource them on Fiverr or Upwork.

It’s really the matter of your time or money when it comes to side hustling.

Now, let’s see what you’ll be learning in YT Money course:

1. Introduction

This is just an introduction to the course. An overview to what you’re going to be learning.

2. Mindset

A lot of make-money-online courses will include this bit in the course and I do think it’s actually pretty important to have a section of this before starting with the rest of the modules.

Making money online isn’t going to be an overnight success. And a lot of people need to know that it takes a long time to make a business really profitable.

In this section, Kody also goes over the success to one of his students, Devon Canup. Or, you could also just watch the review video of it on Kody’s YouTube channel.

3. Introduction to YT Money

This is another intro but with a bit more meat like picking a niche.

Kody shares a list of viral niches that you could possibly do and how to verify your channel ideas.

4. Basics of Creating Content

Well, the name of the section gave it away.

You need these skills and tools to get started with producing videos on YouTube.

This includes online tools, equipment you need, how to get those viral videos as well as editing them, and last but not least uploading your videos with optimization done.

5. Getting Your Channel Monetized ASAP

There is a minimum requirement for a video to be monetized.

So in order for you to expedite that, you could either start doing paid ads (but this takes a review process), doing a collaboration, or even purchasing an already monetized YouTube channel.

IMPORTANT: In May 2021, YouTube has announced that they will be putting ads on your videos regardless of whether you’re their partners or not.

This shouldn’t affect how you can monetize your channel BUT since there will be a lot more video inventory that Google can show their ads on, this means that your ad revenue might not be as high anymore.

Supply and demand here, buddy.

6. How To Make Viral Videos

There are basically two things here.

One is to edit the video by looking at how other competitors are doing. Meaning the flow, the thumbnails, the titles etc.

Secondly, is to make sure that your videos are getting the engagement that they need. So this will give signals to YouTube that your videos are engaging and will be shown to others who are more likely to be watching your type of video content.

7. Getting High Click Through Rate On A Video

This is very much relying onto your copywriting skill. I would say that it takes practice.

But just imagine those gossip magazines that you usually see on the cashier isle – the thing that makes people pick up the magazine would be the cover and copy.

And that’s what you need to do with your videos as well.

8. Getting High Audience Retention in Videos

This is the art of delaying the content. You will learn how long should your videos be and how to make sure that the viewers will watch your videos till the end.

There are tons of free videos on YouTube discussing this topic by the way.

9. SEO

I have no idea why SEO topic shouldn’t be upfront.

When it comes to organic traffic, make it from YouTube videos or websites, SEO should be one of the first few modules introduced because it’s so god dang important.

Anyway, this is the part where you’ll get to learn how to SEO optimized your videos. You’ll probably need an online tool for this.

10. How to Optimize Your Monetization

Other than ad revenue, Kody teaches you how to further improve your monetization strategies.

This isn’t very far off from blogging (click here to learn how to make money blogging). Essentially, this includes sponsorship, affiliate marketing or even your own products!

11. How to Expedite the Growth and Explode Your Channel

One of the ways to get more people view your videos is by the engagement (like I mentioned above). And this is where you can share your videos on the course’s community tab so the students can support each other 😊

This is pretty common among courses – it’s more like I help you, and you help me kinda thing.

Another way is to also collaborate with huge Instagram pages where they can give your channel a shoutout. But you also have to pick a trustworthy Instagram page or influencer to do this.

One of the riskiest thing about making money on YouTube this way is the fact that you could easily be slammed with a copyright issue, and YouTube could potentially just demonetize your account all together.

13. The Biggest Problems YouTubers Face and Solutions

Since YouTube isn’t exactly a platform that you can control (since it’s not our individual’s platform), you will have to abide to many of their rules.

One of the downsides of making money solely off YouTube.

This is the section where Kody tells you what you can do to avoid getting your channel to be demonetized as well getting more ads shown on your videos.

passive cash seekers make money online - YT Money Review: Is Kody White A Scam or Worth The Money?

Who Is YT Money For?

Well, this is truly just for someone who wants to make money off YouTube, as soon as possible.

If you don’t really care how you will be able to make money, then you could try it this way.

I just know that I’m not really going to enjoy doing this as creating viral videos, regardless of whether I like it or not just to make money isn’t something that I can see myself doing for a long time.

I know that this strategy has been used and done by many others but if I’m not giving really good value to people out there, I just don’t think I want to put my energy onto it, whether or not I make money.

If you are like me, then you might want to pass on this course.

Also, I might add that if you do want to create an online income stream for a long period of time, you might want to make YouTube as an additional income but not as your main income.

Because since none of us has control over YouTube, it’s very easy to be under the mercy of Google.

Your channel and videos might get affected with YouTube’s latest algorithms and your income might suffer.

Before you create YouTube as a side platform for your online business, you might want to check out how to create a better, proper side hustle that can give you more control of what you’re producing.

Pros of YT Money

  • Kody White’s strategy is legit, and you could make money this way.
  • $247 isn’t very expensive but I don’t think you should go for the 1-on-1 coaching. Do note that you can still find the answers to everything that he’s sharing on the course for free on the internet.

Cons of YT Money

  • There are other more meaningful ways of making money online than creating clickbait videos.
  • You’ll be under the mercy of YouTube and Google’s forever-changing algorithms.
  • Refund policy to be under 24hours? Hmm. How about no.

Is YT Money Worth The Price?

I don’t think you’ll go broke over $247 out of your pocket.

Though I do think that you could use the money for a much better way of making money online income like this one.

If you really want the guide and want to skip the learning curve of just researching the topics outlined for free on the internet, by all means, you can get the course.

That said, if you were to take the upsell of $7,500 1-on-1 coaching, I don’t think that’s worth your money.

You could potentially use that money to outsource the videos, invest on a better editing software and many other things that will double the money faster.

Is Kody White A Scam?

yt money review is kody white a scam

I don’t think Kody White is a scam. We can see that he is in fact has been doing exactly what he teaches and is actually making money.

If he has 20 YouTube channels and each is making over 20 million views, I know that he can rake in thousands of dollars.

But I guess he’s just another 22 years-old guy who got money fast and also spent that money fast while showing everything on social media.

I’m more towards humble bragging so showing the cars etc isn’t exactly up to my taste.

How I Earn Money Online

Even though making money on YouTube has been on my mind for quite some time, there’s something else that I’m building that’s far more important.

That is building my own online asset (like this website) first and get YouTube to be my second source of traffic.

Building and having your own online asset first is much better than to put all of your eggs under one platform like YouTube.

This will be a better guarantee that your visitors and email list will still be there with you even if YouTube is making 360 algorithm updates.

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If you have any questions regarding Kody White or his YT Money course, or anything else, feel free to leave a comment below as I always reply to my readers 😊

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