Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review – Is It Worth The Price?

Today, I’ll be talking about Chris Martin’s course that will teach you how to make 5 – 6 figures per month. This is my Work From Anywhere Accelerator course review.

A lot of people want to escape the four walls of an office that’s why “escaping the rat race” is a goal of many. With a lot of people chasing this goal, different courses, seminars, and webinars have been made to help people achieve this. But not all of them are created equal, some courses scam people, while others are not worth the value.

Let’s determine today what kind of program is Work From Anywhere Accelerator – Is it a scam? Is it worth the price tag? Or does it actually bring value to people?

Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review Summary

Product Name: Work From Anywhere Accelerator
Founder: Chris Martin
Product Type: Online Money Making Training Course
Price: $1,497
Rating: 30/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Work From Anywhere Accelerator is an online training program wherein Chris teaches entrepreneurs how they can build a profitable online business so they can finally achieve the life they wanted. In this product, Chris shares his strategies and tips on how you can starting building your income online.

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What Is Work From Anywhere Accelerator?

WAA min - Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review - Is It Worth The Price?

Right off the bat, the sales page of this course makes you really wonder what it’s selling. The biggest text you’ll see immediately is that this course is everything you need to make $9,000+ per month. The creator even adds that you can do it under 60 minutes a day without any prior experience.

Then the next part of the sales page is an 8-minute presentation showing what’s inside of their member’s area. 5 minutes into the presentation, still no info about what the product is really all about. So I decided to go out of the sales page and hear it from other reviews.

Work From Anywhere Accelerator is founded by Chris Martin who’s also the guy behind DigitalNomad. This product of his is a course that teaches you how you can utilize digital marketing to get clients and eventually work from anywhere like Chris. It also teaches you different sales funnel to increase your monthly earnings.

Chris will be teaching the system that has “changed” his life completely – this system is what made him earn $210,000 per month while traveling the globe.

Who Is Chris Martin?

chris min - Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review - Is It Worth The Price?

Chris runs an online business while traveling the world. He was once a marketing director of a company that went from zero sales to $300k per month. With this success, other businesses sought his talent. After helping a ton of companies make bank in their first year of business, he decided to launch programs that will make the life of entrepreneurs easy.

To know more about the guy, you can read more about him here.

What Does Work From Anywhere Accelerator Offer?

Feature #1: The PROVEN System That Drives Results

feature 1 min - Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review - Is It Worth The Price?

Inside this course, you get eight weeks of guided coaching on every aspect of the system. This is where Chris will walk you step by step on how you can start to make consistent income. The system and strategy taught here is the exact method that his students are able to make $60k per month.

The content taught here is also up to date with the ever-changing developments in the industry. No need to worry about outdated materials and being left behind with constant changes.

Feature #2: Weekly Live Coaching Calls

feature 2 min - Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review - Is It Worth The Price?

Chris will make sure to check up on you regarding your progress and success. Other than checking your progress, Chris and his team will suggest what tweaks you can do to improve in order to get better results.

With the guidance of Chris, you don’t have to figure out things yourself and spend dollars trying and testing out things.

Feature #3: One Full Year Of Mentorship And Coaching

feature 3 min - Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review - Is It Worth The Price?

With the mentorship, you get to ask questions and tips on how you can drive better results. Being able to contact coaches, you get to network with 7-figure marketing colleagues.

Feature #4: Full Community Access

feature 4 min - Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review - Is It Worth The Price?

Having a community to act as extra support for your journey is important. With a community, you get to ask members and other industry members. You get to build connections and partnerships that will make you grow faster than ever.

Feature #5: Access To 100+ Proven Campaigns and Funnel Clones

feature 5 min - Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review - Is It Worth The Price?

Chris mentions that this is a key feature of the course. It’s part of the program that makes adding to your income easy. These are done for you ads and funnels to get you and your potential clients’ results.

Additional bonuses:

  • New Client Forms and Checklists
  • Behind The Scenes Walkthroughs
  • Sales Scripts
  • The $56k/Mo Interview
  • Client Magician Training
  • Follow Along $50k/Mo Pandemic Agency
  • Personalized Funnel Review
price min - Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review - Is It Worth The Price?

With all the features and bonuses included in this course, you’re now probably thinking how much will it cost you? The price tag of this program is a whopping $1,497. And if you want a 3-month payment, it’s $597.

To justify that price, Chris puts values on those features and bonuses and when you add those values it sums up a total of $17,997. Which makes you think that $1,497 is a great discount but who decided the value of those features?

value of features min - Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review - Is It Worth The Price?

Even though the price of the features is subjective, in my view it’s quite overvalued.

What I like About Work From Anywhere Accelerator

What I like about this program is that it offers in-depth discussions on topics that can help you potentially earn more money. The program has around 5-8 modules with 12-15 videos each.

The course also has a chatbox feature that makes it easy for users to know the answers to their questions regarding the modules.

For the navigation of the website, it’s fairly easy to use. With simple clicks, you get to see all the resources that you need to take to finish the course.

Is Work From Anywhere Accelerator A Scam?

No, this course is not a scam. But because of its price, I don’t suggest you buy this program (even if you have the money).

Sure you can say that it’s detailed and in-depth but every course should be like that. The goal of every course creator should be to teach in detail so they get their point across to the users.

The only justification that Chris gave as to why the course is priced as such is your potential earnings and the value of the features – which is highly subjective.

Here are other reasons why I don’t recommend this program to you:

  • The Cost Of Entry Is Expensive
    You might say that it’s a fair price to pay given the lessons that Chris teaches but as I’ve read from other people, the payment doesn’t stop there. The course has some hidden fees that you need to pay monthly.

  • Confusing Sales Page
    Right from the start, I mentioned how their sales page has no clear statement on what the course teaches you. If you take a look at the sales page, the majority of it consists of how much Chris has made and how much you’re going to make if you take up this program. Since half of the sales page comprises of that kind of content, does the program really has something to offer?

  • The Money Is Not Guaranteed
    I know there’s no guarantee when programs promise to teach you how you can make X amount of dollars per month. But in the case of Work From Anywhere Accelerator, it’s much riskier.

    Because this program teaches you how you can land clients – you’ll have to pick up a phone, call clients, establish a relationship, tell what you can offer them, etc. When everything is said and done, there’s still a chance you can’t get a client.

    This program isn’t a software where you can create a one-time thing and be done with it. This program requires constant effort and work.

Final Thoughts

Even though this program isn’t a scam, I don’t think that it’s a good program to invest in. Whenever I see a sales page that presents MORE how a person can earn and live when joining their program compared to advertising the program itself, it’s a major turn off and it makes me think that the program doesn’t have much to offer.

With that $1,500 investment, you can enroll in a course that’s much cheaper and is created by a LEGITIMATE and TRUSTED group of people in the industry (check the next section).

I’m sure Chris has helped a lot of people but when he mentions he has earned millions, it raises the question – Did he actually earn from helping businesses or by selling courses?

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