What Is Shop Smarter? Things To Expect Inside The Program

In this review, we’ll talk about what is Shop Smarter and is it legit or not. When you shop with this website, it claims that it gives you a $10 welcome bonus and it’s able to give you 10% cashback every day. With this online shopping program, you get to browse the latest deals and discounts that they’re offering you.

In a competitive market, businesses separate themselves from their competitors by giving out the best deals for current and potential users. When it comes to shopping programs, they compete for more users by giving more discounts or giving cash backs.

Unfortunately, some shopping programs are all talk and can’t back up what they’re claiming. Basically, they’re just scamming people to use their program. Today let’s determine whether Shop Smarter belongs to that group. Let’s answer whether this online shopping program is safe, legit, and can back up what they’re providing.

Shop Smarter Review Summary

Product: Shop Smarter
Owner: Clarus Direct, LLC.
Product Type: Online Shopping Program
Price: $1.97 first seven days. $9.97 every month
Rating: 80/100
Recommended: Yes

Summary: Shop Smarter is a shopping program that can give you 10% cashback on every store available on their platform. The program has more than 1,000 affiliated stores so it probably can provide everything for you. Other than cashback, it also gives out discounts and the latest deals. Read more to know whether this program can help you with your shopping.

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Getting To Know Shop Smarter

shop smarter min - What Is Shop Smarter? Things To Expect Inside The Program

Shop Smarter is an online shopping program that offers 10% cashback at 1,000+ online stores. Being a member, you have the opportunity to earn up to $1,000 in cashback yearly.

With 10% cashback, it’s no question that it’s relatively high to other cashback programs which is a good thing if you’re an avid shopper. It may also seem like it’s a good idea to shop here since they are affiliated with 1,000+ stores. Among those stores are Walmart, BestBuy, Macy’s, Target, and many more.

Being affiliated with those big retail stores, plus giving out a 10% cashback is already a sweet deal. Not only do you have a ton of choices but you also get some money back from your purchase. And this model is exactly why shoppers are hooked with these kinds of programs.

To know more about Shop Smarter, let’s see how you can use it.

How Shop Smarter Works

shop smarter how - What Is Shop Smarter? Things To Expect Inside The Program

The process of joining and earning cash back in Shop Smarter is done in only 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Join

On the first 7 days, you will only pay $1.97. Then the months after that is at $9.97. If you don’t like their program, you can cancel anytime.

Step 2: Browse

Once you’ve paid your membership, you’re in. You can now check out the program’s affiliated stores that are eligible for cashback.

Step 3: Shop

Click the link provided to you so you’ll get redirected to the store that you’re looking for. The link provided will give you the right to earn cashback when you purchase an item.

Step 4: Earn Cash Back

Every month you shop, you get a cheque for your earnings.

The links provided by Shop Smarter should be the ones that you should use. These links will allow you to get the cashback or avail of other promos that the program will give. If you don’t use their links, you won’t be getting any cashback on your purchases.

Other Features of Shop Smarter

shop smarter deals min - What Is Shop Smarter? Things To Expect Inside The Program

First off, Shop Smarter works on the premise of ridding the constant search for discounts. Instead, they are giving you an automatic 10% cashback on your purchases.

But the Shop Smarter features aren’t limited there. It also has 4 deals that you can take advantage of. Deals like free shipping, percent-off deals, dollar-off deals, and buy one get one deal. On top of these offers, you can also combine them with the cashback savings you’ve earned.

So if you have an item in mind that you want to purchase, you can use a coupon and the cashback earnings you received throughout the year. This gives you more savings for the long run.

Other than those promos and cashback, Shop Smarter also offers a comparison tool. This tool allows you to compare and find the lowest prices on the products you want in the market. With this tool, it rids you the effort of manually listing down prices on the products that you’re planning to buy.

Just by reading the information above, it seems like everything Shop Smarter has to offer is really good. But how is it able to give you such promotions and cashback?

How Can Shop Smarter Offer Good Deals?

The way I see it, their business is making money in two main ways:

Affiliate Marketing

Remember the links that they provided you when you’re going to check out on your favorite retail store? Those links are called affiliate links. When you purchase a product using their link, Shop Smarter will get a commission from it.

Since they will be getting a commission, they are willing to a give percentage of that to you which acts as the cashback.

The model of buying through links and earning commissions from them is the whole model of affiliate marketing. Have you seen Youtubers or podcasts that advertise a product and then mentions that if you use their promo code or link, you’ll have a discount? That right there is affiliate marketing.

Membership Fee

The second way that Shop Smarter is earning is by having a membership fee. This one also helps them provide cashback for their users. It also helps in paying to keep their business running.

What I Like About Shop Smarter

The obvious likable thing on Shop Smarter would be its 10% cashback. It’s probably the biggest one amongst its competitors. Plus, you also get to use coupons and promos on top of the cashback that you’ve earned which makes you get a bigger discount.

Another one that’s appealing to customers would be the 1,000+ stores that it’s affiliated with. This broadens the market that you can shop on. Whether that be groceries, clothes, or other things, Shop Smarter could probably provide it for you.

Is Shop Smarter A Scam?

No, Shop Smarter isn’t a scam but you should know that it’s not all smiles when it comes to this program. Some have experienced their account being shut down, while others claim that they haven’t received their cash backs on larger orders.

Looking at its TrustPilot page, the company seems to be quick to respond when the review is positive. But when a customer complains about their customer service, you can’t read any comment from them.

Other than those things, Shop Smarter has a limit of $1,000 cashback – which is kind of confusing as to why they would put a limit since they’ll also earn if shoppers use their links. If a user is an avid shopper and uses the program frequently, it wouldn’t make sense as to why they would put a cap on the cashback feature.

Negative reviews and limited features probably come with every application – you just can’t satisfy everyone. So regardless of all of these things, I still see Shop Smarter as a good shopping program.

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