Traffic Transformer Review – Does It Live Up To What It Claims?

In this Traffic Transformer review, let’s determine whether this software can really give you instant traffic in seconds. It claims that when you use this product, not only does your traffic count increase but also your affiliate sales. This product doesn’t require you to have a website and or even a list to start making money.

Traffic always comes hand in hand with making money online especially in affiliate marketing. For people to buy from your links or the products you promote, you need people to see your link and website. And for you to scale your business and commissions, you need your links to get shared more often.

This is where affiliate software tools come into the picture. These tools allow you to share instantly your links and even create content for you to get more traffic. But most of the affiliate software tools out there don’t give you value at all. In this post, let’s determine whether Traffic Transformer is part of that group or does it live up to what it promises.

Traffic Transformer Review Summary

Product: Traffic Transformer
Creator: Rick Williams
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Software
Price: $39.00
Rating: 20/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Traffic Transformer claims to be able to get your traffic up and your commissions rising. With its features, it will make your affiliate marketing journey be easy and simple. The product provides done for you campaigns and can search the relevant contents for you. To know whether Traffic Transformer is able to give what it promises, read the whole review.

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What Is Traffic Transformer?

traffic transformer min - Traffic Transformer Review - Does It Live Up To What It Claims?

Traffic Transformer is an affiliate software tool that allows you to create your own campaigns or use its done-for-you ones. Its features also allow you to choose a ton of ready-made content for your affiliate product. With this software, it claims that it can get you buyer traffic in just a matter of seconds.

The vendors and creators of this product know how hard it is to make content and get traffic at the same time. That’s why they created Traffic Transformer to help answer those issues. In their promotional video, they mentioned that this product can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. But for me, it’s quite hard to believe that.

With Traffic Transformer, it tells you that it can pump out traffic in ANY niche. Plus to add to those things, everything you need to make money is already built-in the application. Inside the product, it can make money from the top affiliate platforms out there such as ClickBank, JvZoo, WarriorPlus, Ecommerce, and software.

Traffic Transformer offers you top products from those affiliate platforms so it will be “easy” for you to make money.

Traffic Transformer Features

dashboard min 1 - Traffic Transformer Review - Does It Live Up To What It Claims?

This product comes with six main features located on the left side of its dashboard. Let’s talk about the top features and how does it help you get traffic and commissions.


With this feature, you can add your social accounts so you can easily promote the campaigns that you’ll be sharing. You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Tumblr.


The second feature that you’ll see here is the Campaigns option wherein you can add new campaigns in the software.

First, it requires you to fill up the campaign name then choose a niche. On their sales page, they mentioned how this software can bring you traffic to ANY niche but inside the member’s area, you only get to choose from 8 niches which are Dieting, Money Making, Affiliate, Internet Marketing, Health, Build Muscle, Home and DIY, and Pets.

After selecting the niche that you’ll be going for, it’s time to choose the offer. Once you’ve selected an offer, you’re now made to research for content. On the search bar, you can simply type the keyword and the software will generate different content. After doing so, you’ve successfully created your content and you can share it on different platforms.


Next up is the promote feature. When you create a promotion, you start with your content first. Under this, you’ll have campaigns, the message connected to it, and hashtags. Once you’ve done this, the vendors claim that you can instantly get traffic right away.


In this feature, it can store all the leads that your campaign has generated. You just simply click the campaign that you want the leads from and then export it to wherever you want.

Other than those key features, you also get some bonuses such as:

  • Free Traffic Transformer App – You can transform any website, link, or content into your own personal traffic source.
  • 3x Daily Affiliate Monetization App – With this bonus, you can promote the top ClickBank, WarriorPlus, and JVZoo.
  • Built-In eCommerce Product Creator App – Run this cloud-based app to create unlimited eCommerce products in under 20 seconds for any niche.
  • Instant Software In A Box – The product provides you DFY software store wherein you can resell high-priced software tools.

What I Like About Traffic Transformer

I don’t like much about Traffic Transformer. Although it’s easy to use but what’s the point of purchasing an easy to use product when you’re not getting the results that it promised?

Sure it’s simple to navigate but it doesn’t do what it claims on its sales page. It doesn’t even give you significant traffic. The product claims that it can give you buyer traffic and commissions but I really doubt those statements which you’ll know why in the next section.

Is Traffic Transformer A Scam?

It’s not a scam but still, I can’t recommend you to buy this product. It will be a waste of money and time. They say that this product is newbie-friendly and perfect for beginners – it is but in the context of usability and software navigation.

But when it comes to getting actual results and making money, this doesn’t help anyone at all. The product doesn’t seem like it lives up to the hype and promises it made on its sales page.

The Sales Page Is Confusing

salespage min - Traffic Transformer Review - Does It Live Up To What It Claims?

The sales page of this product is just like any other shady digital products out there – it doesn’t clearly tell you what you’re buying and what you’ll be getting after the purchase.

Most of the content on the sales page just advertises how much commission you’ll be making and what life you’ll be living.

This red flag alone tells you what kind of product this is. When half of the sales page is filled with numbers and lifestyle changes, you know that it can’t offer you much value.

It’s selling you a dream rather than an actual product.

Low Conversion Rate

landingpage min - Traffic Transformer Review - Does It Live Up To What It Claims?

If you see the outcome that they produce, you’ll be wondering will you get any conversion from it. Even you yourself won’t provide any info when the pages look like the image above. Because these types of pages tend to spam your email and fish for information.

If you won’t input your info, what more from a complete stranger online?

It Doesn’t 100% Work

error min - Traffic Transformer Review - Does It Live Up To What It Claims?

Almost everyone who reviewed this product, who made a video content about it has encountered issues like some of the campaigns aren’t working. Some of them have used a demo account, so I’m not sure whether this will be fixed when you actually purchase the product.

It Won’t Bring You Significant Traffic

The buyer’s traffic that they mention here is just a share button to different social media platforms. If you don’t have an existing following, no one will ever get to see your campaign. With this, it’s not just ideal for beginners.

Does It Really Make You Money?

Other than the pages not working, the real question is, does this software make you money? Because if it doesn’t, why would we invest our time and money in it.

Most digital products that sell you a lifestyle, won’t make you money. Believe me, because I’ve reviewed a ton of them. These products tell you that you’re going to make this amount of money but in reality, you’re only placing money on the vendor’s pocket and not yours.


These types of products aren’t the ideal way to start your affiliate marketing journey. It just provides you ready-made pages and campaigns but you really don’t learn anything from the software that can make you be a better affiliate.

And once the software is already outdated and the vendors release a new one next year, there’s a good chance that the support on your pages and the software itself will be gone. And if you’re starting from scratch again, you wouldn’t know what to do since you’ve relied heavily on DFY products.

So you’re better off investing in a legit program that will teach you everything you need to know how to make money online.

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