Traffic Beast Review: Scam or Legit? Ugly Truths You Must Read

Hey all, welcome to my Traffic Beast review.

If you’re like me, subscribed to some affiliate marketers trying to sell you stuff on how to make money online, you might have heard of this product and maybe got to my website here because you’re looking for a review.

Well, friend, you’re at the right place! 😊

I’m going to share with you what the Traffic Beast product is all about, how it works, and whether it’s worth your hard-earned money.

On the sales page of the product, they, like many other products these days claim to be able to give free buyer traffic to affiliate marketers with their done-for-you system.

If you’ve been in the digital marketing space, you know, free traffic or traffic in general doesn’t come easy.

It’s either you work hard to get free, organic, and evergreen traffic or you succumb to buying traffic via paid advertising.

But one thing for sure that you need to know is that, there’s really no shortcuts around it.

That said, I’m giving the product the benefit of the doubt and writing this review as honest and unbiased as I possibly can.

I’m not an affiliate of this product, therefore unlike many reviews out there who are offering bonuses to you if you buy the product via their link, I unfortunately won’t do so because… I got no kickbacks of doing this review.

This is just my third-party review, helping you make a better decision when it comes to spending your money buying make-money-online courses or products.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started with the review! 😊

Is Traffic Beast a scam? Here’s the truth…

Here are what I’ll be talking about in this review:

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What Is Traffic Beast?

Traffic Beast Review

Product Name: Traffic Beast
Price: $17 + Upsells
Owner: Glynn Kosky
Recommended? No

Traffic Beast is a cloud-based software created by Glynn Kosky that promises to bring free buyer targeted traffic to its buyers.

Traffic Beast isn’t the first product from Glynn Kosky when it comes to traffic. Glynn comes out with multiple of products for the past year. He used to come up with a new product every month but now it seems he has increased that frequency to twice a month.

One has to wonder whether he actually makes money doing what he teaches in his products or… actually making money selling the products. I’m not going to be surprised if he actually makes money selling products.

Anyway, all judgement aside 😊

Let’s take a look at how Traffic Beast really works and whether this is the traffic holy grail system you’ve been looking for.

How Traffic Beast Really Works

Traffic Beast is a software that contains a few trainings on how to navigate the system and a very brief introduction on how affiliate marketing in general works.

If you’re looking for training on affiliate marketing, this is not the place. Here’s how you can get proper training for free.

You will also get to use some of the done-for-you campaigns to collect leads and the sales page that the users will get to after giving out their details.

And of course, some free traffic sources that you could use in order to generate traffic to those squeeze pages that you use.

Traffic Beast Review
In a nutshell, below are the steps you’re going to take with this product:

1) Browse through WarriorPlus database to find a product that you want to promote and get your affiliate link
2) Create a new campaign using the done-for-you pages and fill in the details (existing campaigns are all about promoting Glynn’s products, by the way)
3) Insert your affiliate link
4) Connect your autoresponder
5) Share your page to social media platforms
6) Get additional free traffic from 3 different software (Affiliate Traffic Lab, Viral News Jacker, and Tube Traffic Machine)
7) Additionally, you can get your pixel being placed on Glynn’s sales pages if you were to run paid ads.

The step-by-step isn’t exactly new. Many other software and products that I’ve reviewed so far has more or less the same technique. Just perhaps a different interface.

Now there are a lot of things that are very wrong with the product that if I were to rate this product, it would be -5/10.

Even though this product is promoted as easy, beginner friendly and so on, it’s just a product that is too good to be true.

To prove that to you, let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks of the product that you need to be aware of.

Here are some disadvantages of Traffic Beast:
1) Beware of the done-for-you system.

Done-for-you pages, systems, content on the Traffic Beast system can be extremely mouth-watering to beginners because they don’t really need to spend hours and energy to work on finding a product to promote, create a campaign and get traffic.

But you should know that if you are looking for a business to last, you shouldn’t look at taking shortcuts such as getting these done-for-yous because at the end of the day, it will only hurt you and your business, as it’s very far from being sustainable.

Think about it;

  • How many people are going to use the exact same tactics as you? Given that all students are taking the same offers and using the same strategy.
  • Will your campaign pages ever be ranked on Google? I don’t think so.
  • Your campaign and social media share are going to look exactly the same as the next student. Do you really want that?
  • What would happen if Traffic Beast crashes, shuts down, or just goes away? Will you still have your website and content? I don’t think so.

Done-for-you offers will always come with some risks and it’s definitely not built to last.

If you do want a business that can be sustained for the next 10 years, my advice is to stay away from all these done-for-you systems and master the art of creating your own unique website and content because at the end of the day, no one can take that and your skills away.

Templates are fine as you’ll get to learn what works while still producing your own flair. But with DFY, I don’t believe you’ll learn anything from it.

If you want to learn the right way of doing affiliate marketing for free, you can check out my free training here.

And yes, getting your own online asset, producing unique content can take some time. But if you look at all the successful affiliate marketers out there, they all started with writing and producing their own unique content.

2) Multiple upsells.
Traffic Beast Review

It’s very common for these low front-end price products to have multiple upsells for people to buy in order to get upgraded, get more done-for-you templates, and buy into more, essentially, fluff. #sorrynotsorry

From getting the front-end price at $17, you might as well end up paying $609.

Yes, $609.

You might be well off getting and learning another way of doing affiliate marketing. Many affiliate marketing training that’s much better than Traffic Beast are cheaper and some are even free for beginners to start.

Plus, if you do take the upsells, please be aware that if you were to ever request a refund, you will only get the front-end price, which is $17.

No matter how many upsells you have taken.

3) Cloud-based software needs maintenance.

Many don’t know this but any cloud-based software like Traffic Beast will need some kind of maintenance month to month to make sure the system is running smoothly everyday.

But the maintenance will need fees. And Traffic Beast and many of Glynn’s previous products don’t take any recurring fees as he promises that his products are only one-time payment.

So, when he does not get any recurring fees from the buyers to maintain the software…. He doesn’t maintain the software.

If you were to buy some of his older products, you might not be able to run the system anymore because, well, the coding has changed and he made no effort to fix them.

That’s one reason that if you were to look at other cloud-based software system that are legit such as your email autoresponder, they are charging you by the month because they will need to maintain the backend coding.

With this, I can tell you that the product won’t be able to last you very long and you might just lose everything that you’ve created using his done-for-you pages and campaigns.

So be aware of this!

4) The traffic is crap. #sorrynotsorry

When you get to the free traffic training part of this system, you will get additional traffic software – Glynn’s previous products.

And well, the same “free traffic training” section has been used multiple times on his previous launches as well. There’s really nothing new.

Because of my #3 above, some of the traffic software that he gives you in this Traffic Beast, are well, outdated and won’t do you any good.

I found someone who had bought Glynn’s previous product and showed us how he could no longer run the software as it intended.

Please don’t be another Glynn’s victims.

Is Traffic Beast A Scam or Legit?

Well, for legal reasons, I couldn’t possibly say Traffic Beast a scam. But I would definitely recommend my readers to stay as far away from this product as possible.

It does not bring any value to you and your business. It will be more worth it perhaps for you to take the long road if that means getting more evergreen traffic and commission.

I’m not going to lie that the product will definitely be tempting to affiliate marketing newbies as the system provides “all”.

If you are looking for fast money and very sure that you can find users to go to your pages, then perhaps you can try it.

But I am not going to recommend this product simply because I know that the done-for-you system is really just too good to be true and won’t stand the test of time.

If you are looking for a business to last, you might be better off with another affiliate marketing course or training that can teach you how to build your business from the ground up.

It may take more time, energy, and work but it’s much more sustainable than many of these low front-end price products.

If you do want to get a much better system, below is my recommendation.

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In the 360 affiliate marketing training that I went through, we didn’t take any shortcuts – we learn to build our own online assets from hosting our own website, getting our own domains, and create our own content to make sure that we 100% own our assets.

So, no one can take anything away from us!

We were taught this way because this is the most organic and long-lasting way to create affiliate marketing business that can bring us money for the next 10 to 20 years.

Get a better affiliate marketing training with my free guide here.

Mind you that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You do need to put in the work, like many successful businessmen if you want your business to grow and last.

The best part of this training is that you can get started for FREE and see whether I am a real person without even opening your wallets or sharing your credit card details.

And if you follow my free guide and get on with the training, you could get ME as your very own buddy, mentor, or personal coach to guide you every step of the way. 😊

So, stop wasting time with done-for-you content that won’t get your far and start investing for a business that’ll last today!


Once you get the training, you will see real testimonials from fellow affiliate marketers who started their journey from scratch.

If you have any questions regarding Traffic Beast or anything else, feel free to leave a comment below as I always reply to my readers 😊

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