The Instant Affiliate System Review – All Things You Need To Know

Today, I’ll be talking about an affiliate training program that claims to be the instant solution to getting started in affiliate marketing. A “proven” system that will turn any newbie into an instant sales generating machine. This is my The Instant Affiliate System review.

Most affiliate courses are packed with general information that’s available to the public. Which makes these products not worth the time and money. Some are full of promises that claim this and that but only end up as being a mediocre course.

In this post, let’s determine whether The Instant Affiliate System can indeed make someone go from having zero knowledge on affiliate marketing to having an operational online business. So if you’re ready, then let’s jump right into the topic.

The Instant Affiliate System Review Summary

Product: The Instant Affiliate System
Founder: Paul Snelleksz
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
Price: $9.95
Rating: 25/100
Recommended: No

Summary: This product is a training course that helps you get started with your affiliate marketing journey. It makes you know the process of making money by being an affiliate and how you can choose the product for you.

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What Is The Instant Affiliate System?

TIAS min - The Instant Affiliate System Review - All Things You Need To Know

The Instant Affiliate System is an affiliate training course that contains a total of 7 modules wherein you’ll learn how to earn as an affiliate, knowing what products to promote, how to be an approved affiliate of those products, and gaining access to additional resources.

This course is broken down into a very easy to follow step by step training to make a complete beginner be knowledgeable and equipped with information that will help him or her succeed in this field.

Paul Snelleksz, the creator of this product, will also teach you different techniques and strategies for you to start making money online and eventually scaling up to earning more dollars each day.

What The Instant Affiliate System Teach

members area min - The Instant Affiliate System Review - All Things You Need To Know

The Instant Affiliate System is a 7 module training course that teaches you a method to make money via affiliate marketing. It’s not the common method of inserting links in blogs but involves recording videos and optimizing your Youtube videos and channel.

In the Member’s area, it starts off with a welcome video from Paul then proceeds to the overview of the course. In the overview section, Paul talks about what the method is and how it’s done.

The next part of the Member’s area would be the modules:

Module 1 – Setting The Foundations

In this module, you will learn to signup on the top affiliate sites out there. It’s important to know which affiliate platform to go with because you’ll get to know and try the latest product releases on every niche.

Module 2 – Understanding Offers/Promotions

It’s not enough to learn what the new products are because not every product is made equally. Some are value-giving products while others are flat out scams.

And if you want to build a good reputation of being an affiliate marketer, you need to earn trust and be genuine with your reviews and content.

So in this module, it will teach you how to find good offers and products to promote. But Paul takes it further by objectively picking the right product for you. Your chosen product will be based on numbers and statistics so you won’t be wasting time and effort. You don’t want to be promoting a product that’s no one’s interested in.

Module 3 – Product Research

Almost any affiliate marketer does this regardless of the method that they use. This module teaches you why this step is very important to make money online. With product research, you gather and collect information about the product you’ll be promoting.

It helps you understand what the product offers and does it cater to the needs of potential buyers. Knowing more about what you’re selling gives you confidence when you review and promote it.

Module 4 – Keeping Order (Folders and Files)

There comes a time when you’ve promoted and reviewed quite a number of products already. With this, it’s easy for your files, images, and other contents to be scattered around your laptops or computers. So as early as now (especially if you’re a beginner), Paul teaches you tips on how you can organize everything.

Module 5 – Review Video Preparation

Most marketers know how to make a blog or a website but the method here doesn’t just cater to the audience who likes reading but also caters to people who would like to see a video review.

In this module, you’ll learn the different tools needed to make a review video. It’s also another great method to do since you’re also building trust and credibility in another platform that’s beyond your website.

And this method chooses Youtube as its platform to post on. This is a great choice since we all know how big of a community Youtube is.

Module 6 – Recording Video

This might sound easy to do but most people don’t know how to record their screen and show a video of themselves at the same time. So in this module, it takes you a step by step process on how you can do just that.

Module 7 – Uploading And Optimizing Youtube

Just like ranking in Google, it’s also a bit hard to rank on the first page of Youtube. Most affiliate marketers strive to reach the top ranks of Youtube because it will be so beneficial to them.

When you’re able to rank high, you get more people to watch your video and eventually get more traffic to your affiliate link. More traffic to your link means a higher chance of converting a sale.

What I Like About The Instant Affiliate System

As you can see from the image of the member’s area above, it’s really easy to navigate. Plus, this product doesn’t have any software that comes with it. So there’s no technical tutorial needed.

The modules in this training course are really for beginners. There’s no question about that. Dedicating a whole module for keeping your files organized and how you can record your screen is perfect for any aspiring affiliate marketer that’s not computer savvy.

Is The Instant Affiliate System A Scam?

No, The Instant Affiliate System isn’t a scam. It actually delivers what it claims to teach on its sales page. But regardless of it being newbie-friendly and easy navigation, I can’t recommend this to you.

All Contents Are Free Info

Even though this product is just $9.95 and it’s priced correctly to what it gives to its buyers, it will still be a waste of your $10.00. Why? Because all of the modules taught above are free information that’s available to the public.

Knowing the top affiliate platforms and joining them can be done with just a simple Google search. Understanding the numbers behind the products and offers can be achieved with just reading and quick analysis.

Doing product research can be done on Google and different platforms. And all the technical skills like video prep, recording a video, and optimizing those contents can all be known by watching tutorials.

Upsells Don’t Give Much Value

  • Upsell #1: Buyers List Blast-Off($17)

This upgrade will be covering list creation with an autoresponder, teaching how to create a squeeze page, API integration to the website generated landing pages, and how to capture and build your list through an opt-in form.

With this upgrade, you will basically learn how to build a list using this method. But this whole offer is just contradicting what this product claims that it doesn’t need an email list to work.

  • Upsell #2: The Instant Affiliate Pro ($37)

When you purchase this upgrade, you get ANOTHER 7 video tutorials on how to create bonus pages, image creation, and how you can add them to your page. It’s just an advanced tutorial on how you can see better results on the method taught in this product.

  • Upsell #3: Resellers Rights ($67)

With this upgrade, you get license rights to sell The Instant Affiliate System as your own. Which I don’t suggest since the lessons taught here are free information to the public.

  • Upsell #4: 1 on 1 Video Coaching ($97)

You’ll get a 1-hour coaching session with Paul on how to effectively use The Instant Affiliate System to its full potential. I don’t quite see how you can use it to its full potential when it’s just a training course product.


So those are the things that this product offers and why I don’t suggest you to buy it. Although if you really want to know more about this method and how to do it, then go spend your $10.00 on this product.

For me, I like spending my money where I can see value from it. Overall, the product is just too basic for it to have a price tag attached to it. It could’ve been used as a bonus instead rather than the actual product.

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