Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

Hey all, welcome to my Seint review!

Seint, which used to be known as Maskcara is another MLM beauty company and because I’m on a roll of reviewing MLM companies, I figured I’ll include them as well.

They are currently aggressively social selling the products and if you have seen their posts on your newsfeed recently and been wondering whether or not Seint is legit, make sure to read my Seint review till the end.

I am a non-seller, I’m by no means associated with Seint.

But I have done MLM before and it’s not an easy and pretty route. So before anyone goes through the same bad experience of joining an MLM company, there are a few things you need to know.

If you have been wondering whether or not you can actually make legitimate money by become Seint’s artist, well, let’s get to my full Seint review.

Is Seint a scam? Here’s the truth…

Seint Summary

Product: Seint
Cara Brook
Product Type:
Price: $199 – $399Product Kit + $11.95/month
Seint, previously known as Maskcara is founded by a beauty blogger called Cara Brook in 2013. The products are known to have an easy application process with many dual purposes.

There was speculation stated that Maskcara wasn’t an MLM company when they first started but transformed into an MLM company structure when the company wasn’t doing very well financially.

But whether or not it’s worth it to join the company now as an artist, let’s find out together below.

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What Is Seint?

Previously known as Maskcara, they have now rebranded to Seint Beauty in 2020.

When I was trying to do more research on this, it says that the founder wanted to update the mission of the company and wants to put forth the artists that represent the company.

In my opinion, a company can still change their missions or visions without changing its name entirely. And it’s not cheap to do so. It’s a lot of investment for both money and time.

My take on why they wanted to change the name is because Maskcara already has some negative reputations and with any MLM company, they tend to do better when they are starting out and building momentum.

I checked on Google Trends and true enough, the buzz surrounding Maskcara is on decline while Seint Beauty is just starting up.

seint google trends - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

I personally don’t think it was a good idea that they rebranded the name to “Seint” because one, there’s already a beauty salon with the domain name and there’s already a makeup line called Saint.

And this changing name habit is pretty typical with MLM company like IM Academy.

Just to note here that the products are STILL the same – only a few names being changed.

Seint Product Reviews

There are mixed of reviews when it comes to their products. Some say they love the foundation and how skin-like they were. Below is one latest positive review:

seint positive review - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

But as I did more research, I also saw some customers ended up returning many of the products.

I was reading a review of Seint Products here from a non-seller (so you’d know it’s unbiased) and though she wanted to love the products, she ended up returning all of them because her face becomes itchy after application.

And others ended up returning the products too.

seint customer money back - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!
seint customer money back 2 - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!
seint customer money back 3 - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

Is Seint An MLM?

Ahh..yes, Seint is an MLM company.

If any artist who’s trying to recruit you tells you otherwise, well they’re lying. You can get a good guess with their company’s compensation plan.

MLM in its form is not illegal.

But the line of separating an MLM company from becoming a pyramid scheme is really vague. And to me, I just don’t want to be crossing that line.

I will tell you more about how you can differentiate between an MLM company to a pyramid scheme in the next section..

But I just want you to spare 5 minutes watching this video first:

Because you ought to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Is Seint A Pyramid Scheme?

Many people before joining an MLM will wonder whether the company is a pyramid scheme – I wondered too before when I joined an MLM company.

But I realized at that time, I didn’t really fully understand what a pyramid scheme really is. If I were to look at the shape of the company, both MLM and pyramid scheme will basically have the same “pyramid” shape.

So how do they differ from one another and how can we detect it?

First off, watch this video first to understand how pyramid scheme works:

Now if you’ve watched it, you know that pyramid scheme can be disguised. And I believe many MLMs that are still running nowadays are in many ways a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Let me explain..

Pyramid scheme is when a company is solely focusing on recruiting people. That’s how the upline and the founder make the most money on. But as you can see below in the diagram, there will be a point where you’ll run out of people in the world to recruit.

color street pyramid scheme - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

So if you’re “late to the party” and been at the bottom side of the pyramid, it’s much likely that you’re not gonna make money – worse, you’re gonna lose money.

How is this related to Seint you ask?

Well, look at the structure in Seint’s compensation plan.

Isn’t it resemble a pyramid? Isn’t the person who’s ranked higher will be at the top while having multiple downlines?

Now, I’m not saying that Seint is a pyramid scheme. But like many MLM companies, you need to be careful before joining.

A pyramid scheme is again, really focusing on recruiting. Because each downline or member that you get as a downline will pay your uplines up till the founder.

BUT Seint, instead of focusing mainly on recruiting, they do have a credible makeup line that they sell. And to many people, very good makeup products.

You won’t be able to get commission when you get a new recruit under you but you will be able to earn more when you have a team.

And you can still make money just by selling the products without recruiting people – though it will be low.

How low? We’re gonna get to that.

Now let’s look at how much you need to pay to join as a Seint’s artist.

sceint pyramid structure - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

Psst, this is the picture they show you in their compensation plan. Doesn’t it resemble a shape? 😊

How Much You Need to Pay To Join Seint?

When you first want to join Seint, you need to get their product kits, ranging from $199 to $399. You will get more products with the more expensive product kits, of course.

seint product kit - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!
seint product kit 2 - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

That’s only the product kits you have to buy when you first join but you do need to keep in mind that there’s a monthly fee of $11.95.

My guess is that it would be to host your replicated website and other backend maintenance.

Therefore, in a year, the least you will be paying to join Seint would be: $199 + ($11.95 X 12) = $342.40

And if you pick the most expensive product kit, your cost per year would be: $542.40

Please note that this is not including the extra expenses that will incur such as buying more products to promote during parties, training, gas, travel or even lunches that you pay for your friends to convince them to follow you.

Now that you know how much you will be spending, let’s take a look whether or not you will be able to make more money than what you’ve invested in.

How To Make Money With Seint?

First of all, I couldn’t for the life of me find the most updated compensation plan that they have, once they have changed their name from Maskcara to Seint.

It is a bit sketchy when they don’t disclose the compensation plan AND their income disclosure.

So, I will show the latest compensation plan that they have published when they were still under Maskcara. My assumption is that since they didn’t change the products, there will also be very little changes on the compensation plan.

Below are 6 ways you can make money with Seint:

1) Retail Sales

You will buy the products at a wholesale price and sell them at a retail price and you will be able to ern 20%.

The more you sell, the higher the percentage of commission that you will get. But you will need to be out of Artist-in-training first to be able to earn more than 20% commission.

seint retail sale - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

2) Artist-in-Traning Bonus

In order to graduate from Artist-in-training, you will need to achieve 640 CV (my guess is $640 sales) and become an active member for the month.

The “bonus” is to be able to achieve more than 20% commission and be able to sign up recruits under you.

scent artist in training - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

3) Enroller Bonus

You must know that the more you recruit people, the more you’ll be able to earn. It’s stated in their compensation plan:

sceint rank qualifications - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

So for Enroller Bonus, once you get people directly under you, you will be able to get a 5% – 7% cut from their personal CV.

4) Level Bonus

This is when you teach your recruits to get other recruits under them. You will get a cut up to Level 5. (see how this resembles a pyramid…?)

sceint level bonus - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!
5) Personal Leader Bonus

This will be on top of what you’re getting from the other 4 above bonus.

See screenshot below to see the details on how you can be eligible for the bonus. Basically you need to be able to build a very big and strong team to reach this level.

sceint personal leader bonus - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!
6) Generation Bonuses

This is when you’ll be able to get your downlines to become “Influencer”, you’ll be able to get this bonus. If they are directly under you, it’s called for 1st generation.

If a downline of your 1st generation able to also get to the Influencer level, you will the 2nd generation bonus.

sceint generation bonus - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

I will usually compare how much money you can make with an MLM vs your initial investment.

But because Seint doesn’t publish any income disclosure that I can refer to, this is going to be hard to calculate.

However, just to give you an idea of how many people are actually making money, well it’s about 1%. You can read more here on this FTC study.

Meaning that 99% of people who join an MLM didn’t actually make money or worse, actually losing money.

So you’re “investing” at least more than $300 for the 1% possibility of making money…

I’m not sure about you but it doesn’t sound that lucrative of a business opportunity to me at all..

What I Like About Seint?

1. Reasonable Priced-products

When I first checked out the website and saw the prices, these are standard Sephora prices. They are not exactly the cheapest but it’s not as expensive as other MLM products.

That being said, it’s good to compare the price to the amount of the product that you’re actually getting .

BUT I couldn’t find the exact amount of product that you will actually get from the foundation (maybe there’s a reason they hide this…?)

Looking at YouTube videos showcasing Seint products, they don’t look very big…

2. Respond to Customer’s Complaint

When I was checking their BBB account, I could see they actually answered the complaint that they’d gotten by giving a coupon to the customer.

Not a lot of MLM companies actually do this, so I do like the fact that they went ahead and solve the complaint.

3. 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Usually in MLM, even though they have money back guarantee policy, a lot of customers just have a lot of problems reaching out to their customer service.

But when I was researching on non-biased reviews of Seint’s products, one person actually returned everything and got back her money – although my guess is it won’t be 100%.

You can read their full policies here.

What I DON’T Like About Seint?

1. Not For Everyone

Even though they mention that you can still join them and become an artist, it doesn’t mean that you’ll become a makeup artists overnight.

Of course, if makeup is not your jam, then you probably don’t want to go this route because I believe you will do a lot of makeup talks when you want to promote or recruit people.

I actually don’t like the fact that people can join without being a makeup artist because.. how are you supposed to give makeup advice if you have no experience in working with other faces than your own…

This is just my opinion.

I still don’t like it if I were to go to MAC or Sephora and have a promoter who’s not a makeup artist giving me a makeup advice.

2. Religion Based MLM

I was pretty shocked when I knew this but now it makes a lot of sense to me.

The founder, Cara Brook is Mormon and there are a lot of religion-based terms being used all around the company.

If you’ve become their agent, you’ll become “Seint [your name]”.

It just gives a totally different meaning to the brand’s name after I knew this. And I don’t like it one bit. It feels cult-like and I just don’t think it’s appropriate to bring religious terms into your business.

Here’s one comment made by an-ex artist of Seint on this topic:

seint mormon - Seint Review: An MLM? A Pyramid Scheme? All You Need To Know Before Joining!

3. Can’t Work On Other Business Opportunity

This will be in the NDA that you will get once you join them as an artist. In that fine print of an NDA, there’s a clause saying that if you’ve gotten to the influencer level and above, it’s prohibited for you to work in other direct selling ventures during AND 1 year after.

This is definitely the first MLM that I’ve encountered having this on their NDA – and it’s mind-blowing.

I don’t understand it.

Even with my previous corporate job handling very high amount of people and company’s data, the “charge” if you were to quit and go to a competitor would be to just leave all your belonging and out of the office within 24 hours.

There’s no such thing of prohibiting someone to join a competitor OR even work in another side hustle.

Seint doesn’t pay these artists a salary – so I don’t think they have the right to hold people from doing other businesses.

4. Emphasis on Recruiting People

If you just want to be able to promote Seint and being able to make 20% commission, sure you can go ahead with this – but have a reflection on how much you’ll be able to sell this cause you still need to pay that $11.95 monthly fee.

And when you join them as an artist, you will have an upline. Your upline will push you to get more people and to make more sales. If this is something you inspire to have in your life, having someone to constantly push you, sure.

I, however, don’t like to do this or have someone else pushing me to do something every single day – that’s exactly how it’s gonna be with MLM companies by the way.

I very much prefer to make money promoting the products that I like, make some commission and NOT having to get someone to join me to make more money AND definitely NOT having someone breathing down my neck on how much I should work on a given day.

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