Rebatest Review – Can It Really Give You Free Products?

In this Rebatest Review, let’s see just how accurate its claims are. This platform talks about giving free products with the highest rebates, the shortest timeframe of giving the money back, and a fast Paypal transfer.

People usually shy away from platforms like this because even though they are promised to get free products, they still need to put their money upfront before they get any cashback. It’s scary to take part in such programs because there’s no guarantee that the platform will return 100% of your purchase.

Today, let’s determine whether Rebatest is a platform that’s different from those scams. Let’s see what it offers, what people have to say, and whether it’s a good platform to get some free products.

Rebatest Review Summary

Product Name: Rebatest
Creator: Unknown
Product Type: Product Test Platform
Price: Free Signup
Rating: 50/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Rebatest is a platform where you can find trial products and receive them for free. Rebatest is in partnership with a ton of Amazon sellers so it’s able to provide a good amount of products for its users to test out. The platform claims it gives a 100% rebate and you can get your money back within a day.

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What is Rebatest?

rebatest - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

Rebatest is a product trial platform where you can get up to 100% rebates when shopping online. With its 100% rebate feature, you’re basically receiving the item for free. But you might think, “What’s the catch? Surely they’re not giving away products for free without anything in return“.

Well, you’ve thought right. In exchange for getting a product for free, you need to leave an honest and detailed review of the product. The products available on the platform are from Amazon.

The main goal of Rebatest is to help people find good stuff and test out the product while offering fair and comprehensive reviews for sellers so other customers could see.

At the time of this writing, the platform has around 218,000+ participants testing over 400,000 products. And they claim that their refund has processed around $9,00,000 already.

How Does Rebatest Give Free Products?

rebatest work min - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

Rebatest is in partnership with different Amazon sellers who are willing to give product trials to their users. These sellers are willing to do so because users who’ll be getting the products are required to leave a review.

You might question, “How come they’re willing to give a functioning product in return for a review?” If you’ve shopped on Amazon, I’m sure you didn’t purchase the product right away. You first looked at the review section and read whether the product was any good.

The more positive reviews that a product has, the higher the conviction of you buying it. Detailed and good reviews tend to boost the product’s image making it look helpful and legit.

That’s why these sellers are offering trial products so they can get reviews from you and me with the hopes of increasing their sales due to our reviews. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

How Does Rebatest Work?

Now that you know how the platform can give out products, it’s time to know how it works. Essentially, Rebatest works in only 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Find The Product That You Want And Apply For It

rebatest step 1 min - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

You can search for your favorite product in various categories like Health and Beauty, Babies and Kids, Electronics, Clothing and Jewelry, Coupons, and many more.

Once you search for different products, you can see that there’s a timer below it. This means that the trial offer is only for a limited time. So you need to be quick to avail the offer.

The average price of the products listed here fall under the $5-$30 range while the more expensive ones are at $50.

When you’ve chosen a product, you can click it and press “Apply Now”. Once you’ve applied, there will be a pop up stating that your application has been sent to the seller. You now have the option to continue shopping or check the status of the application.

Step 2: Click The Buy Button And Purchase It On Amazon

rebatest buy - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

If your application is approved, you can now see the “Buy Now” and proceed to purchase the product. The process of buying an item is the same process as to how you would normally buy on Amazon.

One important thing to note in this process would be the order number.

Step 3: Submit The Amazon Order Number

rebatest order number - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

After placing the order number, another pop-up will show and state that your order is under review. If everything is approved and done correctly, the seller will ship the items to the address that you’ve placed on your Amazon profile.

Step 4: Write A Trial Report/Review

rebatest review form - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

Once you’ve received the item and have tested it out, it’s time to share your thoughts about it. In the review pop-up, you’ll have to rate how many stars the product deserves. You’ll also need to fill in answers to questions such as Product Best Introduction, Pros and Cons, Suggestions, Pinpoint The Target Audience, and Conclusion.

After putting all the necessary answers, you can now submit your review for further reviewing.

Step 5: Receive Your Money From Rebatest

rebatest cash back - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

Check your cash balance on the program if Rebatest has given you your money back. They’ll usually release it after your trial report has been confirmed.

How Do You Make Money On Rebatest?

First off, the main goal of Rebatest isn’t to give you money. Instead, it gives you free amazon products to use and review. But with that said, Rebatest still gives its users a chance to earn money on the platform.

rebatest referral min - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

With its referral bonus, a member has the chance to earn $200 to $2,000 per week. The money that you’ll be receiving here will be automatically settled to your account the next week. This money can be withdrawn to your PayPal account without any threshold.

What I Like About Rebatest

Easy Navigation

rebatest website - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

When you look at the platform, it’s easy to navigate. They’ve provided everything you need at the top so every question you have can be answered immediately. The website already has links to User Guide, FAQs, and Testimonials.

A Variety Of Products Available

rebatest products min - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

One thing I looked at when I tested the platform is the product search feature. I was wondering whether the total number of products in it would be enough to cater to its users. Apparently, it turns out that they present a ton of products for each category.

In the electronics section, it has a total of 552 products, all with ongoing offers. The same thing goes for every category. Some even surpass 500 products and give out 800+ results just like in Home and Garden.

With a lot of featured products, you wouldn’t have to worry about any type of scarcity since Rebatest gives out a lot of products for you to apply for.

You Can Earn Money

rebatest money min - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

Another feature that I like would be the one mentioned earlier, wherein you can earn money in the platform. Just by referring a number of people, not only do you get free Amazon products but you also have the chance to get cash.


rebatest giveaway min - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

Rebatest also has a giveaway feature. This can last for a single day or a span of a whole week. The only thing you need to do is to follow the rules and wait for the announcement of the winners.

Is Rebatest A Scam?

No, Rebatest isn’t a scam. It’s probably far from it. But just like any digital product or platform, Rebatest isn’t clear of complaints and negative reviews.

rebatest faq - Rebatest Review - Can It Really Give You Free Products?

One negative review that’s common among all websites and forums would be users not receiving their cash in full. If they actually took the time to explore the website, they would’ve seen the answer to that question on the FAQ page.

So with this, do I recommend Rebatest? If your main goal is to make money then the answer is no. There are far better platforms and ways online to earn money. Just like the one below.

But if you’re into getting free Amazon products, then Rebatest can be the platform for you. But you need to test the waters first. Try buying a cheap product first and go through the whole process and see whether they actually gave 100% of your purchase.

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