QuiAri MLM Review – Is It A Pyramid Scheme Or You Can Actually Make Money?

Hey all, welcome to my QuiAri MLM review!

If you’re here, I’m sure that you’ve heard of QuiAri before, perhaps someone you know actually approached you with an opportunity to make money from home with this company.

And now you’re probably wondering whether or not this is true…

Is QuiAri a scam? Are they legit? Well, I can tell you now that they are not a scam and they are a legit company.

But that doesn’t mean you should join the company to make extra bucks. For a few important reasons.

And I’m going to share that with you today in this post. So do read until the end and make your own educated decision on whether to join them as a promoter – or not.

Before I get started with this QuiAri review, just a disclaimer that I’m not by any means associated with QuiAri. This post will be as honest as I could be coming from a 3rd party view.

I’ve been with an MLM company before, got scammed and I don’t want that to happen to anybody else. So just treat this QuiAri review post to aid your decision.

So, is QuiAri a scam? Here’s the truth…

QuiAri Summary

Product: QuiAri
Bob Reina
Product Type:
Health and Wellness
$25 a year + $250 to $500 Starter Pack
QuiAri is a new MLM company in the health and wellness industry selling supplements and shakes that claim to help people lose weight in 90 days. They are famous with their 90-Day Kickstart Challenge and many had actually given a positive review on the program.

That being said, there are a few things we need to know about the company including the founders. If you’re ready to dig deep, then let’s get to it..

What Is QuiAri?

QuiAri was founded back in 2019 by Bob Reina. If you don’t know who Bob Reina is, he used to be the owner of Talk Fusion, another famous MLM company selling communication packages that are extremely expensive at $1,499, when there are literally free options on the internet.

And Talk Fusion had been under investigation when one of their affiliates had claimed that the company is operating under a pyramid scheme. But later had dismissed the lawsuit all together, after rumour of the affiliate being “bought” by Talk Fusion.

Anyway, this is just a simple summary of the company that Bob Reina had founded before not too long ago.

This is important to know because this person will literally decide the shape of the company and how the company will operate moving forward – either to cross the line to a pyramid scheme or producing a legit product line that can be very helpful and beneficial to people.

Now that’s on the founder, let’s look at..

What Does QuiAri Sell?

quiari mlm review

QuiAri basically sells 2 products:

a) QuiAri Shake
b) QuiAri Energy

The products are claimed to be full of essential vitamins, mineral, probiotics, fiber, greens and a superfruit that they are very proud of – Maqui.

They promote the products in the form of a 90-day challenge where it’s pretty easy to actually do and join.

You basically:

1) Drink the QuiAri shake in the morning
2) Take 1 to 2 QuiAri energy tablets after the shake

But of course, for you to join, you gotta buy their products. And they come in 3 different packs you can choose:

quiari mlm review

So now that we know a bit of the company’s background and what they are offering, let’s answer the next question…

Is QuiAri A Pyramid Scheme?

Like any MLM review, we have to get to the bottom of this question – whether or not they have crossed the line to becoming a pyramid scheme.

But before we do that, we all need to learn what a pyramid scheme is all about.

What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme essentially is when a company promises returns to users when the users are able to recruit more people into the company. It’s not free for users to join, therefore the fee that the new users are paying will then be distributed back to their uplines.

There is one video that I really recommend you watching to get to know what a pyramid scheme really is about and how it can be easily disguised as another MLM company.

This is from a real-life example, so do pay attention and learn..

Now that you know on how to detect a pyramid scheme, you understand that the line distinguishing between a legit MLM company and a pyramid scheme is really vague and hazy.

But after doing the research on QuiAri, I can say for now that they are not a pyramid scheme.

Because of the next few sections below.

However, even though they are not a pyramid scheme, it doesn’t mean that this is the best opportunity for you to make extra income. And I’m going to explain why…

How Much To Join QuiAri?

You can actually opt to not pay anything when you first started as a promoter – and that also means that you won’t be getting any product.

It’s going to be hard for you to sell something without trying out the product or give some samples for people to try. So most of the time, users who joined will end up buying some of their product packages.

1) The product pack: from $42 to $500
2) Annual fee: $25

Now let’s see how you will be able to make your money back.

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How To Make Money With QuiAri?

There are 7 ways for you to earn from joining QuiAri:

1) Buy QuiAri product package and refer 2 others with at least 50SV ($80) sales and you’ll get your product package for free – this is not a way for you to make money. It’s just a way to get the products for free.

2) Fast Start Bonus– get a one-time bonus of 20% on personal sponsored promoters’ or customers’ initial orders.

3) Customer Bonus – get additional 10% bonus on customers’ re-orders.

4) Team Commissions – you first need to get team commissions qualified (refer 2 promoters on each leg with 50SV each). When each leg gets a total of 75SV, you’ll get a $10 bonus. It can also go up to $50,000.

5) Speed Bonus – achieve 1,000 PSV in 30 days to get $500 bonus.

6) Matching Bonus – the higher your rank, the higher your % earned in binary team commissions.

7) Lifestyle Bonus – get a bonus once you rank 50K level or higher.

Out of 7 ways for you to make money, 3 of them can be done without heavily recruiting people. So there is a possibility for you to earn side income (though limited) with QuiAri without crossing the line to becoming a pyramid scheme.

But of course with any MLM company, people are usually more driven to recruit people to earn more and rank higher.

So do be cautious.

That being said…

Success Is RARE In MLM

According to this FTC report, 99% of people who joined MLM are not actually making money.

This might be because they are investing a lot more than they earn, the market has been saturated so it’s no easy for them to find new people to recruit or just the fact that the company has gone under.

Even though as an outsider, we always see people who join MLM will usually boast about their income and how luxurious their lifestyle is, a lot of them are actually NOT making any money.

I know this because I’ve been one and it’s not cool at all to do that.

When it comes to your money, time and energy you need to be real with yourself. Are you actually making money? Is it actually worth it for you to constantly pay for gas, meet people to sell them a dream?

Now that I think about my 1-year experience of doing MLM, I wish I could get back the time and money I’ve spent on that “business”.

What I Like About QuiAri?

1) The Product/Challenge

I actually like what the company is offering in terms of the challenge. I think it’s unique and it could be very beneficial to people who are trying to lose weight.

And the fact that they are only focusing on that is also a plus point.

Meaning that they are focused on who they want to help and what they want to offer. Instead of creating multiple product lines trying to do a shotgun approach.

What I DON’T Like About QuiAri?

1) Other Cheaper Alternatives

Even though I like the concept that they have done, I do think that their prices are expensive. There are a lot of cheaper options out there on Amazon for Maqui supplements, so I’m not sure what’s the unique advantage that QuiAri has.

And as someone who does believe in clean eating to be THE way to lose weight, based on my experience, I don’t think simply drinking the shake and supplements are enough.

It’s definitely not a long term solution to losing weight.

2) Success Is Rare

As I mentioned before, in any MLM, success is rare.

Even though you’re being told all the success stories of people who had joined the company, you need to do your due diligence and see the facts.

I want to show you QuiAri’s income disclosure but for now, they haven’t come up with one yet. But if you look at my other MLM reviews, you can see that the majority of them only have less than 1% of agents who actually manage to make a decent living income.

Is QuiAri A Scam?

No, QuiAri is not a scam as I mentioned before.

It’s less predatory than the other MLM companies that I’ve reviewed before and the products are pretty straight forward.

That being said, as an ex-MLMer, I don’t think MLM is the best way for anyone to venture into to make side income.

And that’s why I’ve moved on from joining MLMs years ago and now focusing on something that’s a lot more sustainable to do.

How I Make Money Now

I was tired of recruiting people when joining an MLM before and having to buy expensive products to promote, to keep myself being eligible for commissions.

That’s why once I learned about affiliate marketing, I know it’s the best business model for me to focus on because:

– I can literally do this only for a few hours a day (perfect for a part-time side hustle)
– I can promote anything that I like, the things I used personally from multiple companies
– I don’t need to push people to join me
– It’s so sustainable for 10 to 20 years from now
– And the best part… it’s completely free to start.

When I first started, I didn’t know how it works and thought it’d be too complicated for me to do.

But now, 3 years after, I’m still earning passive money from what I’ve built when I first started.

If you want to discover how I did, the system I use to build this affiliate marketing business, you can check out this short video I’ve created to explain how I started from scratch as a total newbie to now earning multiple passive income streams online.

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