Project Verum: Ecom Foundations (Genuine) Review [2021]

Hey all, welcome to my Project Verum: Ecom Foundations review.

I’m doing a list of dropshipping course reviews for the next few weeks – it’s just something that I’ve ­been meaning to do. So that I could compare what I’ve learned from doing dropshipping before and what you guys can take note of when it comes to buying a dropshipping course.

This will be my unbiased review on Project Verum: Ecom Foundations course.

I’m by no means associated with them in any way and I’m not going to profit anything should you decide to go ahead and buy their course.

If you’ve been watching Verum Ecom on YouTube, you will know that they are not trying to be deceiving and hype around how fabulous it is doing dropshipping.

They are actually one of the very genuine people I’ve seen making a dropshipping course and uploading valuable content on YouTube.

That being said, is Project Verum: Ecom Foundations course really worth it for you to buy to start a dropshipping business? Here’s the truth..

Project Verum: Ecom Foundations Summary

Product: Dropshipping course
Founder: Verum Team
Price: $99 one-time (but they did mention it’s going up to $200+ soon…)
Rating: 75/100
Recommended: Yes, but…
Summary: Project Verum: Ecom Foundations course is a dropshipping course that teaches users, primarily beginners to start their dropshipping business. The course is based on the team’s dropshipping experience, having to spend more than $10millions in Facebook Ad.

(Though they didn’t actually mention just how much profit they’d gotten back out of that $10Mil+ ad spend.)

The course is one of the most affordable dropshipping courses out there that I’ve seen. But are they the ultimate dropshipping course for you to get? Let’s find out…

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when you promote and sell a third party product without handling the product creation, inventory and shipping.

When an order comes into your store, instead of wrapping and shipping out the products, the wholesaler or supplier will be the one that does the fulfilment.

Therefore, you only really need to focus on the front end and making sure sales are coming in for you to get your “cut”.

The cut is the difference on the retail price minus the wholesale price. If you’d prefer to learn this more through a video and animation, you can watch the video below:

Now let’s see how the Project Verum: Ecom Foundations course can help you strategize and build your dropshipping business.

What Is Project Verum: Ecom Foundations?

project verum ecom foundations review

If you head over to their salespage on Project Verum: Ecom Foundations, you will see that the course is said to be a complete dropshipping blueprint based on the team’s own experience in eCommerce.

One of the most refreshing things to see on their sales page is that they are not boasting about some kind of lifestyle that you are going to get if you start a dropshipping business – unlike other courses that I’ve seen.

The VSL (basically the video to prompt you to buy) is very straight-forward, it’s not trying to scare you into buying anything immediately, and also very humble in every possible way.

John mentioned (and this is very important) that this course or the things they are going to teach you are NOT something new. You CAN find the information online out there if you do your research.

This course is only meant if you want to cut your learning curve short and invest on a blueprint that had worked out well for them.

Worth mentioning here that Project Verum is not a one-man show. John introduced the team behind them, but you can also check out their YouTube channel to meet the other team members.

What Makes Project Verum: Ecom Foundations Unique?

I’m sorry to say this, but nothing. Not in a bad way.

They did mention that the information is not something new and out of the world. If you’ve done your research enough already, you will know and at least have an idea of what they are teaching in the course.

The only unique thing I can point out is that they are not full BS – in a way that they tell you exactly how it is. Not trying to sugarcoat things and not trying to sell you a dream.

They didn’t mention how much they have travelled (although John had been traveling in Thailand for the most part) or how much their lives have changed and how yours will change too.

After being sold many courses that mainly sell you a dream, it’s absolutely refreshing to hear a sales pitch that only focuses on the course/product.

How Much Does Project Verum: Ecom Foundations Cost?

The course is affordable at only $99.99, comparing it to other courses that cost hundreds if not thousands out there.

And it’s just a one-time payment.

They did mention they are going to increase the price soon, once they have rolled out the new updates on the course, from $99.99 to $200+.

That being said, do know that the course does not come with any private coaching or mentoring. You can, however, join their Facebook group and get your questions answered over there.

If you’re looking to get into dropshipping business but don’t want to dry out your bank account just for a course, this course might be for you – well, before they increase the price.

But when it comes to dropshipping, this won’t be the only cost for you to fork out when starting out. I will explain more in detail below on the list of things you will need to prepare to pay.

Before we get into that, let’s see just what exactly you’ll get with the course.

What’s In Project Verum: Ecom Foundations?

Module #1: Welcome & Introduction

project verum ecom foundations review

This is just a welcome section where you will learn on the correct mindset and motivation to start this business.

It’s always very important to have a good mindset and mentality when coming into making money online. We at times think that we’re going to see results in the next week after starting out – when in reality, it just doesn’t work out that way.

Though it’s only 4 minutes video on mindset, it’s worth having it on the welcome section.

You’ll also get the private Facebook group access here and legal disclaimer.

Module #2: Product Selection

project verum ecom foundations review

Like any other dropshipping course, you will spend a lot of time finding products. Honestly, this is not the most fun part when doing dropshipping because you always want to find trending and hot products to capitalize on.

This section is where you will learn how to do so.

There are 2 ways where you can find the products to sell – free & paid. I personally went with a paid version when I was doing dropshipping, paying for AdSpy.

And there’s also a section where John goes through product selection during quarantine… because well we’re all still very much in quarantine, despite going through a year of corona.

Module #3: Store Setup & Design

project verum ecom foundations review

This is good for beginners because John goes through this step-by-step. This is also where you will learn the additional costs that you will need to pay such as domain name, hosting website and email hosting.

You’ll learn how to use Oberlo and other Shopify apps – which is essential to automate many of your dropshipping processes.

Apart of that, the most interesting part in this section (that I didn’t think they would include) is where they teach you copywriting, creating images and banners. Many dropshipping courses won’t include or pay any attention to this stuff. But copywriting is very important when you’re doing eCommerce.

It’s an art. So kudos to them.

On top of that, you’ll also learn email marketing – which is always a plus. It’s pretty detailed and I’m very happy that they include this in here. Again, not many dropshipping course actually pay attention to this.

Module #4: Facebook Ad Theory & Mechanics

project verum ecom foundations review

This is pretty much a must to any dropshipping course – Facebook Ads!

This is where they will teach you the basics of Facebook Ads, so if you’re a seasoned user of Facebook Ad, you might find this section boring. But it’s always good to have this section there, in case you just need to have a refresher course.

From building your Facebook page, to understanding the basics of Facebook Ads, you will basically learn how to get Facebook Ads up and running.

By the way, you can learn this part for free from Facebook themselves – if ever you came to the course to learn Facebook Ads…

Module #5: Facebook Ads Strategy & Structure

project verum module 5 - Project Verum: Ecom Foundations (Genuine) Review [2021]

So this is the part where they will teach you their strategy when launching Facebook Ads – many will buy the course for this. If you’re one of them – hold up!

Because they do have a free course on Facebook Ads on their YouTube channel that you can watch. I do like this video by the way – full of good info.

Just to note though, in this section, they are going to introduce you to some apps that you will have an option to buy. If you buy them, well, then, you incur more cost.

Module #6: Systems & Backend

project verum module 6 1 - Project Verum: Ecom Foundations (Genuine) Review [2021]

This is where you will learn more on the admin stuff. It’s the boring part but very important to make sure your store is running smoothly.

This includes your order fulfillment, your cash flow, your store’s support, and how to deal with returns and refunds. And if you’re thinking of outsourcing, they do teach how to hire someone to take over the customer support.

This part isn’t being taught in many other dropshipping courses by the way, especially the finance part.

Even though it’s not much, it’s still good to have a basic idea on how much money you’re exactly making with your dropshipping business.

Bonus: Module #7: Instagram Influencer Marketing

project verum module 7 - Project Verum: Ecom Foundations (Genuine) Review [2021]

This is just a bonus module. I’ve done this trick before as well, utilizing influencer marketing. Honestly, it’s a hit and miss nowadays.

But if you’re thinking of expanding the way you get traffic to your stores – well this could be one of it. Though it’s not my favorite way to do so.

This could be an alternative to get traffic at a cheaper cost but it’s much easier to track with Facebook Ads especially when you’re still testing out your products.

Is Project Verum A Scam?

No, Project Verum is not a scam.

They are just another dropshipping course that teaches users on how to get started with dropshipping.

Even if you don’t want to buy the course, you can still watch their YouTube videos, they are already full with good info.

I do however wish that they will just stick to their $99.99 price.. because right now this is what they are claiming on their website.

project verum ecom foundations cost - Project Verum: Ecom Foundations (Genuine) Review [2021]

What I Like About Project Verum: Ecom Foundations

1) They Are Humble

Unfortunately all the dropshipping courses that I had previously bought were mainly focusing on selling a dream. The founders were showing off their lambos, new apartments, new girlfriends etc.

I’m kinda disappointed with myself too now falling into the trap.

But, well, we learn 😊

Looking at the Verum Ecom team, they all look humble. They don’t boast on how much you will be able to make in a week nor they show off their lifestyles. They are straight forward with the fact that people can actually do dropshipping without enrolling in any course.

And I appreciate that side of them.

2) Affordable Price

$99.99 is a pretty good deal for your buck. It’s definitely one of the most affordable courses out there for a paid dropshipping course.

I can’t say the same thing though if they were to increase their price. There might be another course that will give more value to your money.

But then again, I’m not sure what updates they will be rolling out. I’ll update this review again when I have more information on this.

What I DON’T Like About Project Verum: Ecom Foundations

1) Refund Policy

project verum ecom foundations refund - Project Verum: Ecom Foundations (Genuine) Review [2021]

It’s much better than not asking the students to show that they have done the work. But they also didn’t mention in what situation can refund be guaranteed.

If you’ve read my other dropshipping reviews, I do state that I like courses better when they will give refunds with no question asked simply because that just gives you more confidence to give the course a try.

I know as a seller, it’s not the best thing to do but if you’re really proud of your work and you know the course can really help someone out there, you will be confident enough to give a good no-question-asked refund policy.

2) Nothing That Special

Even John the founder stated that you can actually find the information out there on the internet. You just need to do more work and research.

So they are not exactly teaching something new or exceptional enough that can really turn your dropshipping business around.

If you do have the means, sure. But if you only have $99 to spare to do a dropshipping business – don’t do it. You will need at least a few thousands to start.

That brings me to the next section.

Is Project Verum Worth It?

Only When You Have Capital

project verum ecom foundations expense - Project Verum: Ecom Foundations (Genuine) Review [2021]

The Verum Ecom team did mention that in order for you to start, you have to prepare at least a couple of thousands to test the products and run Facebook Ads.

And I do appreciate that they made it clear to those who are looking to take up dropshipping as a get-rich quick scheme that it’s not a business model for you to do when you want fast money.

Dropshipping is really NOT for someone who are strapped with money. There are so many other expenses that you will need to pay such as:

– Shopify hosting
– Domain name
– Transaction Fee
– Facebook Ads
– Instagram Influencer
– Additional paid apps on Shopify
– Outsourcing

Only If You Want To Save Time

If you have the means, at least a couple of thousands to spare, you can get their course if you want to cut short your learning curve.

They are not teaching something new. You are basically paying them to tell you their journey and strategies.

Not The Best Business Model

Even though I do like the Project Verum: Ecom Foundations course, I know that dropshipping isn’t exactly the best business model that can bring you passive income.

Again, dropshipping is just NOT the business model for you to get passive income from.

It can quickly become your 9-5 because there is still a lot of admin stuff for you to do, despite getting many of the processes automated.

Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. That’s why I left dropshipping. It’s just not sustainable for me to do long term.

Alternative To Make Money

After I left dropshipping, I found a better way to make money online that is a lot more passive and won’t need me to fork out so much capital when first starting out.

I really wish I’d found this sooner.

I switched from doing a dropshipping business to affiliate marketing.

Simply because;

– it was free for me to get started
– I don’t need to be running ads all the time (in fact, I’ve never run any ads for affiliate marketing)
– my traffic is organic from search engines, therefore a lot more sustainable
– I don’t need to handle refunds or customer service
– it’s much easier for me to do with a 9-5 job

If you want to know how I was able to get started with affiliate marketing for free as a newbie, you can check out my short video here where I’ll take you through everything I did.

But if you want to do it too and get free training, here’s my FREE 7-day training where I’ll take you step by step on what to do each day.

The course is free, it’s free to get started and there’s no credit card details required.

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