Pockitz Review – Is $500+ Per Day Legit Or A Scam?

In this Pockitz review, let’s take a look at what this product offers and can it really give you $500+ every day using free traffic without ever using a website. It claims that you don’t need to have a computer, an email list, and you can take advantage of this software anywhere you want.

Most digital products nowadays boast that their software can give you unlimited and free traffic. They advertise such features because traffic is one of the most important components in making money under affiliate marketing. Without traffic, you won’t ever get a single sale and commission on your affiliate link.

Since Pockitz claim that you can get paid every day with the free traffic that it gives, let’s search whether this statement is true and legitimate. So if you’re ready to know if Pockitz is for you, then let’s jump right into the review.

Pockitz Review Summary

Product: Pockitz
Founder: Jason Fulton & Seun Ogundele
Product: Type: Money Making Software
Price: $19.00
Rating: 10/100
Recommended: No

Summary: This is a money-making software that claims to make you three figures in commissions daily. It’s a software that doesn’t need you to have a computer, a website, or even a list to make money. With its free traffic, you can see sales coming in just a few hours after setting up. Read the whole review to know if Pockitz is the real deal or just another “money-making” product.

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What Is Pockitz?

pockitz min - Pockitz Review - Is $500+ Per Day Legit Or A Scam?

Pockitz is a brand new “money-making system” that features an easy to use push button to get free traffic. Inside the product, you’ll see a step by step video training, case studies, and tools that will help you be successful in utilizing this.

header1 min 1 - Pockitz Review - Is $500+ Per Day Legit Or A Scam?

As mentioned on its sales page, it says that you don’t need any prior online skills or any experience for that matter to use this product. Everything you need to “make money” is provided inside Pockitz. What’s more surprising is that you can actually see results even if you don’t have a computer or a website.

Now when it comes to these claims – “make money by pushing a button” and “providing tools to make you successful”, you should be really careful when going through its sales page. It’s on this page where you’ll see all the beautiful things about the product but one thing’s for sure, we don’t know how true it is.

With Pockitz, earning $500+ every day without any website is just too good to be true. And when it comes to these types of products, it probably is. It’s so common that most products in the affiliate marketing space advertise a lifestyle rather than what the product can do. Unfortunately, by the looks of it, Pockitz seems like it belongs to those groups.

But before we fully conclude that Pockitz isn’t worth buying, let’s see how it works and how can we potentially make money off it.

How Does Pockitz Work?

In a nutshell, Pockitz helps you search for other people’s video, download them, and re-upload it as your own with your affiliate link. And with that model, I know what you’re thinking – is that even legal? Let’s know more about that in the latter section.

As they claim in their sales page, you can make money with Pockitz in only three steps:

3 steps min 1 - Pockitz Review - Is $500+ Per Day Legit Or A Scam?

A thing that’s common among all digital products is the number of steps needed for you to start and make money. These vendors have condensed everything to make their product simple to use so it will be more appealing to potential buyers.

Most buyers who fall for this trick are beginners. They think that they can make money with so little effort on their part but trust me, significant commissions and sales don’t come from these products. It doesn’t come from systems that have done everything for you.

Now that we know that Pockitz is easy and simple to use, let’s discuss what it brings to the table – what its features are and how it can help you make money.

The Different Features Of Pockitz

pockitz members min - Pockitz Review - Is $500+ Per Day Legit Or A Scam?

Inside the member’s area, you can see the different things that you can do with this software on the left side of the screen. It’s fairly easy to use and navigate.

Under the Search feature, it gives you the option to go for video, channel, or playlist search. When you pick a choice, you’ll be given several options so you can fit your search on what you’re really looking for. You can modify the keyword, relevance, publish date, location, video type, and many more.

Another feature like Automation allows you to schedule the posting of your video. This means you can go about your day and let this software post the content for you.

It even has a thumbnail creator where you can edit images until you’re satisfied. With the Rank Videos feature, it shows you its keyword scraper, keyword suggestion, live event, and video tracking.

And lastly, under DFY, you’ll have the option to be an affiliate of different products by just clicking a link. These products already come with email swipes as well.

What I like About Pockitz

There’s nothing I like about Pockitz. The premise of this product is to take someone’s content and re-upload it as your own. If you really think about it, in what world does that model make you money? You’re taking someone’s hard work and claiming it as yours.

Is Pockitz A Scam?

It’s not a scam but it can be really close to one. And with this, I definitely don’t recommend you to buy this product. It’s a waste of both time and money.

The Business Model Is Bound To Fail

If reuploading someone’s work makes you money on Youtube, then I guarantee you there would be more people doing this. But the videos you see when you search for something are created by the original content creator and there’s a reason for that.

It’s because Youtube’s algorithm is so good at detecting copyright videos. And when you upload content that’s not yours, you’ll be given a copyright strike. When you receive multiple copyright strikes, your channel will be suspended or worse it will be banned.

This then means that the money you used on purchasing Pockitz just went down the drain.

The DFY Features Only Benefit The Vendors

As I mentioned earlier, the DFY feature gives you the option to be an affiliate with certain products but those products come from the same vendors that created Pockitz. So if you do utilize this feature, you’re only helping them advertise their previous and recent products.

Sure you can say that if you do make a sale, you’ll have a commission. But one thing’s for sure, these products don’t make you money. I’ve already reviewed some of their products and believe me when I say that it doesn’t give any type of value to users.

The Vendors Can’t Walk The Talk

Since these two creators teach you how to leverage Youtube for you to make money, You’d think that they’re crushing it on the platform, right? So I did little research on them.

Here’s a what I saw under Seun Ogundele’s channel:

seun video min 1 - Pockitz Review - Is $500+ Per Day Legit Or A Scam?
seun video 1 min 1 - Pockitz Review - Is $500+ Per Day Legit Or A Scam?

As you can see, his videos have a lot of views but what’s interesting is the fact that it has little to zero engagements. The ratio of views to comments just doesn’t add up. The only reason why they get so much views is because of paid traffic.

And that’s exactly what paid traffic does to you, it artificially increases your traffic but the engagements and conversion are really low and can be close to zero.

So if they’re not having success in the platform that they teach you to utilize, what more with their products. They’re probably making money on selling products and not what they’re teaching you.

In conclusion, I suggest you stay away from this product and go with legitimate ways to make money like the one below.

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