Passive Profit Pages Review – A Scam Or A Money Making Product?

In this Passive Profit Pages review, let’s get into the product to know whether this can software can really give $1,000 every day as it promises. I know it already sounds too good to be true but let’s first dive deeper into this product and see what it offers to us.

Products like Passive Profit Pages have been increasing in numbers daily. Wherein they give a finished product to their buyers, let them input their affiliate link, and watch the money pile up from commission sales. As you will read from this post, you’ll know whether this method can benefit you at all.

So if you’re ready to know whether Passive Profit Pages is the answer to your affiliate marketing problems, then let’s get right into this review.

Passive Profit Pages Review Summary

Product Name: Passive Profit Pages
Founder: Bill
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Software
Price: $9.00
Rating: 10/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Passive Profit Pages is a affiliate website builder that promises to make you earn at least $1,000 every day. It gives you the 5 web page templates to choose from. It’s all done for you even the content that comes with it. The products promoted also comes from different niches. Read the whole review to know whether this product is worth your time.

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What Is Passive Profit Pages?

passive profit pages icon min 1 - Passive Profit Pages Review - A Scam Or A Money Making Product?

In a nutshell, this product is an affiliate website building software. And that’s plainly it. Looking at its sales page, it’s one of those products that sell you a lifestyle.

In their promotional video, 90% talks about how much you’ll be making, how it changed the lives of others, and that you can be the next one to earn $1,000 a day if you purchase Passive Profit Pages. It’s hard to take seriously these kinds of products because such a system doesn’t exist especially when you’re selling it for less than $10.00

I’m quite skeptical when products decide to go with this marketing route because if it’s an exceptional product, you wouldn’t have to hard-sell it to others.

In most cases, good products can sell themselves. Wherein the creators will only lay out its features, how it’s different from others, and how it can benefit the users.

But when the creators choose the path to sell a lifestyle rather than what the product can do, it only means the product itself doesn’t have much to give.

But before we conclude that this product is flat out useless, let’s first take a look at what if offers.

What Does Passive Profit Pages Offer

Passive Profit Pages offer a done for you profit page where you promote ClickBank products. When you purchase the front-end deal, you’re going to get five pages that promote products from different niches.

That system alone already has some disadvantages to it. But we’ll discuss why in the latter section of the review.

Other than giving you five profit pages, the product also provides you training videos on how you can get your affiliate link on Clickbank, how to have a ClickBank ID, and all the necessary stuff to have. These videos aren’t much of a feature since you don’t have to pay for a product to know these processes. You can simply search this on Youtube for free.

And if you think these videos are in-depth and concise, you could’ve never been more wrong about a product. The majority of these setting up videos are only seconds long.

So at this point, you might already guess that this product doesn’t much to offer. But before you make a decision on this factor alone, let’s see how this product works and how it can “potentially” make you money.

How Does Passive Profit Pages Work?

You can have this software up and running in only 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Place Your ClickBank ID

step 1 - Passive Profit Pages Review - A Scam Or A Money Making Product?

In the software, there’s a box wherein you can place your ClickBank ID and it will automatically be linked to the 5 profit pages given to you.

Step 2: Select A Profit Page

step 2 - Passive Profit Pages Review - A Scam Or A Money Making Product?

In this step, you will select a template that you would like to use. Each of the options comes with done-for-you content.

Upon checking the options, it’s quite difficult to understand why they build such websites for their buyers. The design looks old and outdated.

Step 3: Select Page Name

step 3 - Passive Profit Pages Review - A Scam Or A Money Making Product?

This is where you’ll place your sub-domain name along with the domain name. This is quite weird to see because the only domain name available would be It’s weird because no matter what template you use from the choice above, it will have the name connected to it. So if you choose a product that’s not in the health niche, you’re still stuck with that domain name.

Step 4: Get Some Traffic

These pages can’t market themselves that’s why it needs you to share it to different social media platforms. Because that is the ONLY way you’ll get traffic with these pages.

And even if you do get some type of traffic, it will be difficult for you to convert those web visitors to a paying customer.

What I Like About Passive Profit Pages

The only thing I like about this product is it costs only $9.00. It’s a good thing that this product doesn’t cost more than that so buyers wouldn’t lose so much money when they find out that this doesn’t give you $1,000 every day.

Is Passive Profit Pages A Scam?

This product is a scam. Even though you’ll receive a product when you buy it, it still won’t deliver the claims it made on its sales page. So with this, I definitely don’t recommend this product.

Even though it’s just $9.00, I’d rather suggest you buy something that will give you satisfaction and happiness because you will never feel those things when you purchase this.

Here are the other issues that I have with the product:

Scattered Around Different Niches

With Passive Profit Pages, it lets you choose 5 websites that are from completely different niches. It doesn’t make you focus on a single niche.

When you’re starting out as an affiliate marketer, a way to help you build a list and make money is by focusing on a single niche. Most people think that when they dip their toes in different niches, they get a higher chance of making money. Sadly, that idea isn’t true at all.

The reason why you want to focus on a single niche is so that you can build a list that’s INTERESTED on the product that you’re promoting. If you’re all over the place, you’ll have a less conversion rate and your following would be confused on what you’re really promoting.

Outdated Templates And Pages

template min - Passive Profit Pages Review - A Scam Or A Money Making Product?

Just by looking at their DFY templates, how do you expect to convert visitors to buyers when the pages themselves look like its been made 10 years ago? You’re better off building your own website.

The Profit Page Doesn’t Help You At All

These types of pages are more effective when visitors can leave information on where you can contact them. In most cases, these pages should ask for the name and email of the visitor. But the ones provided in this product doesn’t give you the option to do that.

Most bridge pages or landing pages have an opt-in form so you can contact them and still do email marketing even when they don’t purchase the product.

You Won’t Rank On Search Engines

These kinds of websites and pages will never rank on Google because the contents are the same as the other people who bought them. And Google’s algorithm can detect that. The only thing you can do is to promote them manually. Which will hurt beginners since they don’t have a list to begin with.

Hired Actors For Testimonials

When a product promises to produce $1,000 every day or even a figure that’s close to that, you’ll wonder just how many people have tried this. True enough in their promotional video, they have testimonials on how good the product is.

But upon further investigation, some of the people who testified that this product works are just paid actors. Just like this guy:

If this product does work wonders for people, why would they hire actors to testify for their products?

The One Time Offers Are Expensive

OTO 1 Pro – Product And Training ($197): With this offer, you’re able to host their DFY websites on your own domains to make it look more legit.

Next up would be OTO 2 X Version Traffic Business ($196): This is a training program that promises to turbocharge your affiliate commissions.

And lastly, OTO 3 Passive Profit Pages Community ($20/mo): This is just a Facebook community. I’d be shocked if there’s an actual community around this product.


Those are the reasons why I can’t recommend this product to you. It just doesn’t give you value and I’m 100% sure that it won’t give you $1,000 a day as well.

You also have to note the people who are reviewing this and saying it’s a good product to buy. Because these people are just in it for commission sales and they’re not really making a review to inform you.

Just take a look at this one review website I saw:

review1 - Passive Profit Pages Review - A Scam Or A Money Making Product?

It’s clear that this review was done for the sake of making a commission. Just look at the Main Benefit portion. Clearly, the one making a review can’t see a single benefit from this product that’s why she wrote that.

With this, I suggest you steer clear of this product and go with the one below instead.

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