Passive Profit Funnels Review – Is This The Program You Need?

In this Passive Profit Funnels review, we’ll take a look at another product of Glynn Kosky which claims that you can get unlimited free traffic and sales in less than 60 seconds. Just by reading that alone, it already makes you wonder if this product is another affiliate software that’s full of false promises.

Almost every new product released in the affiliate marketing space always gives something that’s already been made. Whether that comes in the form of DFY or plug and play softwares, it always attracts beginners in the industry. Why? Because it doesn’t require much effort from them. New people coming into the industry want something that’s fast and immediate.

Although some platforms can provide such things, let’s determine whether Passive Profit Funnels can deliver that as well and it lives up to what it claims.

Passive Profit Funnels Review Summary

Product Name: Passive Profit Funnels
Founder: Glynn Kosky
Product Type: Affiliate Software
Price: $21.98
Rating: 30/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Passive Profit Funnels is an all-inclusive system for building subscriber lists, getting free traffic, and making affiliate commissions in various niches. The product’s platform is easy to navigate and has a ton of DFY landing pages and premium lead magnets to choose from. It claims to be beginner-friendly and has the potential to increase your income.

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What Is Passive Profit Funnels?

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Passive Profit Funnels is a brand new software created by Glynn Kosky. It’s software that can combine list building, monetization, and running your own campaigns on autopilot. The product claims to be the one-stop solution for building a following and making bank on commissions.

Using Passive Profit Funnels, you don’t need technical skills such as coding and design. Almost everything that this product offers is Done-For-You and is ready to be used immediately. The product also comes with a big database of landing pages and premium lead magnets.

With the amount of DFY templates provided for you, all you need to do is to select the one you’ll use and let it work for you. Plus with DFYs, there’s only minimal effort needed on your part.

Features Of Passive Profit Funnels

DFY Mini-Funnels

1 min - Passive Profit Funnels Review - Is This The Program You Need?

With this product, you get two-page funnels that are optimized for getting you subscribers then monetizing them with top-converting affiliate offers. It comes with opt-in pages, lead magnets, and thank you pages.

DFY Premium Products

2 min - Passive Profit Funnels Review - Is This The Program You Need?

Passive Profit Funnels comes with premium lead magnets that will help you with your list building. Plus these pages are partnered with your top converting affiliate offers that go beyond a single niche. With this feature, it claims that it can help you achieve multiple income streams.

Easily Scale Your Income

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According to its sales page, the journey to scaling up your income starts with utilizing the DFY funnels in the product. With this, you’ll start “generating” commissions. Then you’ll use the product’s standalone application to create your own custom funnels.

Creating lead magnets and landing pages wouldn’t be much of hassle since Passive Profit Funnels come with a database full of these pages.

They Got Your Hosting Covered

4 min 1 - Passive Profit Funnels Review - Is This The Program You Need?

One of the reasons why many people don’t push through with affiliate marketing is because of the technical side of building a website. That’s why most products nowadays don’t require you to build a website or anything for that matter.

With Passive Profit Funnels, technical skills regarding domains and hosting setup isn’t needed here as well. The team behind this product already does that work for you. They mentioned that you’re guaranteed powerful, fast, and secure hosting for all of your pages.

Automatic Affiliate Approval

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Sometimes it might take a while to be approved as an affiliate of a product but with this software, no waiting period is going to happen. You’ll be given approval immediately for each affiliate offers inside.

More Free Traffic

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Passive Profit Funnels claims that their landing pages are built for sharing across your favorite networks. With this free traffic feature, you get to leverage different social media platforms.

What’s Inside Passive Profit Funnels

PPF dashboard min - Passive Profit Funnels Review - Is This The Program You Need?

As you can see, the dashboard of this product is quite simple and nothing over the top. On the right side of the dashboard, you’ll see a long list of upsells for you to choose from. And on the left side would be the features of the products and what you can do with this software.


Under the Tutorials section, you’ll see videos on how to use DFY campaigns, integrations of autoresponders, how you can create campaigns for any product, and a bunch of traffic strategies.

Your Campaigns

With this feature, it caters to your need of creating your own campaign from scratch. Under this option, all you have to do is place the answers needed on the boxes provided for you such as Page Title, Theme Color, BG Image, Autoresponder, Tags, etc.

Done For You Campaigns

The DFY campaigns in this software are 5 “top-selling” Clickbank products. But to me these are strategically picked because it can also benefit Glynn as well – we’ll discuss more of this later.

With these DFY campaigns, you still have the option to edit it or publish it immediately, With the traffic button, this is the free traffic that they are referring to. Which isn’t really true and effective – you’ll know why in the next section.


This part is just a social integration of your Twitter and Tumblr so you don’t have to manually share your campaigns to your site.

Is Passive Profit Funnels A Scam?

What I like about Passive Profit Funnels is the simplicity of the platform. Other than that, I don’t see anything special that can boost your affiliate sales.

Passive Profit Funnels isn’t a scam but I wouldn’t recommend you buying this product. As I mentioned, it doesn’t offer something that can increase your commission as an affiliate. Here are more reasons why I can’t recommend this product to my readers:

It Only Benefits The Vendor

When you’re reading the sales page, it’s easy to be hyped and raise expectations when they stated that the campaigns for high ticket products are done for you and ready to be used with just one click. But upon looking at these products, the majority of them are Glynn Kosky’s previous products.

So when you use their DFY campaign, you’re only doing Glynn a favor. You’re giving him extra marketing by putting his product out there. He used the same strategy for his Commission Pages product.

The Free Traffic Isn’t Useful For Beginners

As you may have read above, the free traffic feature was just a share button connected to a number of social medial platforms.

Sharing to different platforms and gaining traffic from them only works if you already have an established number of followers.

It’s Not Beginner Friendly

The product is only beginner friendly in the context of navigating the platform and utilizing the DFY templates. But in terms of gaining knowledge and making affiliate sales, this doesn’t help any beginners at all.

They Promote Using Solo Ads

To me, there’s nothing wrong with using solo ads but it’s not the way to go if you’re a complete beginner. You can only utilize free or paid ads if you know what you’re doing. And the video content that they did on this isn’t enough information.

There are marketers who owed their success by using solo ads but there’s also a good number that has been burned using this.

Vendor Produces New Products Frequently

You need to consider this because Glynn Kosky is one of those creators that produce frequent products. It affects you because some product creators tend to forget their previous products and focus on the newer ones.

With this, you might not get a hold of support if something goes wrong with the product you purchased.

Too Many Upgrades And OTOs

For you to really utilize this product, you need to purchase the one time offers and upgrade the platform.

OTO 1 – Unlimited Version ($67): There’s no more limit to the features that you can use.

With OTO 2 – 100% Done For You ($97), you get more DFY templates that you can use.

In OTO 3 – Unlimited Traffic ($147): You get to tap into Glynn’s traffic with this upsell.

When you buy OTO 4 – $30K Per Month ($67): This is basically additional training on how you can scale things.

Upgrading to OTO 5 – Super Affiliate Version ($67): Additional training on how you can improve to be a better affiliate.

Lastly, OTO 6 – License Rights ($197): You can sell this product as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

And those are the reasons as to why I can’t recommend this product. It doesn’t give you much value and it will be just a waste of your money and time. To know how to really make money online, check out the next section.

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