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Who Am I?

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This is me with a messy bun and a good cup of coffee, ready to get things done!

Hey there, I’m Wina!

A 28 year-old digital marketer corporate turn freelancer who’s also learnt the different ways on how to make money online, passively. You can watch the video above to learn more about me, or well, you can keep on reading below.

I’ve started thinking of making money online ever since I’ve graduated from college. At that time, all I wanted to do was to travel and enjoy my life to the fullest.

I started taking different courses on how to make money online and started off doing dropshipping from AliExpress to Shopify.

I stuck through that for a year until I eventually threw in the towel. And I told myself I’ll never go back to dropshipping.

If you have seen success doing dropshipping business, good for you.

I’m not saying I haven’t since I did make some money but the amount of effort put into the dropshipping business along with the capital just doesn’t make sense to me.

I wanted something more passive and sustainable and I found the dropshipping business model just didn’t do it. I constantly need to monitor my Facebook Ads every day and hoping there will be new purchases every time I wake up.

Cause if not, then my ads expense is just going to waste.

Again, all I wanted to do was to be able to make money online so I can travel but spending more money on a dropshipping business like that wasn’t going to cut it.

Eventually I realize that there are other ways to make money online and I fell in love with this business model instead.

Affiliate Marketing

It stood out to me because…

  • I don’t need to constantly spend on Facebook ads
  • It’s sustainable for the long term, for the next 10 to 20 years
  • I don’t need to keep monitoring the business
  • I don’t need to source products or create my own

I realize that this is something I could do because it won’t take my whole day to work on and it’s something I can do even if I have a 9-5 job.

So I took another course on affiliate marketing..

1st course – full of black hat SEO technique that won’t be sustainable long term

2nd course – no community, only focusing on products I don’t even like and I felt even more lost

I honestly almost gave up in affiliate marketing..

Until one day I just went to a website promoting another affiliate marketing program.. only the different is that, it’s completely free to join.

I was hooked.

Who doesn’t like free stuff? But of course, I knew that in order for me to access more trainings, I will have to pay and upgrade my membership.

But that’s okay. I can go into the platform, see how it works and if it doesn’t work out for me, I can just leave and move on.

I ended up not leaving and have stuck through for almost 3 years now…

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Don’t get me wrong, when I first started, I was super skeptical too.

I mean I’ve burned my money getting 2 other affiliate marketing courses before – I don’t want to do the same thing again!

But I figured that since I didn’t even need to put down my credit card details, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

And this time, I was right. I lost nothing.

I started going through the training and I straight away was able to create my own website through the Wealthy Affiliate platform. That’s amazing.

The last 2 courses I took required me to setup my own website with a hosting and another domain company – it was such a hassle.

Now everything is in ONE place. Talk about convenient.

So I created my first website, followed through the training but after 4 months, I went into a slump. Many of us can go into a slump and it’s just part of life.

But the thing is, you need to get back up and move forward.

Even though I went into a slump and sort of “abandoned” my first website, I still, to this day get affiliate earnings!

This is why I LOVE this business – it’s SUSTAINABLE.

I didn’t pay for any ads, I didn’t heavily promote it on social media. I just write meaningful content.

Below is the last date I had produced content on my first ever affiliate marketing website.

yoga - Passion to income

And here is an affiliate commission I still get in 2020.

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Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to create meaningful content and get real visitors to my website every month.

And this translates into real money.

I know this is not like earning $10,000 monthly but you have to know that my effort on this first website was very very low. Yet I still get affiliate earnings every single month.

Pocket money without doing anything. Who doesn’t want that?

But is this something that I put zero effort since the beginning? Absolutely not.

I learn how to create a website, write my own content and find related affiliate products. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

You have to put an effort to make this work.

And ultimately this is why Wealthy Affiliate is different from other programs – in their training they highly emphasize that success doesn’t come without effort. I mean we all know that. But we still just want an easy way out.

That’s not how it works in life, I’m afraid.

BUT, once the flood gates open, the growth is exponential.

What Other Wealthy Affiliate Members Are Achieving

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Pretty amazing results, right?

These are all real Wealthy Affiliates members sharing their results inside the community!

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

In a sentence..

Affiliate Marketing is earning commissions by promoting other people’s products or services.

You won’t be needing to create or source a product to create a sale. You don’t even need to handle the shipping, customer service etc.

Let’s use my yoga blog example…

I love doing yoga. It’s something that I personally do and have been recommending to my friends. Not only the practice, but yoga mats I use, the attire I wear and the yoga retreats I went to.

Instead of recommending these yoga products and services for free to people, I could actually get some commissions whenever I promote and someone bought them.

yoga affiliate - Passion to income

And no, it’s not only on yoga.

From hotels, groceries, financial services, shoes, camping equipment, trampolines… you get the idea. There’s always going to be at least a company that has an affiliate program in every “niche” or topic.

And many if not ALL of them is FREE to join!

With a lot of companies offering affiliate programs, it means that there are unlimited opportunities for you to earn commissions consistently.

AND the best way for you to do this is by building your OWN website and getting real visitors to your website.

But I Don’t Know How To Build A Website!

So it’s good news that we’re now in 2021.

It’s never been any easier to build a website. It literally takes 5 minutes to build one.

I’m a digital marketer, NOT a website designer. When I first started, I have zero idea on how this works too.

But with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s as simple as creating a Facebook account.

No, I’m not joking around. Watch the video below.

And hear this out…

You can build 1 website for FREE if you join Wealthy Affiliate now 🙂

Turning Your Passion Into Consistent Income

Let’s say you love hiking and you want to create a website surrounding this topic.

Take a look at where you usually buy your hiking gears. The biggest online marketplace out there is Amazon and almost everyone shops there. So let’s start there and find potential hiking gears that you can promote on your website.

amazon hiking min - Passion to income

You can see that there are a lot of hiking gear you can potentially promote in your website.

But how exactly to make money from Amazon?

Well, by using their “Amazon Associates” platform!

amazon hiking link min - Passion to income

This is where you can find your hiking gear to promote, grab your affiliate link, and place it on your website. If someone clicks the link and buys the gear, well buddy, you’re gonna earn a commission!

Another exciting thing you have to know about Amazon is that – if someone clicks your link and buys a basket of other things (within 24 hours), you’re gonna get affiliate commission for each, and every, single, item, in the basket.

How amazing is that?!

Even if the product you want to promote is not on Amazon, you still have other marketplaces:

  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Target
  • Rakuten
  • Shareasale

Or even an individual company selling hiking gears!

Just google “hiking affiliate program” and you’re gonna get a ton of other hiking websites offering affiliate programs for their products.

backcountry affiliate - Passion to income

The potential is unlimited.

That being said, just getting these links and putting them on your website is NOT going to make you money.

You have to provide helpful and meaningful content for people to read and consume.

And your best friend Google is the best way to share this content since it can provide FREE real visitors to your website every single day.

Let’s say you want to write a content on must-have hiking gears this year.

hiking gear google - Passion to income

If you write a good article that’s meaningful for the people who are searching for those info, you can rank on Google’s first page – just like the websites above.

So when you rank, and people are searching for those content, they can click on your website, read your content and click on your link.

content affiliate min - Passion to income

Without you having to advertise and promote it heavily.

This is the EXACT strategy I used on my yoga website. And this is how people make passive income online.

What If I Don’t Have A Passion

I don’t think you should even be worry about this.

Because you can also just use any of your interests or something that piques your mind.

Like this Wealthy Affiliate member who promotes Football Snack Helmets…

football snacks helmet min - Passion to income

I’m not even kidding.

There are endless products that you can promote and endless websites to create.

Sky’s the limit with affiliate marketing.

Take Control Of Your Life

Do you know why some people succeed in life and while some doesn’t?

Because people who succeed, they take control of their lives, their environment, their earnings and what makes them full and content.

It doesn’t matter how many websites you read on how to make money online.

It doesn’t matter how many seminars or webinars you attend to learn how to make more money.

It really doesn’t matter if you read a ton of books on financial tips.

If you don’t take action and be in control of how YOU want your life to be, you’ll never be able to be achieve it.

Honestly, with the amount of make money courses I’ve bought and failed, I ought to just give up.

But I didn’t.

Cause I know there’s a way.

If I fail 5 times, I’ll get up 6 times.

With Wealthy Affiliate, I started creating a website, started writing content, and getting thousands of visitors to my website. And I can replicate this skill and create multiple income-generating websites in the future.

Here are 2 options for you:

If you don’t actually take a small action within the next 24 hours, you probably will still be where you are right now without much changes.

But you CAN take an action and slowly take control of your future again.

Advantage of Affiliate Marketing

The best advantage of start an affiliate marketing website is just the fact on how low risk it is.

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to be creating or inventing a product to the market and hope it goes well.

You are promoting products and services that have already been proven and accepted by the market. The best part is when you promote something you absolutely love!

The success rate or promoting products or services that are already accepted by the market is 90%! (according to entrepreneur.com!)

Wealthy Affiliate Members Achieving Success

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make 10000 online 4 min - Passion to income

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What’s Included in Wealthy Affiliate?

Now that you know how Wealthy Affiliate helped me – it’s time for you to also learn what YOU will be getting if you join Wealthy Affiliate too.

1. 100+ Step-by-Step Training Lessons!

This training will basically hold your hand and walk you through step-by-step from:

  • Learning the basics of affiliate marketing
  • Choosing your niche/ market
  • Building your website from scratch
  • Driving unlimited traffic (visitors) to your website completely for FREE
  • Finding your affiliate products
  • How to start collecting affiliate commissions

All of this will be covered in the training with video & text tutorials. Then there are step-by-step actions for you to take complete with a CHECKLIST.

wa training - Passion to income

2. Super Simple Website Builder

Apart from the training, you’ll also need the actual tools and this Website Builder is a beast.

You genuinely can make a website in a few minutes as you can see in the video above. 

And this is my secret of how I’m able to build websites easily without knowing a single line of code.

3. Web Domain Marketplace

If you don’t know yet, every website needs a domain. It’s kind of like the address of your real estate on the internet.

It’s how people can find you.

With this marketplace inside Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to go to external places like GoDaddy to buy your domain. You can do everything seamlessly in Wealthy Affiliate.

4. State-of-the Art Web Hosting

Web hosting is basically your house. It’s where your website data are stored.

This is also included in the membership, meaning that ALL the technical stuff is provided to you directly inside this platform. It includes site security protection and anti-spam features. It’s far superior to the standard hosting platforms you will find elsewhere. 

5. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

This one is important!

A keyword research tool is something you need to help you get your unlimited traffic (visitors) for FREE to your website.

This tool is what will help you decide what to write about and create a plan moving forwards. 

Other companies are charging hundreds of dollars per month or per year for it. But again, you’re getting it for FREE in Wealthy Affiliate.

6. Affiliate Program Marketplace

As its name suggests, it helps you find affiliate products easily so that you can promote and make money fast.

This saves a lot of your time by going to different websites to look for affiliate programs. This is a brand spanking new feature that didn’t exist when I joined… Wealthy Affiliate is constantly improving!

And now it’s so much easier to find a program that you can join!

7. Weekly Live Training Webinars

Yes, this is really LIVE.

Wealthy Affiliate’s live training coach, Jay, will hop on LIVE every week to teach you a variety of topics ranging from branding, to Facebook, to Google, to YouTube, to website design, etc.

He even hosts Hot Seats once in a while to help you review your website and tell you how to improve.

This is another form of training you can expect from this community.

And I personally have never seen any training like this in other courses or programs!

8. User-Generated Training

If you have something valuable to share, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to share your knowledge with the community and get paid (yes you can get paid to share training!! No marketing or launches needed!)

On the other hand, all members can benefit from other members’ training (there are some amazing training lessons in here that I can direct you towards).

9. 24/7 Technical Support Team on Standby

If you run into any technical issues, you can easily get help within minutes because WA has this 24/7 technical support team on standby.

They have literally replied me in 2 minutes.

wealthy affiliate site support - Passion to income

10. Worldwide Community (More than 2 Million Members)

You not only can make friends, but you can also mastermind with like-minded people from all over the world.

Also, WA has a Live Chat area where you can chat anytime of the day with other members or get immediate help.

All of this Training, Tools & Support Definitely Adds Up To Thousands of Dollar Value.

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Your Special Offer + 5 BONUSES

Congratulations for making it this far down!

It means that you’re interested in creating an online business that has the potential to help you live life on your own terms instead of trading your time for money. 

On top of what you will receive from Wealthy Affiliate, I’m also going to include some additional bonuses for FREE. 

These are key resources that can help you speed up the process and avoid a lot of mistakes that I made when I started out…


59% Discount!

On your first month at only $19 – then $49 per month or longer-term plans thereafter.
Take advantage of the discount as it’s only a one-time-offer given.


How To Create A 6 Figure Website Training!

This training is only given to premium members who want to learn the exact method of creating 6 figure websites every single time.
This training is member-generated training, meaning that it’s proven by a real person.

Learn the ins and outs of successful websites the easy and faster way.


21 Minute Ranking Methods in 7 Steps!

We all want to learn how to rank our website on the first page of Google. But do we have what it takes?
This training will help you get there faster.


Outsourcing Secrets: Hire Writer Like A Pro

Some of us are thinking of hiring a writer to help us with content production.
But if you don’t have a strategy to hire a good writer, you’re just planning to fail and may end up with an unqualified writer.
Here’s the training of hiring writers that many of us affiliate marketers have taken.

This way you’ll be able to automate your websites and content.
Do nothing and still get monthly payout 🙂


Bootcamp Hacks! Premium Training

In this training, you’ll learn the exact strategies used by a super affiliate in Wealthy Affiliate.
“Super Affiliate” means making over 300 Wealthy Affiliate sales in a year & being invited to all-expense-paid trip to Vegas.

arrow - Passion to income

How To Claim These Bonuses

1. Click the button below

2. You’ll go to Wealthy Affiliate where you can start an account for FREE & test it out (no credit card details are required).

3. Upgrade to premium for $19 for your first month and receive your bonuses!

Disclaimer – Many online scams use timers as a “scarcity tactic” to rush you into a decision.
At Wealthy Affiliate, you genuinely get 7 days to test out the free account to see if it suits you. 

If You’ve Ever Invested In Any Make-Money Courses…

I know there are a lot of scams or shady courses out there. I’ve been scammed before as well so it is always good to be skeptical.

Many courses claim that you will be able to make certain amount of money within a certain period of time or if you buy and follow their system 100%. To be honest, that’s total bs.

I can’t guarantee that you will make money because everyone’s responsible for their own results.

You have to put the necessary work yourself and unfortunately, I can’t do that for you.

What I CAN promise you though, is that you’ll be able to tap into the best affiliate marketing training community ever, in the world.

If you’re willing to put in the work, you’re going to see results.

Me and all the other members and ambassadors are here to help you along this journey. So it’s up to you whether or not to reach out first.

What Are You Waiting For?

The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is…

Successful people always make decisions and take actions FASTER than unsuccessful people.

Unsuccessful people are always waiting. Waiting for the best timing, waiting for them to get ready…

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