Panel App Review – Can It Reward You By Doing Nothing?

In this Panel App review, let’s see whether this application can indeed get you rewards and prizes just by having it on your phone. This application claims that you can get all of that without even doing anything.

Now when something claims to give you money without doing anything in return, 90% of the time it’s a scam. But it’s still appealing to many and a lot of people get hooked with being rewarded for doing nothing or doing a simple task.

Today, we’ll have a closer look at Panel App. We’ll be covering everything that Panel App offers, how it works, how you can collect those rewards, and is it legitimate or a flat-out scam.

Panel App Review Summary

Product: Panel App
Owner: Foursquare
Product Type: Rewards Application
Price: Free Download
Rating: 30/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Panel App is a mobile application that allows you to earn points just by letting it run in the background. But aside from passively running it, it also gives you opportunities to earn points by referrals and answering surveys. To know whether this application is worth the time and effort, read the whole review.

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What Is Panel App?

panelapp min - Panel App Review - Can It Reward You By Doing Nothing?

Panel App is a free to download mobile application that allows you to earn points by just letting it run in the background and doing some tasks. When you use the application, you can just open it and continue using your phone as you normally would.

The application acts like a loyalty program wherein users can earn points in exchange for rewards. For Panel App to give you points in the background, it requires you to turn on your location and have an internet connection.

Panel App is owned by Foursquare which is a trusted independent location data platform that aims to understand how people move through the real world. So with the application being owned by a location-first company, it makes sense why it needs you to turn on your location.

Panel App has received 4.4 out of 5 stars in Google Playstore and has been downloaded more than a million times already.

How Does Panel App Work?

Panel App being a loyalty incentive application, it collects data about its users location and sells it to third parties or other market research companies.

The main purpose of Panel App would be to collect user’s location via their phone’s internet and GPS. The information collected would be mainly given to Foursquare and then uses it for making marketing reports.

Foursquare mentioned that any identifiable information like address, name, and other sensitive information is removed.

The way users get rewarded by the application would be through doing some activities inside the program.

Who Is Panel App For?

panel app data - Panel App Review - Can It Reward You By Doing Nothing?

Panel App was created with two groups of people in mind. The first group would be the ones who need and are interested in data from consumers. The ones under this group can be market research companies, businesses, and advertisers.

The second group that Panel App caters to would be the users who want to earn some money and rewards on the side. But there’s not a lot of interest when an application offers cents to a dollar. So to make the application more appealing, the creators threw in rewards and prizes into the mix.

As mentioned earlier, you need to turn on your location and do little tasks in order to receive points from the application. The tasks mentioned here would be answering surveys. But these are not your normal surveys, they are location-based surveys aimed to collect data and information.

These companies are willing to go to such an extent in letting you answer surveys because the data that they will gather is greatly valuable for them. These data can help companies learn more about consumers in a specific place.

They’ll know the behavior, the preferences, and where they usually hang out. The companies can also use this data to improve their products or services based on the answers from the surveys.

How To Earn Points In Panel App?

panel app earn points min - Panel App Review - Can It Reward You By Doing Nothing?

Leave The App Running

When it comes to this application, this has to be the easiest method to earn points. You just open the application and let it run in the background. What the application does during this method is it acts as a location tracker and gathers information from your device.

Completing Surveys

Another way to earn points in the application is by answering surveys. When you’re in a certain location, Panel App can notify you that you’re eligible for a certain survey. So if you’re the type who goes to many places in a day, you might be notified more than a few times.

The questions in the survey usually ask you nearby businesses you’ve traveled by. But it’s important to note that it’s not limited to such questions. It can also ask you about education, travel plans, and other demographic-focused questions.

With regards to how many points you’ll receive, the application didn’t specify such information.

Referral Program

The system of their referral program allows you to earn 10% of the earnings that your referrals make and you’ll also get 5% of the earnings of their referrals.

Those are the three main ways to earn points in the Panel App. And if you’re thinking whether there’s a hack where you can earn more points than usual, there’s none. The best thing you can do is to have the application running always especially when you leave the house.

According to this Reddit post, the fastest way to earn points is to make use of all three features. But you need to be aware that there are some tasks that the application tells you to do and you can do it in return for points.

In the case of the person behind the Reddit post, he received a link from the app to download their iPad application and he received 1,000 points from it. This might be a rare case but it can still happen to you.

Where Can You Use The Points Earned?

panel app gift card min - Panel App Review - Can It Reward You By Doing Nothing?

With the application giving you more opportunities to earn points than money, the question is – where can you actually use these points? Panel App allows you to redeem these points for prizes such as gift cards on your favorite stores and brand. They are gift cards from Amazon, Visa, Walmart, Starbucks, and many more.

In most gift cards in the app, 1,000 points equate to $1.00. With this, you can accumulate points overtime to get a bigger gift card amount. The highest gift card I’ve seen was at $100 gift card on Amazon.

The points can also be used to earn and join sweepstakes. In this contest, you have the chance to win $5 to $25 gift cards. The points you need to put up is only 10 to 25 points.

What I Like About Panel App

Basing on the facts above, it seems like it’s not a stressful way to earn gift cards and it’s not boring as well (since you can just let it run in the background). Unlike other applications, Panel App does back up what it claims on how you can get prizes by doing nothing.

panel app contest - Panel App Review - Can It Reward You By Doing Nothing?

Another thing I like about Panel App would be that it gives opportunities for its users to earn more points. As mentioned above, they can do so by answering surveys, referring a friend, and joining social media contests. They’re giving a lot of opportunities for their users to redeem bigger rewards and prizes.

Lastly, Panel App is easy to use and it’s free to download and join. You don’t have to put up any cash before you can redeem gift cards. There are no in-app purchases and any fees.

Is Panel App A Scam?

No, Panel App isn’t a scam. It’s a functioning and legitimate program that really offers rewards and gift cards. I’ve seen a lot of people redeem their gift cards from the application, so this product has to be real.

With everything said and done, do I recommend Panel App? My answer is no. Here are 4 reasons why:

No Cash For Points

The way I see it, it’s not worth the time and effort. If you’re looking to make money off this application, don’t continue with it. You won’t get money from Panel App since they took out the feature of redeeming your points for cash via PayPal.

Privacy Concerns

Another thing I don’t like about Panel App would be its privacy concerns. If you’re a person who is uncomfortable with the thought that a company knows almost where you are every day, then this application isn’t for you. We also don’t know how they use our information. Do they sell it to other parties or just keep it for market research?

panel app personal info min - Panel App Review - Can It Reward You By Doing Nothing?

Looking at its website, it has a tab that states “Do Not Sell My Personal Info”. So it means that it sells our information to interested parties but to some extent only.

Limited Users

Although it’s free to download and use, Panel App isn’t available in every country. It’s only available for download in places like Canada, Australia, the US, and United Kingdom.

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