Money For Everyone Review – Is This Money Making Method For You?

In this Money For Everyone review, let’s determine whether this unique money-making method is effective and is it able to make us richer by earning money on the side.

In terms of trying to make money online, a lot has changed over the years. New money-making methods pop up every year while only a few of them lasts for only 6 months or when the hype dies down. When we’re investing in these info products that teach us something new, we want to learn something that’s durable for a long time so our money won’t be wasted.

That’s exactly what will try to determine today. Let’s take a look at Money For Everyone and see whether this method can be used for a long period or is it not worth the time at all.

Money For Everyone Review Summary

Product Name: Money For Everyone
Founder: Tom E & Vick Carty
Product Type: Informational Product
Price: $17.37 (Frontend fee)
Rating: 30/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Money For Everyone provides a one-of-a-kind software method that exploits an oversight on Amazon Kindle to generate free traffic, commissions, and leads. With this never before seen method, it claims that it can be left on cruise control and make money. Read the whole review to know whether these claims are true.

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What Is Money For Everyone?

Money For Everyone teaches you a method on how you can capitalize on a program that’s overlooked by a lot of people under Amazon Kindle. When you purchase this product, it doesn’t just inform you on how you can get free traffic but it also teaches you how you can create your own ebook.

With Money For Everyone, you’re not going to sell anything or even market a product. Instead, you’ll be giving away virtual things. Wherein you’ll be gifting people while getting paid for it – as they claim.

The free traffic that’s mentioned here would be the traffic that’s going in and out of Amazon. But the question is, just how much traffic will you get? How many people will actually look into your product?

To me, this is the same “free traffic” feature that most products advertise. The free traffic from most products is just share buttons linked to different social media sites. If you’ve read my previous reviews, you’ll know that this “free traffic” only works if you already have a lot of following.

How Does Money For Everyone Work?

mfe min - Money For Everyone Review - Is This Money Making Method For You?

As I mentioned, the method of this product is about putting ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing where millions of people are subscribed to it. That big audience in this method is basically your free traffic.

Now you might be wondering how are you going to make an ebook? The videos inside this product will teach you how to use a software wherein it will help you find a video and transcribe the audio from it. From there, you run it again on a different software that can proofread the transcribed audio. And that’s how an ebook in this method is created.

With that ebook, you now place it to the Amazon KDP platform and get traffic – that’s their model of how you can capitalize on the free traffic that’s waiting for you.

Inside the ebook that you created, you will be placing links in it. And those links can be directed to affiliate products or a done for you landing pages where you can build your email list. On those landing pages, there will be offers to readers which can be in the form of a product or another free software/ebook.

So with the method taught here, you’re able to get traffic, get commissions, and build an email list for yourself.

What Are The Features Of Money For Everyone?

mfe members area - Money For Everyone Review - Is This Money Making Method For You?

Looking at the member’s area, the design of the dashboard is nothing complex and can be easily navigated.

Welcome To Money For Everyone

This is where you can find an introduction and an invite for a webinar where you can learn how the creators make money online.

Method Overview

Just like what it states, it’s a video taking you on what the method is going to be about and how you can capitalize on it. It will discuss all the things you need to be successful with this product and eventually earn money from it.

Full System

In this part, you’ll see 12 videos taking you step by step on how to do the method shared here. Don’t worry about being overwhelmed because these aren’t long videos that take half a day to finish.

Buying this product also comes with several bonuses that you can use:

Bonus #1: Profit Booster Niches

bonus 1 min - Money For Everyone Review - Is This Money Making Method For You?

Bonus #2 gives you Affiliate Profit X

bonus 2 min - Money For Everyone Review - Is This Money Making Method For You?

With Bonus #3, you’ll receive How To Make $997 Commissions On Demand

bonus 3 min - Money For Everyone Review - Is This Money Making Method For You?

For Bonus #4, you’ll get Video Views + Shares Booster

bonus 4 min - Money For Everyone Review - Is This Money Making Method For You?

And lastly with Bonus #5: Video Embed + Likes + Comment Booster

bonus 5 min - Money For Everyone Review - Is This Money Making Method For You?

What I like About Money For Everyone

What I like about this product is it’s straight to the point and is simple. It doesn’t beat around the bush and the video lessons go immediately on how you can apply this method.

Another thing that I like about it would be that it’s not a rehash of an old product unlike what we see from other new releases. Some creators release version 2.0 of their products but it only does the same old thing with one or two new features.

With Money For Everyone, it’s a unique method that takes advantage of an oversight on Amazon Kindle.

Is Money For Everyone A Scam?

No, Money For Everyone isn’t a scam. It’s probably far from that. In their sales page, it doesn’t have those absurd figures and numbers where most marketers inflate to suck in newbies.

But regardless of those things, I can’t recommend this product especially when you’re starting out. I’m sure Money For Everyone has helped some people out there but below are my reasons as to why you’re better off spending your $17.00 on something that will give you more value.

The Content Produced Won’t Be Enough

When you use a software to build a content, definitely the outcome won’t be too good and unique. The same goes for this product. The ebook produced here will only be a couple of pages long that won’t bring any kind of value to people who’ll read it.

Support Issues

The creators of Money For Everyone tends to create new products after a couple of months. Usually, the old products will be left behind and previous support will be gone. Just like what this guy experienced:

review1 1 - Money For Everyone Review - Is This Money Making Method For You?

This Method Isn’t Unique

People have been using this method ever since 2015 or even earlier. With this, people might have caught up that these kinds of ebooks are just marketing techniques to get affiliate links out there.

Artificial Likes And Reviews

One of the lessons in their videos will be inviting you to join a Skype group wherein they will encourage members to like and review the ebooks of the other members. So these engagements aren’t unique at all and makes other people think that the reviews are genuine.


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