Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review – Is The Price Worth It?

In today’s post, I’ll be giving my review on a training program that’s fairly new and comes with a hefty price tag. I’ll be writing a Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 review and determine whether the price is worth it.

Affiliate marketing has been proven by so many that it’s an excellent way to make money online. This makes more people be curious about how it’s done and how they can be successful in it. Since more people are seeking information about the space, different courses, and programs about it has been on the rise.

But not all courses and programs are created equally – some just want your money, while other programs are overpriced for the lessons that they teach, and others are good courses that will bring value to every dollar you paid it with. Today, it’s time to determine where Massive Affiliate Blueprint falls under.

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review Summary

Product Name: Massive Affiliate Blueprint
Founder: James Taylor
Product Type: Affiliate Training Program
Price: $1,997
Recommended: No

Summary: Massive Affiliate Blueprint claims to be the complete guide or training program that will help you build success in the affiliate marketing industry. This program will guide you step by step on the tools and strategies you need to have mass amounts of traffic to your website. Massive Affiliate Blueprint comes with a ton of DFY on lead magnets, landing pages, thank you pages, and many more.

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What Is Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0?

mab min - Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review - Is The Price Worth It?

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 is a training program wherein James Taylor teaches you how to build a successful affiliate marketing business from the ground up. James promises that you can be a top affiliate marketer and earn 6 digits by utilizing his DFY systems and traffic techniques in the program.

Other program takers have called Massive Affiliate Blueprint the complete affiliate marketing “ecosystem” that can run your business on autopilot.

To make things even more simpler, James made sure that the program came with a ton of DFY special features that cover high converting affiliate offers, high converting landing pages, email promotion swipes, high converting rate for landing pages, technical assistance, and customer support calls.

For those who don’t know, DFY stands for Done For You. In an affiliate marketing context, DFY is where you follow a proven affiliate marketing system/blueprint wherein everything is pre-done for you.

The program also includes different case studies and other strategies to prove that the program works wonders for its buyers. A feature that they say that truly helps their users would be its masterclass and breakthrough sessions.

Who Is James Neville-Taylor?

james taylor min - Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review - Is The Price Worth It?

According to James’ site, he’s an award-winning affiliate, a 6-figure marketer, and an international speaker. He created this program to help all aspiring and struggling affiliate marketer reach their full potential.

Throughout the program, he will guide you step by step on how you can finally earn good money from affiliate marketing. He’ll be sharing tips, strategies, and his own resources that allowed him to turn his life around – from someone who almost took his life to getting his life together and earning 6 figures.

What’s Inside Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0?

features mab min - Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review - Is The Price Worth It?

MAB 1.0 is the ultimate DFY system. Everything is done and downloaded with just a click of a button. The program has a total of 19 main features that program takers can use and learn from.

Some of the feature includes:

40+ DFY proven and tested high-converting affiliate offers
– These are the same high-quality offers that James uses over the past three years.
12 DFY proven and tested high-converting landing pages
– These are the landing pages that James uses to rack in thousands of subscribers and generate six figures. These are ready to use landing pages so you won’t have to customize them.
12 DFY proven and tested high-converting bridge pages
– James also shares the bridge pages that allowed him to convert up to 74%.
365+ DFY professionally written high-converting Email
– The program also comes with follow-up email letters that automatically promote and engage new subscribers without you having to write a single word.
Traffic secrets from top experts
– You will get to hear from top traffic experts about their strategies to get millions of customers from different social platforms.
Unlimited brain bank Email access
– You will be able to ask James’ coaches wherein you can talk about all things related to your business.
VIP coaching calls
– You can also call James himself along with other elite members.
100+ traffic Rolodex
– You will be able to access all of James’ traffic sources, top solo ad vendors, and top producing traffic that can send you thousands of unique visitors.
100% commission of James’ high converting products
– You will receive instant cash to your merchant account.
$450 per sale for every sale you make with James’ MAB1.0
– Aside from getting $450 per sale, you’ll also receive high-converting swipe files that you can simply copy and paste.
Unlimited technical assistance
– No need to pay for unlimited technical support.
Monthly private affiliate contest
– The prize on the affiliate contest will be a vacation to specific places and 100% commissions on high ticket products.
VIP treatment to Taylor Your Future Live
– Get free all-access tickets to live events.
One full day group mastermind session
– In the mastermind session, you can ask James any topic you like.
Recordings for monthly masterclass sessions
– If you can’t attend the masterclass session, James will provide you a recorded version of every live session that he has held.
And many more

What I like About Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0


As you’ve just read, the program is packed with tons of features that you can utilize to your advantage. To add to that, James also made the process of integrating those features as simple as possible since the majority of it can be done with just a click of a button.

In-depth Educational Materials

The program without a doubt is in-depth and rich with educational materials. Every feature comes with different lessons and strategies that you can really use for your business. The educational resources you’ll get here are not 5-10 minute videos, most of the videos are explained thoroughly and in detail.

A Lot of DFY Ready to Be Used

Also, with the several DFY’s included in the program, you already have several ready to send templates at your disposal. This cuts out any effort on your part to think of the structure and how to make things engaging. Basically, all the hard work and nitty-gritty is done for you.

Affiliate Programs Listed for You Already

To add to those things, James has already provided the list of affiliate programs that you can sign up for. All you have to do just click the links. This rids you the effort of searching for different affiliate programs one by one.

Instructor’s Transparent and Walks the Talk

Other than the features that the program brings, I also like James himself. He’s transparent with his past and his intentions are far from ripping people off. It’s rare to see some guru or course maker that talks about themselves since most of them just promote their program and not a bit of information about their background is discussed.

top1 min 2 - Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review - Is The Price Worth It?

James openly talks about being sexually abused and almost taking his life about three years ago. With that, he shares how he went from rock bottom to earning 6-figures as an entrepreneur and an affiliate marketer.

top2 min 1 - Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review - Is The Price Worth It?

On top of his personal story, he also walks the talks. James has topped some of the lists when it comes to being a top-performing affiliate marketer.

Is Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 A Scam?

No, MAB 1.0 isn’t a scam. Far from it actually. Even though it isn’t a scam, I don’t recommend it for beginners and for people who have a tight budget to work with.

payment min - Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review - Is The Price Worth It?

MAB’s one-time payment is at $1,997 and their three payments would be at $797 per payment. This payment structure renders you to take their one-time payment since you can save a ton with that option.

However, with that price, you can already buy other programs and courses and still have some dollars left. Although it’s easy to get hyped and be hooked on the program’s features, remember that there are multiple ways to achieve success in affiliate marketing. No one strategy is the only way to be profitable in this space. Just as the saying goes “There are many paths up to the mountain”.

But I’m not stopping you to take this program if you do have the money and want to follow in James’ footsteps. Because if you enter this program and the fee is quite painful to your bank account, you will be TOO focused on making up that money back. Which sometimes acts as a hindrance to many affiliate marketers’ success.

Even though I figured that this program is not a scam, it’s still hard to find an objective review on it. It’s hard to gauge other reviews about the program since they’ll be receiving $450 if they manage to sell it to others.

It would be difficult to determine which one reviews for the purpose of educating possible buyers and who’s reviewing with hopes to convert a sale.

To Whom Is It For?

testi min 1 - Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review - Is The Price Worth It?

This affiliate program is for anyone who aspires to be an affiliate marketer and wants everything laid out for them. With all the DFY features that this program gives, it’s perfect for affiliate marketers that wants ready to send templates and a proven system that works.

All of the DFY laid out in this program is used by James and other successful affiliate marketers to reach where they are now.

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