Lez Bankz Review – Does This Method Really Work?

In this Lez Bankz review, let’s determine if this product can indeed make us recurring commissions from free traffic. With this “game-changing” software, this product might be the one you’ve been looking for. It might be the solution to your money-making problems.

A lot of digital products nowadays don’t require you to do a lot of stuff because the software can do it all for you. With this method, it always comes with good and bad sides. Obviously, we want the product to gives us more of the good than bad. But unfortunately, when it comes to these kinds of products, it’s always the other way around.

Today, let’s know more about Lez Bankz to see if it’s a product that can help us make money or is it like the rest of its peers in the industry.

Lez Bankz Review Summary

Product Name: Lez Bankz
Founder: Jono Armstrong
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Product
Price: $12.97 (front end fee)
Rating: 50/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Lez Bankz claims to house the first beginner-friendly method for achieving recurring commissions from 100% traffic. This money-making method requires no prior skills needed in affiliate marketing or even experience. It says that with its multiple evergreen offers, you can scale up just by rinse and repeat the process with a fresh campaign. Read the whole review to know whether this product really delivers.

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What Is Lez Bankz?

lezbankz min - Lez Bankz Review - Does This Method Really Work?

Lez Bankz claims to be a beginner-friendly method for making recurring commissions from 100% free traffic. With this product, you’re going to get access to how Jono Armstrong makes money online. He’ll be giving you full access to this money-making strategy and he’ll be guiding you every step of the way.

As mentioned on their sales page, when you use this method, there’s no product creation needed, no direct selling, and no paid ads. With this offer, you’ll get free traffic, top converting offers that sell themselves, and automated campaigns that you can run and go on with your day.

It seems like Jono has completely made a product that even beginners can really utilize. Everything is done for you and you only need three steps to start immediately.

But before we go into what Lez Bankz offers, let’s know more about Jono.

Who Is Jono Armstrong?

jono min - Lez Bankz Review - Does This Method Really Work?

Jono is an online marketer that managed to create an 8-figure online income. He’s a product creator and a reviewer as well.

Jono is the guy behind the Ministry of Freedom which is a detailed and comprehensive training program that helps aspiring and current internet marketers earn significant money from affiliate marketing.

What Does Lez Bankz Offer?

dashboard min - Lez Bankz Review - Does This Method Really Work?

Upon purchasing this product, you will have access to its dashboard where it contains 9 modules in total before you reach the upgrades and bonuses.

Some of the modules presented here have subtopics that Jono will talk about. The topics can range from the different types of affiliate products, how to find good offers, how you can achieve recurring commissions, and how you can scale up your sales.

Module 1 talks about the Equation of Money. Then Module 2 has four subtopics which are the proven business model, the 3 types of affiliate products, the power of recurring commissions, how you can find products that do just that, and a bonus topic on ClickBank, Warrior Plus, and JvZoo,

Module 3 discusses how to promote any affiliate offers, module 4 presents free traffic strategies, and module 5 talks about overcoming the fear.

It’s in module 6 where it talks about the blueprint of how you can create, edit, and produce Youtube videos. Then module 7, 8 and 9 teaches you how you can scale up your commissions and business.

So with this product, Jono touches a bit of basic knowledge on affiliate marketing then slowly teaches you how you can make money from it. The blueprint in module 6 teaches you how you can connect everything together. From choosing a product to applying the method that he teaches, and eventually making money.

Aside from the 9 module training, it also comes with 4 bonuses.

How Does Lez Bankz Work?

Looking at the outline of the modules and topics discussed there, you will be utilizing click funnels, squeeze pages, and autoresponders. But the bulk of the lesson here tells you to do Youtube videos about reviewing a product and how you can make money online.

The products that you’ll create content about would be digital products that you’re affiliated with. So these products can come from top affiliate platforms such as JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and ClickBank.

And this is exactly what Jono does as well. In his Youtube channel, he creates reviews on new products while also making videos about his own.

What I like About Lez Bankz

I like the fact that it’s straight to the point and Jono guides you every single step of the way. Most product creators just talk about their method without clear instructions and just leave you guessing.

But with Lez Bankz, it has provided you several video lessons on how you can set everything up until you make your first commission.

Another thing that I like is that the method taught here is actually doable. It can really make you money. You can even rack up money on your Youtube videos if you manage to scale it up while also making money on affiliate products.

Creating videos is just an alternative to making written content. No one method is superior to the other. Both of these methods have advantages and disadvantages of their own.

Is Lez Bankz A Scam?

No, Lez Bankz isn’t a scam. You will receive an actual product when you purchase this from its sales page. But still, I can’t recommend this product. Even though it goes for only $13.00, you’re better off studying and researching yourself on how you can create videos on affiliate products.

But if you do want to want to purchase Lez Bankz to see what it teaches, then, by all means, go for it. It’s actually nice to see for a change that a product creator walks the talks because Jono himself has a Youtube channel that does the same thing on what he teaches in here.

The way I see it, this method can be done and learned without spending a dime. You can learn how to create and edit Youtube videos and produce quality outcomes in the platform itself. And for knowing about the good products to sell and picking the best offers, it can be done with a simple research on Google. In fact, there are a lot of videos teaching you how to do this FOR FREE.

Aside from the method being free and available on the internet, Lez Bankz also comes with some pricey upgrades which I think some of the features should already be in the front end deal.

Upgrade 1 – Lez Bankz DFY ($47, DS: $37)

upsell 1 min - Lez Bankz Review - Does This Method Really Work?

With this upgrade, you’ll get handpicked DFY funnels, premium offers, and promotional tools that weren’t readily available on the front end deal.

These tools and funnels makes everything faster with little to no effort on your part.

Upgrade 2 – 4x Case Studies Plus 10x Traffic ($97, DS: $67)

upsell 2 min - Lez Bankz Review - Does This Method Really Work?

When you buy this upgrade, you’ll get 4 powerful case studies walking you through Lez Bankz in action. You’ll be able to see specific offers, set up, and how you can copy the steps from setting up everything to making recurring profit.

Upgrade 3 – Software Automation Bundle Plus Outsourcing Suite ($197, DS: $97)

upsell 3 min - Lez Bankz Review - Does This Method Really Work?

You’ll get to enjoy award-winning software tools including:

  • Free traffic application
  • Paid traffic application
  • Autoresponder
  • Money page builder with hosting
  • Squeeze page creator with hosting
  • Email conversion suite

This upgrade goes against what Jono is saying that this method doesn’t need kind of paid traffic.

Upgrade 4 – Resellers Bundle License ($197, DS: $97)

upsell 4 min - Lez Bankz Review - Does This Method Really Work?

You’ll be able to get reseller and developer rights to Lez Bankz, Continuum, Vanquish, and Javascript Commission Bot.


Lez Bankz is not a scam product since it teaches you how you can make money by creating Youtube videos reviewing digital products.

I can’t recommend this though because the concept of this method is free if you take time to research and study how it’s done.

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