Kevin David Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review [2021]: Is The Course Legit?

Hey all, welcome to my Shopify Ninja Masterclass review – a dropshipping course created by Kevin David.

Kevin David does offer more than a dropshipping course that I will review soon but for now, as I’m on the roll of reviewing dropshipping courses out there, I’ll start with his Shopify Ninja Masterclass first.

Before I get started with the review, a little disclaimer here that I’m not associated with Kevin David or any of his courses. I’m not an affiliate, so I won’t make any money should you decide to buy the course.

So this review will be a full and unbiased review of Shopify Ninja Masterclass from a third-party perspective.

If you’re ready to learn whether this Shopify Ninja Masterclass dropshipping course will be THE course for you to take to get started, then without further ado, let’s get started!

Is Shopify Ninja Masterclass worth it? Here’s the truth..

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Summary

Product: Dropshipping course
Founder: Kevin David
Price: $997 or 3 payments of $497
Rating: 70/100
Recommended: Sure, but…
Summary: Shopify Ninja Masterclass is created by one of the most famous course creators, Kevin David to help students get their dropshipping business up and running on the right foot.
Kevin is one of the most sought-after YouTubers these days with massive followings and people have had rave reviews on his courses.

However, many of those rave reviews are made by affiliates of Kevin David’s course. So the question in hand right now is whether the course actually is that good or just a false hype?

If you want to know more, read till the end.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when you promote and sell a third-party product without handling the product creation, inventory and shipping.

When an order comes into your store, instead of wrapping and shipping out the products, the wholesaler or supplier will be the one that does the fulfilment.

Therefore, you only really need to focus on the front end and making sure sales are coming in for you to get your “cut”.

The cut is the difference on the retail price minus the wholesale price. If you’d prefer to learn this more through a video and animation, you can watch the video below:

Important to note: Please don’t get misled with screenshots of sales that these “gurus” are making. Those are sales numbers. It’s typical for dropshipping businesses to only take home 1-20% from the sales.

What Is Shopify Ninja Masterclass?

shopify ninja masterclass

Shopify Ninja Masterclass is one of the courses created by Kevin David on how to start a dropshipping business. The course claims that it can be the gateway for people who are looking to quit their 9-5.

But before we get into the nitty gritty of the course, let’s see who Kevin David really is

Who Is Kevin David?

If you’ve been searching for ways to make money online on YouTube, I’m sure you’ve heard or come across Kevin David’s videos before.

shopify ninja masterclass

He has a massive subscriber base on YouTube (almost 2 millions) and over 300,000 followings on Instagram. Though I believe you can learn a thing or two from his free content on YouTube, for some reason, I always take them with a grain of salt.

Simply because, those ideas aren’t exactly the most straight forward. Like dropshipping.

That said, he isn’t exactly a scam. He claims that he has had massive results (sales number) doing dropshipping before, over 1 million sales in the span of a few days (advertising spent wasn’t actually disclosed) and now teaching others how to do the same.

Even though he has had good results with his eCommerce store, he still makes the most money with his courses. If you see the awards that he’s showing on his website, those are for the sales of his courses, and not dropshipping.

Also worth mentioning that yes, Kevin David has been featured in many reputable websites like Forbes, but I hate to break the bubble, it’s actually very easy to get featured on those websites when you know how to do a good press release.

One thing that I really like about Kevin David though, I can see that he works hard to get to where he’s at right now – and that fuels my own aspiration. So hats off to him for that.

I know that there are lot more things that I can talk about Kevin David here, but if I do, then this review will be extremely long-winded.

So let’s jump back to the course and see what exactly makes the course unique.

What Makes Shopify Ninja Unique?

There are a few tricks that Kevin David showed in the course that haven’t been shared in any other dropshipping course but I personally don’t think it’s worth the price.

The modules in the course are pretty much the same as any other dropshipping courses I’ve reviewed, so you aren’t exactly missing out that much if you were to go with cheaper courses like Project Verum or Ecom Elites.

He did include a bonus to know how to do sales funnel with ClickFunnels but the module isn’t exactly the most thorough and you can learn more with Ecom Empire Builders to get your ClickFunnels lesson.

To be honest a lot of the things that make Shopify Ninja Unique are in the bonus that they give out. But those bonuses are not in-depth… so you have to make a decision here whether you want to go with this course or other much cheaper courses that give you the same modules but not the bonuses.

How Much Does Shopify Ninja Masterclass Cost?

Shopify Ninja Masterclass costs $997. Or you can also opt for their payment plan of 3 payments of $497.

If you feel like you will need to go with 3 payments of $497, dropshipping might just not be the one for you because there will be a lot more other expenses that you will need to pay when you’re just starting out.

The course itself is NOT be the biggest expense you will incur.

Good to note that while they do offer a 14-days money back guarantee, this can only be guaranteed if you satisfy below actions:

kevin david shopify ninja masterclass refund min - Kevin David Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review [2021]: Is The Course Legit?

What’s In Shopify Ninja Masterclass?

There are 5 main modules and a few bonuses.

Module #1: Finding Your Home-run Products

Finding winning products for your dropshipping store is the key to succeed. I and a lot of others who started the dropshipping business spend a good amount of time just researching products to sell – and it can be quite tedious.

So in this module, Kevin shares the different techniques that you can do to find your winning products. I don’t think the module covers everything, but it’s sufficient for you to get started.

He shows free and paid options that you can do, so it’s really up to you to go for which one.

Also, Kevin went over the eCommerce industry and why it is very profitable for us to get into it and why the dropshipping business is still a very good business to start.

I will give my thoughts on this at the end of this review.

Module #2: Finding The Best Suppliers

Kevin goes through the step on how to find a reliable supplier of AliExpress, how to contact them and what’s the appropriate questions to ask.

Yes, he will give you templates for this.

There were still a few things that I just learned in this module that I haven’t before when I was still doing dropshipping.

It’s a pretty thorough module on how to build that relationship with your supplier.

Module #3: Creating Your Shopify Store

If you’re a beginner you will get to learn on how to properly set up your Shopify store here from start to finish.

It’s a pretty standard module in any dropshipping course out there. In fact, you can also find free and thorough step-by-step guide on YouTube 😊

By the way, I’m not endorsing Dan Vas, I just thought this is a really good free info for those who are just starting out.

Module #4: Your Marketing Explosion

Well, most of the lessons will be on Facebook Ads and how you can properly strategize your Facebook campaign to get visitors and sales.

If you’re a beginner, don’t worry, Kevin will go through step-by-step on how to setup everything.

That said, Facebook interface changes so fast from year to year so you might see different interface in the lessons and that’s… okay-ish. You might need to go around and find a few things yourself but the fundamentals are still the same.

You also need to remember that it’s now 2021 and Facebook pixel tracking is changing, big time with the iOS update. Therefore there will be additional settings that you will need to do that Kevin hasn’t covered in the course.

You can find those settings for free on YouTube though.

Module #5: Scaling to The Moon

You will find this module a lot relatable once you’ve seen a bit of success with your store – about $100 sales/day.

This is where you learn how to scale to the next level with your marketing like reaching out to influencers, how to outsource some of the processes and basically make your dropshipping business a full-fledged eCommerce business.

Not many courses actually go through Google Analytics and what you can do with the software, but Shopify Ninja Masterclass does. So you can take full advantage of this, once you have a number of audience coming to your store every month.


The bonuses are definitely a catch.

You will learn how to create good sales funnel with a tripwire technique (I personally love tripwire technique) but like many bonuses out there, it isn’t exactly the most thorough lesson on funnels.

Additionally you’ll get Kevin’s tips on how to use big accounts on Instagram to constantly give you sales and how to set up a chatbot.

What I Like About Shopify Ninja Masterclass

1) Straight To The Point

I do like the fact that the course is concise that you can actually go through and start your dropshipping business within a couple of weeks.

It’s not very long-winded and it’s not too short. It’s enough.

What I DON’T Like About Shopify Ninja Masterclass

1) Not Worth The Money

If you think this the course is for you, by all means, you can go ahead with it.

But I do think you can get similar if not more content with other cheaper courses out there like Ecom Elites or Project Verum. You can use the savings by investing them on Facebook Ads that you will definitely launch to get sales and visitors to your store.

2) Refund Policy

I’m personally not a fan of their refund policy, giving only 14 days window for you to go through 100% of the videos in the course is too much.

Many other dropshipping courses give a window of 30 days. It’s still not my favorite of guaranteeing money back but 30 days is much better than 14.

Is Shopify Ninja Masterclass A Scam?

No, Shopify Ninja Masterclass is not a scam.

You will get the content and the module of the course if you pay and buy the course. So don’t worry about that.

The success of your dropshipping store is still based on your technique of getting visitors to your store, having a professional and well laid Shopify store and its ability to convert visitors.

Even though you are following the course to the T, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the same results as Kevin. Because the “trending” products in dropshipping are always changing and your main source of traffic is via Facebook Ads which isn’t sustainable longterm.

And this will bring me to my next point.

Is Dropshipping Still Worth It?

1) Only When You Have Capital

Dropshipping is really NOT for someone who are strapped with money. There are so many other expenses that you will need to pay such as:

– Shopify hosting
– Domain name
– Transaction Fee
– Facebook Ads
– Instagram Influencer
– Additional paid apps
– Outsourcing

So unless you have AT LEAST $2,500 to spare to start this business model, dropshipping unfortunately is not for you. You’ll be spending at least $2,000 to get started with Facebook Ads – and that won’t even guarantee any sales coming in.

2) Vicious Cycle

If you argue that you will be able to take home $2,000/mo if you get to make $10,000/mo, I’m sorry to break it down to you but that $2,000 will need to be re-invested to find another winning product and be spent for Facebook Ads testing.

This is one of the biggest reasons I quit dropshipping.

A lot of beginners are not aware of this vicious, vicious cycle.

3) Not The Best Business Model

As I’ve mentioned in 2021, dropshipping isn’t exactly the best business model out there. A lot of people already know the trick of “free product + shipping” and asking them to wait for 2-3 weeks for product delivery is a deal-breaker.

Put yourself in the customer shoe, will you go and buy a product from a store that will take 2-3 weeks to ship the products to you or you’d rather go to and get your products delivered the next day?

I’d go with And that brings me to the next point.

A Better Way To Make Money

After I left dropshipping, I found a better way to make money online that is a lot more passive and won’t need me to fork out so much capital when first starting out.

I really wish I’d found this sooner.

I switched from doing a dropshipping business to affiliate marketing.

Simply because;

– it was free for me to get started
– I don’t need to be running ads all the time
– my traffic is organic, therefore a lot more sustainable
– I don’t need to handle refunds or customer service
– it’s much easier for me to do with a 9-5 job

See how a stay-at-home-mum student from my #1 recommended training platform was able to make $2K from her new website with a new affiliate offer.

wealthy affiliate success story min - Kevin David Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review [2021]: Is The Course Legit?

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