Jacob Caris Review: Super Affiliate Accelerator – Scam or Legit?

 Hey all, welcome to my Jacob Caris review.

To be honest with you all, I’ve never heard of Jacob Caris before this, not even on YouTube, where he’s actively uploading new videos.

I actually came across one of his affiliate marketing courses recently and thought of taking a look.

This review will be on what I’ve found on Jacob Caris – whether he’s the guy that you want to listen to when it comes to making money online.

And a review or rather an overview to his online courses.

Before we get started, as always, know that I’m NOT an affiliate of Jacob Caris or any of his available courses.

Therefore, I’m not going to profit in any way or get any kind of kickbacks should you decide to get his courses, ok? And this review will be as unbiased as I could be.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get started!

Jacob Caris review – is he really legit?

Here are what I’ll be talking about Jacob Caris in this review:

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Fake Guru Red Flags

Before I start with my review of Jacob Caris, I want to share the video below on how you can detect some red flags from online “gurus” out there.

The red flags don’t necessarily mean that they are all scams, but you might want to be careful with the courses that they offer.

Who Is Jacob Caris?

Jacob Caris is an Australian online entrepreneur who moved to Wall Street to find wealth in an 80 hour-week job and then quit to continue his success in his online business.

After two years of learning and optimizing his online business strategy, he’s now a six-figure entrepreneur, certified by Clickfunnels.

Jacob Caris Review

And only then after he’s gotten his success after 18 months of working hard on his hustle that he resigned from his 9 to 5 in 2018.

You can’t really fake your income with Clickfunnels by the way, and Jacob had become one of the top people who had won his dream car and generated a $200,000 commission with Clickfunnels.

That’s quite impressive.

And now, after he had won his dream car, he comes up with a few online courses, many of them in affiliate marketing for other people to see his “secrets” and how he was able to rack in that many commissions.

Also, worth mentioning here that Jacob mainly focuses on a high-ticket affiliate program, which is not a bad idea to generate a higher commission.

If you want to check out more of his content and what he’s all about, you can go to his YouTube videos.

Though I must say that the videos aren’t really made to teach you a step-by-step or proper tutorial for affiliate marketing, they are more of him sharing his experiences and what he did.

And if you do like listening to having a good business mindset, then you’ll probably like what he’s produced on his channel.

Jacob Caris’s Courses Overview

Jacob Caris has a few courses that are available online, with the most famous one to be Super Affiliate Accelerator – which I’m going to go over it in more detail below.

But there are also 2 other courses that I found on his website that you can also get:

1) Fast Cash Rolodex: $1,000
Jacob Caris Review

This isn’t exactly a course for newbies. This is where Jacob teaches business owners on how to maximise and control the cash flow of the business.

Jacob learned this skills from working in a financial industry before.

2) 7 Figure Sales Weapon: $500
Jacob Caris Review

This course as what it says, focuses on sharpening your sales skills – from affiliate marketing, online courses and any sort of business that you own.

This is one of the courses that I would personally don’t mind purchasing because this technique is very important in an online business…

… but it’s not something that you need to worry about when you’re just starting out.

Jacob did touch on selling skill in the “Closing the deal” module in Super Affiliate Accelerator. But 7 Figure Sales Weapon would be more ideal to someone who’s had a business running and trying to improve their conversion rate.

Now, these 2 courses aren’t necessarily only for affiliate marketers but you can still get them if you want more advanced techniques.

Let’s dive deeper into Super Affiliate Accelerator.
Jacob Caris Review

SAA is mainly a 6-week program that can teach you how to get started with affiliate marketing, by promoting high-ticket items.

Jacob has done his affiliate marketing strategy this way and now he’s packaging everything up for you to also learn his “secrets”.

Super Affiliate Courses is priced at $2,500 with NO refund policy.

So really think hard whether it’s a course that you really want to get. Because once you pay, you’re not getting the money back.

There are a few payment plans that Jacob had created:

1) One payment of $2,500
2) 3 paymentss of $1,000 (you pay extra $500)

3) Super Affiliate Basic (doesn’t include private Facebook group & weekly calls)

  • One payment of $1,000
  • 12 payments of $220 (you pay an extra $1,640. Yup)

4) Super Affiliate Deluxe (get 2x 101 coaching calls)

  • One payment of $4,500
  • 12 payments of $390 (you pay an extra $180)

The course to be honest, looking at the training modules seems pretty straight forward, similar to any other affiliate marketing course.

But of course, here you’ll be focusing on finding high-ticket affiliate program.

Though I must say looking at the testimonials, many of the students are making money from promoting these 3 items:

  • Clickfunnels
  • Legendary Marketers
  • Super Affiliate Accelerator itself
In an overview for SAA, you will be learning:
  1. Jacob’s own strategy
  2. Mindset needed to do this kind of online business
  3. Picking your very own niche
  4. Fast start process by creating content, driving traffic and collect leads
  5. Monetization of the traffic and leads you’d brought in
  6. Closing the deal to get high conversion rate

You will definitely be doing your own research and finding different ideas and answers even after you have finished the course.

Jacob did mention that if you’re looking for an exact blueprint or done-for-you system, this course isn’t right for you.

Which I 100% agree – I don’t really believe in a done-for-you system. They are not for a long-term success.

I do like and appreciate the fact that Jacob is not creating many fluff.

He’s pretty upfront with his students on who the course is not for.

Jacob Caris Review – Should You Trust Him?

So Jacob Caris is totally legit.

I actually find his YouTube videos pretty informative when it comes to what it takes to build a successful online business.

And I don’t doubt his ability to be able to rack in so much commission and become successful in affiliate marketing – as it’s not really rocket science.

Though not many people are as successful as him.

That said, do I believe that his courses are for everyone…?

Hmmm, no.

Affiliate marketing can be done in a lot of different ways, even if they aren’t high-ticket. There are many successful affiliate marketers are earning $10,000s every month just promoting everyday products on Amazon.

So there’s no one way to learn affiliate marketing.

I wanted to say that I believe this course can help everyone even with newbies BUT if I were to think back to whether it would be a good choice for me to get a few years ago when I was first starting out, I don’t think the course is THE course.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

The Price & No Refund Policy
Jacob Caris Review

The course is expensive.

Let’s not go around the bush. It’s a pretty steep price for a beginner to start with and the course has no refund policy.

Not everyone will be successful with whatever a course teaches – the reason why they have an earning disclaimer.

And for a beginner to start with $2,500 on the table, it’s pretty scary.

When I was first learning about affiliate marketing, I did take a couple of paid courses in the hundreds that many of them didn’t actually end up helping me with my journey today.

If I could go back in time, I would just start with a free affiliate marketing training just to get my heads wrapped around the concept.

And when I’m ready, I’ll go for a paid course. But still, not a $2,500 course.

I’ll probably tell myself to make $2,500 first, using the basic concept of affiliate marketing (it still works) and then only to get a more premium course like this $25000 SAA course.

Here’s a real journey of a successful affiliate marketer:
  1. Start with something small so that you’ll learn how to appreciate small wins.
  2. Those small wins snowballed and now you’ve gotten a lot more commission.
  3. You reinvest your commission to either hire an assistant or to learn more premium techniques and skills. (I prefer paying for premium techniques)
  4. Your wins snowballed and now everything works passively in your favor.

It’s not just about your money wins.

But in that journey, you will also learn how to have the right mindset to persevere.

It’s SO easy to have shiny-object-syndrome but trust me, if you focus, start small and stop being greedy, you’ll find it too!

Now I do have a better opportunity that I want to share with you if you’re a beginner to learn affiliate marketing.

A Better Alternative Opportunity For You

If you are still in your search of trying to make consistent income online, yes, you do want to learn more about affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing illustration min 8 - Jacob Caris Review: Super Affiliate Accelerator – Scam or Legit?

Many successful online entrepreneurs nowadays actually start with affiliate marketing because it’s the easiest thing to do.

Because you don’t need to create products or anything like that.

Just promote products that you love while making a profit out of it.

There are a few reasons why this will be the best opportunity for you when you’re just starting out:

  • You can start for free (using my #1 recommended platform)
  • You don’t need to pay for any expensive tools or software.
  • You only need to work on this a couple of hours a day.
  • You don’t need to start creating products.
  • You don’t need to “hack” anything.
  • You will learn the organic and sustainable way of driving traffic.
  • You don’t need to worry about customer support etc.
  • You will still be able to earn from whatever that you’re building today 10 years from now.

If you are interested and want to learn affiliate marketing the right way as a beginner, I will really recommend checking out my #1 recommended platform here.

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So just how much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

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wealthy affiliate success story min 8 - Jacob Caris Review: Super Affiliate Accelerator – Scam or Legit?

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