ItzFresh Review – Is This 3-in-1 Bundle Worth Buying?

In this ItzFresh review, let’s determine whether this product can really give us passive income online. This product claims that it gives you free traffic, increased passive income as you hit refresh, and achieve all of those things with minimal effort since the software included in this package does all the hard work for you.

Passive income has been sought out by many for the longest time now. Some have achieved it while others are still searching for it. With the help of the internet, a way to achieve passive income is through affiliate marketing. If affiliate marketing is done right, you can go on with your day’s work while you also earn money on the side.

And in this post, let’s find out if ItzFresh can give you just that. Is it really the all in one passive income product or is it just a bundle of old products that didn’t really sell? So if you’re ready, then let’s get right into the review.

ItzFresh Summary Review

Product Name: ItzFresh
Founder: Jason Fulton and Seun Ogundele
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Software
Price: $19
Rating: 15/100
Recommended: No

Summary: ItzFresh is the complete passive income system that includes 3 automated software products that create done-for-you money pages and websites. It also has features that will enable you to get free traffic and turn that to passive profits. Read more to know whether these claims are true or just another marketing ploy.

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What Is ItzFresh?

itzfresh min - ItzFresh Review - Is This 3-in-1 Bundle Worth Buying?

ItzFresh is the complete passive income system that houses 3 automated software tools that create Done-For-You money pages and websites. With these software tools bundled into one product, you’re sure to convert free traffic into passive profits.

The brains behind ItzFresh would be Jason Fulton and Seun Ogundele. Wherein they claim that the products that they’re offering are the same ones that they used to make passive income from commissions. As shown on their sales page, they’re making 3 to 4 figures daily, weekly, and monthly.

When using this product, there’s no need for special skills or prior experience. According to them, once you’ve set everything up, the money will just start flowing. Plus with the free traffic included here, your passive income dreams will be within arms reach already.

But before you get sold with everything they’re saying, let’s take a look at each product inside this 3-in-1 bundle.

What Does ItzFresh Offer?

ItzFresh offers you three products that you can use immediately to start making money online. Let’s discuss each product and what it really offers you.


preequell - ItzFresh Review - Is This 3-in-1 Bundle Worth Buying?

Preequel is a product by Jason Fulton that allows you to make or use DFY surveys. With this product, you have the option to create a survey from scratch which you can design the face and the questions of the survey from the ground up.

But if you want to save time, you can also use the done for you surveys which are ready to go live with just a click of a button. When you choose this option, you’ll be directed to a page that has a long list of surveys that’s up and ready. The main goal of these surveys would be to direct the people to your affiliate links or making them sign up for your email list.

If you don’t like some small details on the DFY surveys, you can also edit them to your liking. When you click on “Use Template”, you’ll be redirected to a page builder where you can customize and adjust things. You can edit the design and the image. The product also lets you edit the questions and the overall flow of the survey.

With this, Preequell is easy to use and simple to navigate.


uprofito min - ItzFresh Review - Is This 3-in-1 Bundle Worth Buying?

UProfito is another product by Jason Fulton. It’s a software that comes with several DFY websites that can be used immediately. Video niche websites are what UProfito gives you. The ones integrated here comes from different niches such as health, entertainment, latest news, and money-making.

The done-for-you websites here are already loaded with different contents. It already has images, videos, and texts – everything has been laid out for you. The sites also come with banner ads that you can customize as well.

So with UProfito, all the hard work has been done for you. All the research, written content, and video information has been created so you can use them all with ease.


profitorial min - ItzFresh Review - Is This 3-in-1 Bundle Worth Buying?

Profitorial is a software that enables you to make advertorial pages and websites. The output given here is perfect for promoting ClickBank products or any product that you’re promoting.

When you choose to create a website, it gives you a series of templates that you can choose from. And just like the programs before this, all the content has been done for you. The images, the video, and the blog posts are already made for you to use.

On top of that, the page builder is easy to use since it utilizes a drag and drop feature. It doesn’t need you to have experience and knowledge of coding and all the other technicalities of website building.

What I Like About ItzFresh

To be honest, there’s nothing I like about this product. Sure, you’re saving money when you purchase this compared to buying the three products individually. But the way I see it, you’re better off keeping your $19.00 than wasting it on this product.

It’s true that the three software tools in this bundle can make your life easier since it provides done for you pages and websites. But of course, if you’re in the business of making money, you’d definitely like to see some returns on your investment.

Unfortunately, when you invest in these products, there’s a low probability that you’ll see some returns. Because the majority of them are inefficient. Know why in the next section below.

Is ItzFresh A Scam?

Probably this product isn’t a scam but it can be close to one. Definitely, you’ll get a product when you purchase this but it doesn’t give you what it claims on its sales page.

passive income min - ItzFresh Review - Is This 3-in-1 Bundle Worth Buying?

When you read their sales page, it’s clear that their advertising passive income. Because who doesn’t like to have this type of money flowing into their account? It’s okay that they’ll use such words if their product can back it up but in this case, they’re using it to trick beginners into pressing that buy button.

Aside from false advertising, here are a few more reasons as to why I can’t recommend ItzFresh to you:

Some Of The Website Template Don’t Work

website not working - ItzFresh Review - Is This 3-in-1 Bundle Worth Buying?

Knowing that these are old products, there’s a good chance that some of its features are outdated or don’t even work anymore.

No Free Traffic

free traffic min 1 - ItzFresh Review - Is This 3-in-1 Bundle Worth Buying?

Just like other products that promise free traffic flowing in and out of your pages and websites, ItzFresh is the same as all of them. The free traffic that’s mentioned here only means a share button. A share button that will connect your pages and websites to different social media platforms.

Sharing to different social media sites is only effective if you already have a good number following which most beginners don’t have. So with this, their free traffic doesn’t really benefit any of its users.

Not Made For SEO

When your website and pages are DFY, there’s not a chance that people will find your page organically. The only way that people will find your website would be if you do some paid advertising. But even so, there’s no assurance that you’ll convert those ads to traffic.

Another reason as to why the outcome of these Done-For-You systems don’t rank on Google is because your content (which are pre-made already) is the same as those who purchase the product. And Google’s algorithm will know that. Once it will detect your website (which it will), it will have a low chance of ranking.

With this issue, it leads us to next point.

No Money To Be Made

With your website and pages having little to no traffic, how will you expect to make money? How will you reach passive income they’re advertising?

No people visiting your website means no one will be clicking your affiliate links. And if no one’s going to click those links, you won’t ever get a commission from a sale.

How To Combine All Three Products

ItzFresh doesn’t tell you how you can actually knit those three products which is very contradicting to what they’re saying in their promotional video. It leaves the users hanging on how to utilize the products for it to give good results.


Going for done for you pages isn’t the most effective way to make money online or as an affiliate marketer. You might think that you’re saving time since you’re not building these pages from scratch but you’re actually selling yourself short.

To know more of a better way to make money online and how to build a long term sustainable business, read the next section below.

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