Is Zap Surveys Legit? Can You Make Money From This App?

Zap Surveys is a high paying survey application that guarantees to give you $6.00 on your first survey and provide cashback when you shop in the app. With the amount of money that it promises to give, it poses the question – Is Zaps Surveys legit?

Taking online surveys has been a means of making some money online. Some applications are trustworthy while others are just flat-out scams. Other surveys promise to give you money in return for your time while others promise that as well but when it’s time to cash out, it difficult to do so.

In this review, let’s determine just how legitimate Zap Surveys is and is it really worth your time and effort.

Zap Surveys Review Summary

Product: Zap Surveys
Creator: Apps that Pay, LLC
Product Type: Online Survey Application
Price: Free To Download
Rating: 60/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Zap Surveys is an online survey application wherein they pay you to answer surveys and scan items on selected retail stores. The app provides you numerous ways to make money online and it goes beyond just filling up surveys. They also allow you to get cash backs when you shop with their partnered brands and companies. To know whether Zap Surveys is worth your time and money, continue reading below.

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What Is Zap Surveys?

zap - Is Zap Surveys Legit? Can You Make Money From This App?

Zap Surveys claims to be the number 1 Survey Application. By using this, you get paid to share your opinion on various topics. The application has a ton of options that users can choose from. They can go for high paying surveys, logo polling, location-based surveys, and many more.

Zap Surveys is available on Google Play and Apple Store. It’s created and built by the company Apps That Pay. Which is a company that focuses on creating applications that give out rewards for completing tasks and even playing games on your mobile phone.

On their website, they mentioned that they have given out over $30,000,000 to Zap Surveys members. Within the timeframe of the application being released (3 years), that amount of money is already quite big. So I did further research on the application works.

How Does Zap Surveys Work?

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When you’re done downloading the application on your phone, you can signup with your Facebook account or email. Once you’ve done so, you’ll get some dollars immediately. The way Zap Surveys work is the same as the other survey applications out there.

You’ll receive money when you finish answering the surveys or the tasks that the application tells you to do. Now the payment for these surveys can vary in terms of their length. The longer surveys, the more dollar or cents it pays compared to the shorter ones.

in app zap min - Is Zap Surveys Legit? Can You Make Money From This App?

The application is quite easy to use and has no complex procedures. Once you open the app, it already displays the money you have on the top right corner. Just below that are the two types of surveys that the application recommends you to take. It’s going to be the Best Match Surveys and High-Value Surveys.

The next section would be location surveys. For you to be notified about the surveys in your area, your location on your phone should be turned on. So make sure you enable this feature to grab this opportunity.

Once you’ve taken different surveys, you get to see your balance increase. And at some point, you’d like to withdraw that. But can you cash out anytime you like? Technically yes but the minimum cash out for Zap Surveys is $25.00.

Features Of Zap Surveys

zap features min - Is Zap Surveys Legit? Can You Make Money From This App?

There are different types of surveys that you can take inside the app. There are 4 mains surveys that you can answer:

Regular Daily Surveys – These are high paying surveys wherein for every 1 dollar you make, the company donates $0.05 to charity.

Value Surveys – These are daily surveys but it claims that you can earn more with this.

Daily Polls – Under this feature, you get to finish tasks such as polls and surveys.

Location Surveys – These are surveys based on your location. You get qualified to take these surveys just by being in certain places.

Trending Cash Back Brands – When you use Zap Surveys you’re able to shop from brands like Uber Eats, Groupon, Disney+, Hulu, GameStop, and many more. You can earn cash back just by shopping with this application.

Scan Feature – When you go to retail stores like Walgreens, Publix, and Kroeger, you can stroll through the store and scan items that are listed under this feature and you will receive money by doing that.

Streak Challenge – This tells you that when you consistently log in to the app for a certain number of days, they will pay you.

What I Like About Zap Surveys

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What I like about Zap Surveys is its functionality and usage. It’s easy to use and anyone can make money on this. With its features, they’re really giving their users a lot of opportunities to make money just by logging in, going to different retail stores, by being in a certain place, and even by just shopping in the app.

It’s nice to see the Zap Surveys give these opportunities because some applications and websites don’t make it “fun” for their users. They only limit their users to just answering surveys and that’s it. But with this app, you get to earn a few cents and dollars beyond taking surveys.

update min - Is Zap Surveys Legit? Can You Make Money From This App?

Another thing that I like about Zap Surveys would be its constant development. Even though the app has been released for three years now, it still being updated and improved by its developers.

Is Zap Surveys A Scam?

The way I see it, Zap Survey isn’t a scam. But you should know that there are mixed reactions when it comes to this application. Some weren’t able to get their money, while others had issues but were resolved by customer service. And there are others as well who had a smooth experience with the app.

In terms of survey application, I can recommend this application to you. But when it comes to making money online, it would be a big no for me. Here are some reasons why:

Online Surveys Are Not Worth The Time

Some surveys take 20 to 30 minutes to finish and yet you only just receive cents to a dollar. And even with its feature that you can go to retail stores to scan items, the amount of money that you’ll be making when you’ve finished the task wouldn’t be enough to pay for gas.

High Minimum Cash Out

With its high minimum cash out, for sure, it’s a long grind ahead. When it’s your first time doing these surveys, you’ll be shocked just how much effort you need to put in to reach that $25.00.

Taking these surveys isn’t just answering questions and tapping random choices. Some surveys give out trick questions to know if you’re really reading the questions. If you fail to correctly answer the trick question, you’re automatically disqualified from the survey.

People who have taken different surveys can tell you how much of a grind these tasks are. Some even compared it to taking a very long test.

No Significant Money Would Be Made

When you’re starting out, it’s appealing to read that you’ll be paid just by answering surveys. Sure you’ll be paid but that amount wouldn’t equate to the effort and time you put in. You’re better off doing other things that have higher payout like the one below.


Zap Surveys is a legitimate app that can give you money by answering surveys and doing tasks. It’s not a scam and it’s far from that. But I don’t recommend this to you if you’re looking to make significant money online.

Getting paid by answering surveys can be appealing at first sight but once you’ve participated in it, you’ll start to question whether this worth the time and effort.

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