Is uPassive A Scam? Unbiased Review by a NON-Affiliate

So you’re thinking of grabbing this uPassive product because someone mentioned that this product can generate easy passive income money to you with just a simple 5 minutes set up.

But is it as good as it sounds?

Or… it’s just too good to be true?

Well, that’s what I aimed to share with you guys on my uPassive review today.

There are many products out there promising that they will be able to generate passive income for you without any hassle from your end and with zero maintenance.

Whenever I hear such things, I know that the business won’t be sustainable for the long term. I will share with you more on this in the later section of this review.

So as not to make this intro too long.

But before I get on with my uPassive review today, a quick disclaimer that I’m NOT an affiliate of uPassive or any Brendan Mace’s (product owner) products.

I’m not going to profit writing this review for you. Just hoping to share my bit of wisdom when it comes to products like this, so you won’t fall prey to any scams out there.

Now, without further ado guys, let’s get started!

Is uPassive a scam? Here’s the truth…

Here are what I’ll be talking about in this review:

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What Is uPassive?

Is uPassive A Scam

Product Name: uPassive
Price: $17 + Upsells
Owner: Brendan Mace
Recommended? No

uPassive is an online tool or an affiliate marketing solution that can help you set up your affiliate marketing business in a matter of minutes, using their many done-for-you pages and content.

Created by Brendan Mace, one of the more prominent affiliate marketers out there, with 58K subscribers on YouTube, many are going to be excited with this newly launched product.

But can uPassive really help you to be as successful as Brendan? I don’t think so.

There are a few reasons why I say so but before I dive deeper into that, let’s take a look at how uPassive really works.

How uPassive Really Works

Is uPassive A Scam

uPassive lives up to its hype in a way that you could definitely get your campaign set up in a matter of minutes with a click of a few buttons. But unfortunately, that’s about it.

To tell you the truth, uPassive seems like a rehashed version of “Set & Forget” product by Brendan Mace too. The concept is the same where users will create campaigns and drive traffic.

The only difference it seems is that uPassive has a different looking interface with different branding colours.

But, this isn’t exactly surprising as many product creators on JVZoo and Warriorplus tend to do this same strategy.

Many times, they will have more buzz at the beginning of a product launch. So, when that wave had died down, they will either come up with a completely new product or rehash some of their old products.

That’s just how these people work.

If you’ve been buying some products from the same product owners, I’m sure you’ve seen a bit of this pattern before too.

Anyway, before I digress too much here, let’s see the steps you need to take to use uPassive:

1) You will create a new campaign from the done-for-you pages.
There are 5 that are already ready for you to use or you can opt to customize it with any niche that’s out there on Clickbank.
I’m guessing that if you do want to get set up fast, you’ll need to choose the 5 popular niches that are done for you.

2) Insert your Clickbank ID and other codes.
When you’re creating your campaign, you will need to insert your Clickbank ID (if you haven’t signed up, you can create a free account with Clickbank), push notification, ManyChat, Google’s Analytics and Facebook Pixel codes.
This is so the traffic and buyers that came through your pages can be tracked properly.

3) Getting traffic to your pages.
In order for you to get traffic, you simply need to push the social media share button to share the pages out. But what if you don’t have an account with them? Well, you don’t share them out on that particular platform.
This is honestly just a random set of social media sharing buttons. It’s not going to promise any guaranteed traffic to your pages at all.

Now that you have set this system up, all you need to do is to relax and wait for the money to come in – if it ever comes in.

You can additionally go a few steps further by:

1) Setting up your ManyChats on Facebook and build out a funnel over there as well.
2) Subscribe with an autoresponder and create email swipes for those who’ve shared their emails with you.

The product so far seems simple and anyone can go onboard and get their campaigns up and running.

But before you take out your wallet and pay for this product with you hard earned money, read some of the disadvantages that you’ll come across with this product.

Here are some disadvantages of uPassive:

1) Beware of the done-for-you system.

Done-for-you pages, systems, content can be extremely mouth-watering to beginners because they don’t really need to spend hours and energy to work on those money-making parts.

But you should know that if you are looking for a business to last, you shouldn’t look at taking shortcuts such as getting these done-for-yous because at the end of the day, it will only hurt you and your business.

Think about it;

  • How many people are going to use the exact same pages as you?
  • What will be your advantage against others who are using the same content as you? Nothing.
  • Can the content ever be ranked on Google, given that it’s a duplicated content? Nope.
  • What will happen if the product got shut down or just go away? Will you still have your pages etc? I don’t think so.

Done-for-you offers will always come with some risks and it’s definitely not built to last.

If you do want a business that can be sustained for the next 10 years, my advice is to stay away from all these done-for-you systems and master the art of creating your own unique content, product, offers, and business.

Templates are fine as you’ll get to learn what works while still producing your own flair. But with DFY, I don’t believe you’ll learn anything from it.

2) Traffic portion isn’t real.

Sales pages like uPassive are always very hype-y.

They want you to think that it’s as easy as ABC to make money online by generating a wave of traffic to your offer pages.

Quality traffic is not easy to get. You will need to work for it and unfortunately, there’s not much way around it. I will share how I constantly get quality traffic at the end of the article.

But for now, you need to know that “100% FREE built-in traffic” in uPassive is actually just a bunch of social media sharing buttons for you to share out your pages.

There is nothing special about it. In fact, many of the platforms are irrelevant for you to use.

This has been done in many other low-priced products like uPassive. My advice is not to believe everything that they say on the sales page and to stay away from “free easy traffic” as many of them are low-quality traffic.

3) No real customer testimonial.

If you’ve gone through the sales page from top to bottom, the majority of the portion is to just get you hyped on the product instead of showing real testimonials and results from fellow affiliate marketing newbies who have tried the product.

There’s only one screenshot of an affiliate marketing earning on the page and that screenshot could be from anyone using god-knows what technique.

is upassive a scam testimonial min - Is uPassive A Scam? Unbiased Review by a NON-Affiliate

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the money earned came from the system that Brendan is selling through uPassive.

Now, are you ready for the big reveal?

The income screenshot has been used in Brendan Mace’s other products as well, like here on Set & Forget. Exactly the same.

is upassive a scam testimonial scam min - Is uPassive A Scam? Unbiased Review by a NON-Affiliate

If you are a newbie in affiliate marketing or making money online, always find true testimonials given by a fellow newbie. If you would like to see real testimonials from fellow affiliates, you can click here.

4) Multiple upsells await you.

One of the things with low-priced products is that they will always have multiple upsells to make sure the product creators are still making money when you buy the product through an affiliate.

Since they need to pay their affiliates a commission, they will need to make sure that they can still get a large enough portion from the upsells that they offer.

And with uPassive, you will be presented with 6 different upsells 😊

From getting more done-for-you pages, to being able to put your Facebook Pixel on Brendan Mace’s other products sales pages, and many more.

Are they worth it?

To me, they are just “shortcuts” for you to get in this business. And we both know what I feel towards shortcuts. It’s not sustainable.

So, with these different upsells, you might be paying from $17 to $1,009.

Yes, $1,009.

Also, do note that if you were to ask for a refund, you will only get the front-end price back, which is $17. If you do take upon the upsells, you won’t be getting any refund on those.

And, just to make sure that you know Brendan Mace a lil better, he’s been known to NOT answer a lot of refund request. Here are some complaints that I had found online:

Is uPassive A Scam
Is uPassive A Scam

Is uPassive  A Scam or Legit?

No, uPassive is not a scam product. You will still get access to the system and you might be able to make money to a certain extent if you managed to get proper traffic to your pages.

That said, uPassive will not be THE product that you need to be able to make money consistently online with zero hassle and maintenance. No sustainable and true business works that way, unfortunately.

I don’t want you to get hung up on promises that is not going to work.

If you were to invest your money on building a system that works for you to make money online, uPassive will not be it.

There are other affiliate marketing training out there that will be far better from what uPassive is offering. Even though they might need more of your energy and time, they will be more sustainable for your business.

Therefore, with all the disadvantages that I’ve shared above, I can’t recommend uPassive to my readers.

If you do want to find a system that works and actual proves from newbies, check out the section below.

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