Is Univia A Scam? Can You Really Make Money With Them?

Hey all, welcome to my Univia review, a very new MLM company that’s in the beauty industry or niche.

I thought I will cover more new MLM companies this week, in case anyone out there is in the search of new ground floor opportunities with MLM.

Before I get started with my Univia review, please know that I’m by no means associated with Univia and the review will be solely coming from my 3rd party perspective.

If you’re here to find out whether Univia is a legit company to make money from, well let’s get to it.

Is Univia a scam? Here’s the truth…

Univia Summary

Product: Univia
Founder: Kevin Hafan
Product Type: Skincare beauty
Price: $49 Enrolment fee + $249/$459 or $359
Rating: 20/100
Recommended: No
Summary: Univia is a new MLM company that’s founded in 2018 by Kevin Hafan. They are marketed as an MLM company that has a vast amount of experience in social selling, therefore will be able to also guide their reps on the best way to promote and sell the products.

But are the claims true? Let’s find out..

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What Is Univia?

Univia is founded by Kevin Hafan in 2018 selling primarily skin care products to consumers. When I tried to find out more on Kevin Hafan, I couldn’t find many information on him.

The website mentioned that their founders have a vast experience in online marketing, however; when I want to do my research in order to confirm this claim, I couldn’t find anything on them.

This doesn’t seem so good to me.

Because not only I couldn’t find more info on the founder, I couldn’t even find the company’s background claiming to garner hundreds of millions in online sales.

If we’re looking at the products that they sell, they only have 11 products for you to choose ranging from supplements, day gel crème to lash and brow growth enhancer.

I should mention that they are high-end priced lik this $46 for their lash and brow growth enhancer.

is univia a scam

The thing that I have a problem with when I went to check out their products is the fact that they don’t put or list out the ingredients that they use, since they claimed to be cruelty-free, paraben-free, for all skin types, made in the USA and have their own proprietary formula.

I think if you’re claiming such things, the least you could do is to list ingredients used in the products so consumers can make educated decisions.

I would also like to let you guys know that I’m writing this on the 1st February 2021 and Univia hasn’t updated any of their social media platforms since July 2020.

So I really am not sure whether they are still in business, or maybe they lost their social media manager and hasn’t been able to update them constantly. But being MIA for 6 months for a company is weird.

And that brings us to the next section.

Is Univia A Legit Company?

I couldn’t see why they are not a legit company. They do have their company details on the website, the address, although it’s for product return is still a legit address.

But that being said, I really couldn’t find a real, non-promoted by Univia review of their product. So I can’t help but wonder whether there’s anyone who’s tried their products for the last 2 years that are not agents.

I probably will have better faith and trust in the company if they are still active but with what I’m looking at right now, I’m not going to put my money in it.

But I guess yes, the website works, you can still purchase their products and the details that they shared on the website are legit.

They are not accredited by BBB though – but it doesn’t mean that they are not a legit company.

Is Univia A Pyramid Scheme?

First thing first, let’s look at what a pyramid scheme is all about by watching the video below:

You can see that a pyramid scheme works when a company is solely focusing on recruiting to make money. Even though it’s pretty straight forward, it’s not always easy to find and detect.

Many MLMs are actually a pyramid scheme in disguise.

So today, let’s figure out whether or not Univia is a pyramid scheme by looking at their compensation plan.

Let’s first go through their compensation plan briefly and how exactly you can make money with them:-

1) Retail Commission – basically the difference between the wholesale cost that you buy minus the retail price that you sell

2) Enhanced Bonus – if you get to sell more, then you will be able to get higher commission cut or bonus.

3) Recruitment Commission – if you get to recruit people to join Univia, you’ll get 5% when they buy the Influencer Packs

4) Residual Commission – depending on your rank and how many level of downlines you have, you will get 5% cut of your downlines’ sales, up to the 7th level.

5) Check Match – only for Elite level and above. It’s a bit tedious on this, but you can check the video below to understand more:

6) Generational Bonus – usually this will be when you reach a certain level and you’ll get a cut of the overall sales made by the company. But for Univia, it’s a bit more complicated, so if you want to learn more, you can watch the video below:

7) The Icons – well, only for Icons. But within Icon itself, there will be different level (bronze, silver, gold and platinum). Depending on your level, Univia shares its 1% profit with the reps that got to Icon level.

8) Lifestyle Bonus – they just mentioned trips, merchandise and awards, similar to other MLMs but didn’t specify anything in detail.

Now out of 8 ways for you to make money with Univia, there are only 2 ways where you can make money without recruiting people.

If you’re like me where you don’t want to be pushing people to join and constantly recruit people just to rank higher, this is not the business that you will want to join.

That being said, Univia is not a pyramid scheme nor it is a scam.

It’s just another MLM company that you will need to constantly work on in order to make few sales. But they do have legit product lines that you can sell and use.

I can also see that they try to limit the loopholes in their compensation plan where reps can take advantage of and making it like a pyramid scheme.

But even though Univia is not a pyramid scheme, that doesn’t mean you should join them as an influencer.

Because first, it’s not free or cheap for you to begin with..

How Much Does It Cost To Join Univia?

First thing first, you will need to pay $49 to become an “influencer”, basically their rep. You won’t get any product with this fee.

And after paying $49, you can select the stater pack that you want starting from $249 up to $459.

is univia a scam

Another option is to purchase the Prosperity Pack that costs $397 and offset the $49. I couldn’t find the Prosperity Pack anywhere on the website, however.

So just by joining them, you will incur $298 of “investment”.

But… that’s not all. There’s something that you need to do or get in order for you to be eligible for commissions (like any MLMs). You need to hit a target sales every month.

And every month, you will need to get 150PBV every 30 days OR subscribe to a monthly auto-ship order with 100PBV.

You can either get this volume by selling their products, or if you purchase the products yourself.

I have a strong feeling, that many sales made by the company is actually coming from the reps instead of consumers. And it’s not something uncommon in an MLM..

That being said, Univia did make a clause in their policy whereby you can’t be buying the products for your own use to be going up the ranks and getting bonuses. Ultimately, you will still need to promote the product to non-participant users.

Which is good and shows that Univia has the intention of their reps going out there and create the word of mouth instead of solely by recruiting and ranking up.

Now knowing just how much you will need to invest in Univia upon joining, let’s figure out just how much you can make your money back.

Can You Make Money With Univia?

Univia didn’t publish any income disclosur on their website so it’s hard to gauge just how much the reps have been making in the past.

But here’s my assumptions why you won’t really make much money with Univia:

1) Lack of company’s activity

The company hasn’t been active for the past 7 months. If I’m a customer, I’ll think twice whether or not to place my money with the company. So, as a rep it will also be hard for you to convince someone to join the company.

2) Expensive products

If a company is selling expensive products but the products have rave reviews, it’s much easier for you to sell and show its efficacy to users. But even when writing this review, it’s hard to find any real review on the product and the products aren’t exactly cheap for users to test out.

3) 99% of MLMers don’t make money

Here’s a study from FTC on just how many people are actually making money when they join an MLM. The majority of them actually don’t make any money or worse, lose money.

My Thoughts

I don’t think it’s wise for you to join Univia, especially at this time when there’s no activity from the company.

Even when the compensation plan looks OK-ish, when you have no support from the company, it’s going to be really hard to figure things out on making sales.

And I think this should be your least of worries when joining an MLM – especially when they mentioned that the founders have vast experience in online marketing.

A Better Way To Make Money

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