Is The Lucky Day App Legit? Read This First Before Playing

In this post, we’ll answer the question “Is the Lucky Day app legit?” Since it tells you that you can win real rewards and prizes, it has drawn 10 million-plus installations in the span of 5 years. With its constant update, developers are pushing the app to perform better.

Money-making applications like this always intrigue people on whether they can make real money with it. These apps claim that you can play and get real money in return or even gift cards from your favorite stores. Although some have been proven legit, a lot has scammed people of their time as well.

Today let’s determine where the Lucky Day application belongs. Is it an app that can give you money or is it just a waste of time and effort?

Lucky Day Summary Review

Product: Lucky Day
Creator: Joshua Javaheri
Product Type: Mobile Simulated-Gambling Application
Price: Free to download
Rating: 60/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Lucky Day is free to play application wherein you can test out your luck and get tokens and cash in return. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases and the odds of winning are the same no matter where you are located. The app displays that you can win up to $100,000 via its lotto game feature and tokens can be redeemed as gift cards as well. To know everything about Lucky Day, read the whole review.

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What Is Lucky Day?

luckydayimage min - Is The Lucky Day App Legit? Read This First Before Playing

On its website, it’s stated there that Lucky Day is a lifestyle application where you can test your luck 100% risk-free. The app is free to download on both Apple Store and Google Play. It doesn’t even require you to purchase anything and you can still win IF you get lucky.

Lucky Day can be played all over the world and you have equal chances of winning regardless of where you are located. The cash prizes in this app are in USD but they are pushing to cater to new currencies as well. They have also addressed the issues of international winners since they now can redeem their cash balance through Pay Pal after accumulating $10.00.

Looking at the front end of the app, it really is intriguing to play since a lot of people have been using this already. A good factor to consider is that there are no in-app purchases so it immediately rids the idea of pay to win or users being more favored to win if they spend in the application.

How Does Lucky Day Work?

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Lucky Day can be downloaded on Google Playstore and Apple Store. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the application, all you need to do now is to register. No purchases needed since Lucky Day is free to play.

Inside the application, you play lottery games, enter raffles, and join scratch and wins. Sometimes they even award users just by having an account. The rewards on these games can be in the form of tokens and cash.

To win some cash in the app, you need to match 3 winning icons on cash scratcher games, win raffles, and match 4 or more winning numbers on the daily lotto. Aside from the games inside the app, you can also collect cash when you participate in the app’s social media contests.

As for tokens, you can get these in almost every game inside the application. This is their main reward, so it’s given that you won’t have any scarcity of this collectible. Games like lotto, daily bonus, and scratch cards can give you tokens.

What Are The Games Inside Lucky Day?

There are various games that you can play inside. Each of these games allows you to win tokens and cash. In a nutshell, there are three 3 types of games that the app revolves around:


raffle min - Is The Lucky Day App Legit? Read This First Before Playing

In the app, there are monthly and daily raffles. Raffles are the games that only rewards cash to winning users. You only get one raffle entry per day and every month. You need to log in to the application first to acquire raffle entries.

Scratch Tickets

scratchers lucky day min - Is The Lucky Day App Legit? Read This First Before Playing

These are the games that are usually played in the application since it’s not limited to one per day. Players can get up to 46 virtual scratcher cards by logging in to the app at different times throughout the Daily Promotion Period. Each set of scratcher cards are released at specific times of the day, so you need to be logging in those times to avail them.


lucky day lotto min - Is The Lucky Day App Legit? Read This First Before Playing

You can only participate in the daily lotto game once. In this feature, you will pick six numbers to your liking and if you match four or more numbers, you can win a cash prize of up to $100,000.

Here are the prizes and odds of winning in the Lottery games:

lotteryodds - Is The Lucky Day App Legit? Read This First Before Playing


blackjack lucky day min - Is The Lucky Day App Legit? Read This First Before Playing

Aside from those 3 main games, Lucky Day also allows its users to wager their tokens in its Blackjack game. With the mechanics mimicking the classic card game, users can multiply their tokens if they play their cards right.

How To Get Cash And Redeem Tokens?

Now that we know how to get cash and tokens in the game, the question is how do we convert them into something of value? When it comes to withdrawing cash in the game, the player needs to accumulate a minimum of $10.00 in order to do so. Winners can have their prize payments sent to their Pay Pal by providing their email address.

For players who haven’t reached that threshold yet, their cash is safely stored in the Winner’s Prize Wallet.

As for Tokens rewarded in the game, they are not real money and have no monetary value. Aside from getting tokens in games, you can also earn them by taking surveys, completing special offers, watch videos, or inviting your friends.

giftcard lucky day min - Is The Lucky Day App Legit? Read This First Before Playing

Depending on the application’s offer, your tokens can get your gift cards on Target, Amazon, Walmart, and other restaurants and retail stores.

What I Like About The Lucky Day App

One of the reasons I like about Lucky Day is the number of games that you can play in. So if you do have the free time or you’re bored, you can log in to the app and test out your luck.

cash out lucky day min - Is The Lucky Day App Legit? Read This First Before Playing

The application also displays recent cash out from users wherein they also display the amount that these users got. It just shows the potential of your account and how much you can get from playing the app.

updateluckyday min - Is The Lucky Day App Legit? Read This First Before Playing

Another thing I like about the app would be the fact that it’s being constantly updated. It’s good for users to see applications being updated because this means that the developers are also thinking of new ways to make the app better.

Is Lucky Day A Scam?

No, I don’t believe that Lucky Day is a scam. It wouldn’t have survived 5 years in the gaming industry if it has scammed its users. Some might claim that they’re not winning at all while others have gotten their gift cards and even redeemed their cash on Paypal.

Lucky Day is a good application if you’re looking for an app that will kill your free time. But looking at its cash-out feature, you know that getting big amounts of cash in this game is just impossible. If that’s your main goal in downloading this app, then I wouldn’t recommend it to you.

Lucky Day gives more tokens than cash. So if monetary gain is your main objective, then this application isn’t for you. There are better alternatives that you can go to so you can earn big amounts of cash and sustain it for a longer time.

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