Is Survey Compare Safe? Here’s What They Don’t Tell You

Survey Compare is a platform that introduces you to different survey companies that will reward you for your time and effort in answering different surveys. Today, let’s answer the question – Is Survey Compare Safe?

Answering surveys have been around the internet for the longest time already. It reached a point that some people took advantage of surveys and used it for phishing – that’s why whenever people encounter a survey, most likely they close the window right away.

With this, market research companies are having a hard time getting data and genuine answers from people. Given this fact, they’ve resorted to paying people to take their surveys. But still, some survey companies continuously scam people.

In this post, let’s determine whether Survey Compare belong to those group or is it legit and safe. And can we really make money by joining their platform?

Survey Compare Summary Review

Product: Survey Company
Creator: Marketing VF Ltd
Product Type: Online Survey Platform
Price: Free Signup
Rating: 40/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Survey Compare is an online survey platform that connects you to different online survey companies that will reward you with cash or rewards when you complete surveys. With its easy 3-step signup, you can start immediately answering forms from these companies. To know whether you can make big money on this platform, read the whole review.

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What Is Survey Compare?

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Survey Compare is a website that connects you with different market research companies. It’s quite different from other survey applications and websites because Survey Compare doesn’t give you surveys to answer. They will introduce you to companies that will provide you the survey.

The main website is targeting the UK but it also has websites for other places like Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, and many more.

With Survey Compare, they only introduce legitimate and trusted survey companies. They made sure that these people are able to pay and reward you for your time and effort. But the best feature of Survey Compare is being completely free.

The site claims that it will never charge you for using its platform. They’re able to do this with the support that the survey companies provide them and a bit of donation at the side.

Okay, now that we know that Survey Compare is free and what it really provides you, it’s time to know how it works.

How Does Survey Compare Work?

Step 1 : Sign Up For Free

signup survey compare min - Is Survey Compare Safe? Here's What They Don't Tell You

It’s quite easy to sign up for the platform. You just provide your gender, date of birth, and email address.

Once you’ve entered the necessary information, they’ll be redirecting you to a new page wherein they’ll state that your profile has matched a selection of opportunities.

Step 2: Select What Survey Sites To Join

survey compare 1 min - Is Survey Compare Safe? Here's What They Don't Tell You

On the new page, you’ll see the different Survey companies that they are offering to you. You can just click the “Join Now” to get surveys from them.

Along with their recommended companies are the information and rewards. Some companies tell you what rewards you’ll be receiving, how much you can earn, and what are tasks that you’ll be doing. So it’s giving you an overview of what you should expect from them.

Step 3: Completing The Sign Up

survey compare final step min - Is Survey Compare Safe? Here's What They Don't Tell You

In this step, Survey Compare asks you for more information about yourself. They require you to fill in your First Name, Last Name, Postcode, Address, and City.

After this step, you’re basically done. But when you complete step 3, they’re going to tell you to check your emails and sign up for ALL the survey panels you have just selected.

Now there’s a reason as to why they recommend you to do that, you’ll know why in the latter sections of the review.

How Do You Get Paid?

Now that we know what Survey Compare is and how you can join them, the next question is how do you get paid?

The straightforward answer is you don’t get paid by Survey Compare. Yes, at this point, you should know that Survey Compare isn’t the one who’s providing you the surveys. So they don’t have any reason to pay you. In fact, Survey Compare just acts like a middle man between you and the different market research companies.

survey compare brands min - Is Survey Compare Safe? Here's What They Don't Tell You

Although you might see these brand logos above, it has no relation to what Survey Compare is offering you. It actually relates more to what the market research companies will reward you. Some of them will give you gift cards on those retails stores while sometimes they will give you cash instead.

What I Like About Survey Compare

I like how easy it is to sign up for the platform. Just a heads up though, if you’re looking to join a member’s area upon signing up, it’s non-existent. Survey Compare just gives you links to join different surveys.

survey compare faq min - Is Survey Compare Safe? Here's What They Don't Tell You

Aside from its easy access, I like that this company is a bit transparent that you won’t get rich in answering surveys. They mentioned that answering surveys will give you “pocket money” and it should not be treated as a full-time job. The money you’ll be making here is not even close to a full-time job salary.

To add to those things, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to research companies that provides online surveys, then Survey Compare can be a platform for you. With this website, they redirect you to companies that fit your demographic and information.

All you need to do on your part is to sign up and provide all necessary information and everything is provided for you.

Is Survey Compare A Scam?

No, they’re not a scam. They are safe and as legit as an online survey platform can be. Looking at the different companies that they refer you to, they are connecting you to trusted and famous companies like Swagbucks and YouGov.

Now with all the things mentioned about Survey Compare, do I recommend this to you? My answer is no. If you’re looking to make a significant amount of money online, you won’t be making it by answering surveys alone.

Even if your reason is you want to just answer surveys, you can do this without Survey Compare. In an objective way of seeing this, Survey Compare is an affiliate platform. That’s why it’s giving you links and telling you to sign up for ALL of them. Because they make money when you sign up or answers surveys with their affiliate links.

Telling people to sign up using their links isn’t bad at all. In fact, affiliate marketing revolves around that model. What Survey Compare could’ve done better is to be more transparent on this side of things.

Can You Earn Money Taking Online Surveys?

Yes, you can earn money when you answer these surveys. But can you make significant figures doing this activity? The answer is no.

You need to be cautious when some survey companies promise you riches when you answer a number of their surveys. When these companies claim such statements, they’re probably a scam.

If you want to make money online and achieve passive income on the side, there are far better options that you can do than just completing surveys. There are other money-making online activities that can help you create a sustainable, consistent, and profitable income. Just like the one below.

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