Is Simple Wifi Profits Legit? A Must-Read Review Before Buying

One of the most lucrative ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. It’s no secret that it has been gaining hype and popularity throughout the years. That’s why a variety of affiliate courses and programs have been popping out left and right.

And in this post, we’ll be talking about a fairly new affiliate program – Simple Wifi Profits. I’ll be answering – Is Simple Wifi Profits Legit? Is it good for beginners? Or does it provide something new?

Simple Wifi Profits Review Summard

Product Name: Simple Wifi Profits
Founder: Chris Eom and Andrew Wright
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
Price: $1,497
Rating: 40/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Simple Wifi Profits is an affiliate training program that promotes weight loss products. The program is suited for anyone who’s looking to be an affiliate member of those products because it only teaches tips and strategies to sell them. For a price of $1,947, it’s not for everyone especially for newbies who are looking to get into the affiliate marketing space. I believe the lessons taught here are not worth that price and you can get more learnings and features on other programs at a cheaper price tag.

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What Is Simple Wifi Profits?

Is Simple Wifi Profits Legit? A Must-Read Review Before Buying

Simple Wifi Profits is a program that teaches you how to make money by promoting products and earn through commissions. Basically what they’re teaching is affiliate marketing and making a business out of it.

To be more specific, they teach you how to make money by promoting the best selling products from Clickbank using Facebook ads.

The main thing that they’re promoting is weight loss products which fall under a very big niche. Most probably they’ve targeted this space because of the number of people covered by this niche. I mean it’s not a secret that the health industry is one the biggest niches out there.

Who Created The Program?

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This program was started by two young creators – Chris Eom and Andrew Wright. Both are “college dropouts” that have claimed that they’ve made $960,000+ within 31 days with the system that they’re teaching in the program.

What Does Simple Wifi Profits Offer?

To be honest, it doesn’t have a lot to offer. I know that the inclusions below are not a lot because I’ve seen other programs that offer more.

Is Simple Wifi Profits Legit? A Must-Read Review Before Buying

It might LOOK a lot but if you read it one by one those are just basic inclusion for every other affiliate program out there. What they offer is nothing new and out of the ordinary. Their services are also just like any Clickbank affiliate programs.

Plus, who even created the value of those things? You mean a monthly call from them is worth $1,500? Isn’t checking up on your students mandatory?

They also offer four simple steps for you to make money immediately. And that’s through:

  1. Find a problem that people have
  2. Find a product that solves it
  3. Share the product with those who need it
  4. Make sales and earn profits

Step 1: Find A Problem That People Have

Since Simple Wifi Profits teaches you mainly about advertising weight loss products, you’re only limited to solving one problem only – how to lose weight. That means there’s a certain limitation that the program can teach you.

Weight loss, weight gain or the health industry in general is a crowded niche where thousands of affiliates are present. So if you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing, it would be a VERY DIFFICULT task to stand out and earn from commissions.

That’s why when you’re starting out, most would suggest a niche that has less competition.

Step 2: Find A Product That Solves It

In this program, there’s not much to do with this step since they’ll be teaching you how to find the best products to sell on ClickBank.

Step 3: Share The Product

This is where Simple Wifi Profits share their money-making methods. If you’re a total beginner and this is your first affiliate marketing program, you might learn a few concepts and ideas. But if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for quite some time now there’s not much new information here.

What they teach you is to use Facebook ads, how to target a specific audience, and how much budget you should start with.

That alone – the usage of Facebook ads, makes me think twice about recommending this program. I’ll explain more later why I don’t agree with using Facebook ads especially if you’re an affiliate marketer.

Step 4: Make Sales

Technically speaking, this isn’t a step, it’s a result if you’ve done step 3 correctly. You’re only able to achieve this if you succeed in converting people to buy a product from you.

What I like About The Program

The fact that they chose a path specifically going for weight loss products is a good thing because there are people who want to be an affiliate marketer on that specific niche. 

There’s only one goal when it comes to the lessons and teachings of this program and that’s to feed you with information on how you can actually sell the products.

So for people who aspire to be affiliate marketers on the health industry niche specifically the weight loss space, Simple Wifi Profits can be the answer to their questions. They can easily go with this program since it’s geared towards their goals.

Is Simple Wifi Profits Legit?

Based on what I’ve read and watched, it is a legitimate program. It’s not a scam or whatsoever. But I don’t recommend it for newbies and seasoned affiliate marketers for several reasons:

1. Going for Facebook Ads

First off they’re teaching you to do Facebook ads when you promote your product. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But when you’re still starting, not only did you pay $1,500 for this program but you’re also going to shell out money for your ads.

You haven’t even earned your commission sales and yet they’re pushing you to spend MORE money to promote.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of experience as an affiliate marketer, that is if you want something that’s sustainable, you want to promote and grow it in an organic way. 

Because as long as you use Facebook ads, it will constantly demand money from you. And what’s worse is that there’s no assurance if you’ll convert those ads to sales. 

Take it from me, I have experience in running Facebook ads for 5 years already and I know for a fact that the conversion rate is so low compared to organic marketing.

Other than the usage of Facebook ads, if you’re looking to enter the affiliate marketing industry, there are far cheaper courses that offer a lot more value and features. 

2. Unsure Of Their Money Back Policy

Is Simple Wifi Profits Legit? A Must-Read Review Before Buying

In their refund policy, they mentioned if you can’t get results with their program, they will refund you. BUT only if it’s within a 45 day period from the purchase date. If you file for a refund and you’ve exceeded 45 days, they will not appeal to your case.

But in their webinar, what they mentioned was a different line. They said that if you don’t make money within 45 days, they’ll continue coaching you. Which kind of shady because even though they keep coaching you, you still passed the 45 days threshold – making you illegible to ask for a refund.

3. Longetivity Of Their Methods

When you get to look at the guys behind Simple Wifi Profits, they are really young. Which raises the question, just how long were their methods tested? Did they make their methods public because they were making money for a few months? Will it still be effective when there’s a change in the industry?

4. Price Of The Program

As I’ve mentioned there are way more programs, courses, and groups out there that have a cheaper price. They also cover all things affiliate marketing plus all the inclusions of this program.

With your $1,497, you’re only learning about ONE specific niche and topic. Other programs provide the whole information on affiliate marketing, how to approach other niches, and lets you join a community wherein you can help each other out.

5. Credibility Of The Founders

swp3 min - Is Simple Wifi Profits Legit? A Must-Read Review Before Buying

This is one of the “leap of faith” when you buy programs from people who have no track record. Chris and Andrew just show how much they’re making with their methods but aside from that, we don’t know any further info about them. Should we just believe that they’re making such money?

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