Is Rebillz 2.0 A Scam? Honest Review by a NON-Affiliate 2021

Hey all, welcome to my Rebillz 2.0 review!

This is a new product launch by James Fawcett and Mark Barrett that claims to help affiliate marketers get started in 30 minutes and get recurring income within 24 to 48 hours upon setting the system up.

You might come across this product from your email, perhaps someone is promoting how easy it is to set up the system and how you can make affiliate marketing commissions rather instantly.

The overview of how the system works is actually pretty straightforward and the product isn’t going to break you bank, but can it really deliver the hype?

Is 30 minutes enough for you to get the system up even for a newbie? Will this be the one product you will need to be successful in affiliate marketing for the long-term?

Well, my review is going to share everything that I have found about the product and why in my opinion, this product isn’t exactly as great as you might think it is.

Before I get to my review though, just a quick disclaimer that I’m NOT an affiliate of the product. Therefore, you will see that my review will be different from the other glowing reviews out there on Google and YouTube.

I’m not going to profit in any way should you decide to get the course, hence my honest and unbiased review of Rebillz 2.0.

And at the end of the article, I also will show you a better and more long-lasting way to do affiliate marketing.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

Is Rebillz 2.0 a scam? Here’s the truth….

Here are what I’ll be talking about in this review:

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What Is Rebillz 2.0?

Is Rebillz 2.0 A Scam

Product Name: Rebillz 2.0
Price: $8 + Upsells
Owner: James Fawcett and Mark Barrett
Recommended? No

Rebillz 2.0 is an affiliate marketing training that offers you to get the system that has generated thousands of recurring commission to the product owners.

From the front end price, you will get to learn the system, however if you do want to get more swipe files and done-for-yous, you will need to upgrade and get the upsells that they are offering.

The training and concept that they are teaching isn’t new.

A lot of the other affiliate marketers, bloggers and many other business owners are doing the exact same strategy. It is proven to work should you get the right traffic, the right offer, and the right kind of email funnels.

Now let’s look at how Rebillz 2.0 works and teaches below.

How Rebillz 2.0 Really Works

Is Rebillz 2.0 A Scam

As mentioned, the concept of Rebillz 2.0 system isn’t new.

In essence, you will want to create a squeeze page where you can collect users’ details in exchange of a freebie that is valuable to them.

Then, once you have gotten their email addresses, you will want to put them into an email funnel that can nurture them to become product buyers.

At the end of the funnel, or even in the middle of the funnel, you can promote a product to them where you’ll get a commission when they buy from your links.

This will get easier once you have more experience in affiliate marketing or any other type of online business.

However, the problem with the system or with any online business is the traffic. You will need to get traffic to your squeeze page for anyone to get your freebie. You can get traffic from social media, organic search traffic from Google or you can buy traffic with the aid of Facebook ads or even solo ads.

So this said, what can Rebillz 2.0 offer you more?

Rebillz 2.0 claims to help you with:

1) Pick a proven offer so that you’ll get commission straight away and recurring
2) Get traffic to your page from their “secret” traffic source
3) Done-for-yous
4) Learn from their case study

Although this product looks great so far, I do have some reservations towards it.

This is perhaps only me, but I’m just sharing these below so that you can weigh yourself on the pros and cons.

Here are some disadvantages of Rebillz 2.0:

1) Extra costs

They didn’t really put this on FAQ or be upfront on their salespage but since they do promote their DFY email swipes etc, I think it’s also best to mention that users will need to subscribe to an email autoresponder before even using those squeeze pages.

And with email autoresponders, they usually have monthly fees even though most of them will have a free trial period that you can take advantage of.

Also, on the sales page they did say that you won’t need to be spending on paid traffic but they do teach a paid traffic training. And on their FAQ, they mentioned that in order to see faster results, you will need to invest in their traffic source.

Is Rebillz 2.0 A Scam

Therefore, you aren’t exactly going to get that fast of a commission, within 24 to 48 hours if you don’t wish to pay more money for traffic.

2) Done-for-you system

You need to know that with many done for you systems, they always come with some risk.

The risk of the product getting shut down or just go away (it happens many times though) and whatever that you’ve worked hard for will also go down the drain.

And unfortunately, with all these done-for-yous, you won’t really be learning anything to build a successful business.

If you do want to earn money and commissions long-term, you will need to learn and master the skills and techniques from the ground up – just like many other successful internet marketers out there. None of them use done-for-yous.

They learn and create what works for them. And the best part, they own every single one of the things they produced. And that’s how you become successful.

3) Not building organic traffic

If you really want to hands off your traffic at some point of your affiliate marketing business, you will need to learn how to build organic traffic too.

This organic traffic can be directed to your website with content and then get offered to your freebie. They will then go through the exact same funnel.

Organic traffic is known to be the best because they are the most targeted and more long-lasting. However, I didn’t see on the training where they teach you how to exactly this.

Building organic traffic can take time but it’s much more worth it to be compared to taking shortcuts with the promise of a quick buck.

Is Rebillz 2.0 A Scam or Legit?

No, Rebillz 2.0 isn’t a scam. It’s a legitimate product and training that can work to make you money to a certain extent.

That said, you will definitely need to build a strong online asset first before diving into email marketing.

The online asset will be yours forever and will be the base of your business whereby email funnels like the one being taught in Rebillz 2.0 should just be one of the ways for you to make money from the online asset that you’ve built.

By building your own online asset like a website with unique content, you are in more control to constantly make money for the next 10 years, instead of the next 2 months.

Your email leads will know where to find you and read or watch any of your valuable content.

Also, worth mentioning here that like many other similar affiliate marketing products like Rebillz 2.0, even though they have a small entry price, you will be presented with multiple of upsells.

From getting the $8 front-end price, you might end up paying $410.

You won’t go broke or bankrupt with $410 out of your pocket. But if you were to really think about it, that money can just pay or be contributed to a better affiliate marketing training that will teach you how to build a strong online asset first.

Hence, from all the cons that I’ve listed above, I don’t recommend newbies to get Rebillz 2.0.

That said, if you’re an advanced affiliate marketers thinking of mastering email marketing, Rebillz 2.0 is one product that you could consider.

To me, I learned the whole 360 strategies of affiliate marketing from start to finish from the training below.

A Better Affiliate Marketing Strategy to Make Money Online

As I mentioned that the concept of affiliate marketing being taught in Rebillz 2.0 isn’t far from what I do in my affiliate marketing business.

That said, the training that I went through teaches the students to create our own online assets first so that our business will stay on for many years to come. That’s why we all don’t take shortcuts.

We want a business that lasts.

In the training, we’ll learn how to become an authority with what we’re promoting and how to build better trust with your readers by creating unique content that reflects our own personalities.

Email marketing is a bonus once we’ve built our website.

If you want to learn the proper way of making money with this training, you can get my free guide here.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You do need to put in the work, like many those successful businessmen if you want your business to grow and last.

The best part of this training is that you can get started for FREE and see whether I’m a real person without even opening your wallets or sharing your credit card details.

And if you follow my free guide and get on with the training, you could get ME as your very own buddy, mentor, or personal coach to guide you every step of the way.

So stop wasting time with templated content that won’t get you far and start investing for a business that’ll last today!


If you have any questions regarding Rebillz 2.0 or anything else, feel free to leave a comment below as I always reply to my readers 😊

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