Is Opinion City Legit Or A Scam? 2021 Program Review

Is Opinion City legit? Does this survey program deliver what it promises of giving you $500+ weekly? In this post, let’s answer all of those questions and determine whether answering surveys are worth your time.

Survey programs have been around for quite some time because the thought of being rewarded for answering a simple survey is appealing to many. Some programs provide cash, others give coupons, while some provide both for their users.

Although it might appear that this activity doesn’t have any downside, answering surveys might not just be worth the time. In this review, let’s find out just how legit Opinion City is and can it really give us money.

Opinion City Review Summary

Product: Opinion City
Founder: Unknown
Product Type: Online Survey Platform
Price: Free Signup
Rating: 20/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Opinion City claims to connect you to different legitimate market research companies that offer high-quality surveys and rewards. The site says that the companies presented to you are the highest paying survey sites. With this, you can earn $500+ weekly. To know whether Opinion City can indeed make you that amount of money, read the whole review.

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What Is Opinion City?

opinion city - Is Opinion City Legit Or A Scam? 2021 Program Review

Opinion City is a program that collects the best survey opportunities available online. It’s a survey hub wherein it presents surveys to users so they won’t spend time looking for it themselves. This survey program connects you to top market research companies who then send you surveys to help you earn money easily.

Opinion City knows that online surveys have some negative connotation attached to it because some are scamming people of their time and effort. With Opinion City, it claims that it only connects you to legitimate survey companies – those who have intentions to really pay you for your time in answering surveys.

So one thing to notice here would be that Opinion City won’t be the one giving you the surveys, they’re just connecting you to different providers. Being a website survey aggregator, it provides you affiliate links to different survey companies.

When Opinion City users use those links, the owner of the website earns a commission. These sites work a lot like Survey Spotter and Survey Compare.

What To See In Opinion City

opinion city site min - Is Opinion City Legit Or A Scam? 2021 Program Review

I thought I had a rough idea of how Opinion City works because I’ve signed up to some survey hubs before. But with this program, it’s different because when you type in its URL, it automatically redirects you to its blog page.

I wanted to access its home page to see what its other features are but unfortunately, when you click the “Home” button, it just refreshes the blog page for you. Regardless of this, its blog page has a total of 5 categories. These are Market Research 101, Surveys, Studies, Opinion Sharing, and Top Ten Survey Sites.

The page is not that insightful because the majority of the blogs here just promote different surveys with affiliate links when it should be informing and giving their users more information on how they can utilize the program effectively.

How Does Opinion City Work?

While I was scanning the page, I was looking for a signup button so I can see the different surveys available for me. I wanted to also see the survey companies that they’ll recommend so I can do further research on them. Unfortunately, the signup button was non-existent on its OWN page.

I had to read other reviews about the site to gain access to its actual sign-up page. Overall, Opinion City works in 4 steps.

opinion city 4 steps min - Is Opinion City Legit Or A Scam? 2021 Program Review

The sign up process requires basic information like your email address, name, age, and location. Upon filling up these requirements, it leads you to a page where you can now pick and join different surveys.

opinion city surveys min - Is Opinion City Legit Or A Scam? 2021 Program Review

On the left side, you’ll see the survey company, right next to it would be the average rating that users gave it, the next button redirects you to a page where you can sign up for the survey, and lastly, it also gives you the opportunity to read reviews.

It’s advisable to read the reviews first so you’ll know what types of surveys you’ll be doing and the rewards you’ll be getting. The average survey that Opinion City features would have a completion time of 5 – 20 minutes.

How Does Opinion City Pay?

Being a survey aggregator, Opinion City isn’t the one paying you to take surveys. Again, they’re just connecting you to a number of survey companies. Which means that these companies will be the one that’s going to pay you. Regarding payment methods, it can vary from one company to another.

Aside from paying you money, the companies connected to Opinion City also give out coupons and shopping rebates to survey takers. Although it doesn’t give you any cash, it can help you with your shopping activities.

As I’ve read from other articles regarding the program, they mentioned that when you subscribe to its newsletter, not only will you get updates on new surveys but it will also qualify you to a Facebook Prize Draw of $50 each week. Now we don’t how legitimate this draw is because I’ve read that this doesn’t exist while others say that it does.

What I Don’t Like About Opinion City

The Company Itself

opinion city website min - Is Opinion City Legit Or A Scam? 2021 Program Review

To be honest, there’s nothing I like about this survey hub. Just by looking at its website alone, it really lacks information. You can’t see any FAQs and their social media buttons don’t connect to their pages. Even finding a sign-up button is hard. It’s like they’re not interested in taking up new users.

It doesn’t even have a section where they talk about what their company is. You don’t know who are the people running the site and you have no idea who the founder is. These things are important to know so you can see who are the people running the company.

With this, you can search a bit about them and see their track record. You can search whether they’ve created other programs before, or have been connected to some scam applications.

Previously Promoted Scams

Just like any review, the information here isn’t limited to my opinions only. I researched more about Opinion City and what other people had to say. Apparently, this website has promoted scams before. The type of scams that’s been shut down by the appointed authorities.

They don’t promote these kinds of shady programs and websites anymore because most probably they’ve been shut down already. So this is a major red flag that you should be cautious of.

Claims To Get Significant Money

opinion city claims min - Is Opinion City Legit Or A Scam? 2021 Program Review

To add to those things, I’ve mentioned before that any company that claims that you can make big money on answering surveys is a scam. And with Opinion City, it claims that you can make $500+ weekly which is an absurd figure.

A typical survey gives you an average amount of only a few cents. You can achieve $1.00 on a good day and these are already the long ones. Plus, these survey companies typically have a limit on how many surveys you can take. Even if you max out every survey company’s limit, achieving that $500+ is a long shot.

If you’re a legitimate company and just want to genuinely help other people, there’s no use in advertising false claims to lure them in. Users will greatly appreciate honesty and it makes you look trustworthy.

Is Opinion City A Scam?

Opinion City isn’t a scam since it only acts as a “middleman” between you and other survey companies. But it’s important to note that it has been tagged as promoting scam websites and platforms. So with this, you need to take extra caution when picking a survey that’s offered to you.

Do your own due diligence first before signing up to answer from companies. Look what it has to offer and read the other experience of people about the company. You don’t want to be wasting time and effort only to find out that they won’t reward you at all.

To sum up all of the points above, I can’t recommend Opinion City. You’re better off finding survey companies yourself rather than depending on another platform. You can signup for other survey websites that pays you directly.

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