Is Norwex A Pyramid Scheme? Unbiased Norwex Review

I’ve recently come across a lot of postings on social media on Norwex. And after a quick search, I’d gotten to know that they are an MLM company and like a curious cat, I started wondering “is Norwex a pyramid scheme?”.

The tipping point that got me to write this review is when I found out that my mum had been ordering and using Norwex famous microfiber cloth.

And in order for me to stop my mum from becoming an agent, I’ve started to dig more into the company and I want to share more of my findings with you guys here.

If you’re wondering whether Norwex products actually work and whether or not it’s worth it to join the company to make extra money, I’m going to spill the truth and everything that I’ve learned – so read this post until the end.

Before we get on with the review, please note that I’m not a seller or by any means related to Norwex. So this will be my honest and unbiased review of the company.

Now, let’s get to it. Is Norwex a pyramid scheme? Here’s the truth…

Norwex Summary

Company: Norwex
Founder: Bjorn Nicolaisen
Product Type: Cleaning Products
$200 or $270.97 product kit + $9.99 shipping. Optional: $9.99 or $11.99 + tax monthly
Norwex is a company that sells primarily house cleaning products and they are famous for their microfiber cloths that claimed to be anti-bacterial and able to clean only with water. The company’s mission is to reduce the use of chemicals in households through cleaning products that are organic.

Founded in 1994, Norwex now has expanded to many countries including the Asian region, and has thrived under the MLM business operation.

Is Norwex really organic and is it a really good business opportunity to earn money? Let’s discuss below.

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What Is Norwex?

Norwex is really famous with their microfiber clothes that only need water to be used effectively.

is norwex a pyramid scheme

I’ve seen it many experiments being made on social media on how effective their products can be.

But before I go further, let’s watch the video below from Norwex on the technology they use:

In this video, they do claim that the microfiber actually picks up 99% of bacteria on surfaces. But if you have been to a party or listen to any of their agents selling this product, many of them mention that this cloth “kills” bacteria.

Which is far from true.

This is exactly what the agent had told my mum so I need to warn you guys out there too. If you want to know more about this, I really encourage reading this article from Dr. Annie where she did an experiment comparing Norwex with other microfiber cloths.

The result is that, there are still bacteria growth on the microfiber clothes, even with the “Silver” that Norwex has been very proud of having in their products.

Is Norwex A Scam?

Now with Dr. Annie experiment, I’m not saying that Norwex is a scam.

Norwex is not a scam. But you have to be careful in what information that you’re being fed by their agents or by their promotional videos.

I have personally tested the Norwex microfiber cloth and though it does clean well, it’s not anymore “organic” or clean any better than other microfiber cloths that I have in my kitchen.

The reason I’m saying that it’s not the most organic because even though microfiber can last long, it’s NOT biodegradable. If you’re being with Norwex out of being green-conscious, you might want to take a step back and really read up on this.

Other than not being bio-degradable, microfiber clothes just like Norwex’s release microfibers every time you wash them.

If you’ve watched the video above, you’ll notice that you will wash them twice by using dishwashing liquid and putting them into the washing machine. And these tiny microfibers being released is far from being eco-friendly.

norwex non eco friendly - Is Norwex A Pyramid Scheme? Unbiased Norwex Review

So what’s the best alternative from using a microfiber clothes?

Probably organic cotton. Yes, cotton can be non-eco-friendly too. But you can opt for the organic and unbleached one. If you want to read more on this, you can go here.

That being said, it’s based on your own preference on which cloths you want to use to clean. But if you’re buying Norwex because of the claim that they are very eco-friendly (which they highly promote on their company channels), you just need to think again.

Even though Norwex has the recycled products like below Norwex Napkins, only 50% of the products are being made from recycled materials. So.

norwex recycled product - Is Norwex A Pyramid Scheme? Unbiased Norwex Review

Anyway, good to also note that the organic cotton that you can buy for cleaning is half the price of Norwex’s microfiber cloth.

Is Norwex A Pyramid Scheme?

Norwex, as I’m sure you’d know already is an MLM company.

They expanded very fast through this MLM operation and kinda reminds me of the Tupperware company.

Anyway, before joining any MLM company, you just gotta do a little bit more research in terms of their scammy-ness. Whether or not they are very close to become a pyramid scheme.

If you don’t know how to differentiate a pyramid scheme from another MLM company, you can watch the video below:

I’m happy to say that Norwex is NOT a pyramid scheme.

You can actually make money just by selling the products without recruiting people or building your own team. However, you’re not going to be able to unlock some of the higher commission percentage and bonuses if you don’t grow a team.

But before you jump straight into joining Norwex, you need to know how much you will need to “invest” and how much can you actually make money by joining as their agent.

How Much Do You Need Pay To Join Norwex?

When you’re starting out, you’re going to get a product kit worth $200. You need to pay $9.99 for shipping and handling first. You’re NOT going to be charged $200 when you first join.

In order for you not to get charged with $200, you will need to make retail sales of $1,000 within the first 30 days or $2,000 within the first 90 days.

In the event that you weren’t able to hit the retail sales target, you’re going to get charged $200 to your credit card.

If you want to go further, you can also get a Starter Kit Builder Package at $270.97.

norwex started kit - Is Norwex A Pyramid Scheme? Unbiased Norwex Review

In the best-case scenario, it only takes you $9.99 to pay to join them.
But the worst-case scenario, it will take you $209.99 to join them to become an agent.

Good to note that you cannot sell the starter kit just to make your money back. It’s written in the agreement when you first join.

That’s only the first “fee”.

If you want to upgrade and subscribe to their Office Suite, where you will get your own personal website to attract customers and get people to join under you, you will need to pay their monthly subscription.

is norwex a pyramid scheme

But, they couldn’t just put it under 1 price so they give you an option to choose whether to go with the normal Office Suite or Office Suite Plus membership.

With the Office Suite Plus, you’ll be able to get the Virtual Party tool that I think can be a lot of help at this time with COVID going on.

That being said, in my opinion, you can probably just do a virtual party through Zoom or Google Meet which are free to use… My two cents.

If you’re thinking of joining the Office Suite, you’re more likely to pay $309.89 your first year.

And if you want to go for the Office Suite Plus, you’ll be paying $329.89 your first year.

So far you’re paying for:

1) Product Kit
2) Monthly Subscription

In order for you to continue to become a member, there are certain sales that you have to make:-

  • Engaged Consultant: Make $250 in retail sales in a month
  • Active Consultant: Make $250 in retail sales every 3 months
  • Consultant: Make $250 in retail sales every 6 months
  • Removed: Make less than $250 in retail sales within 12 months

If you know how MLM works, you’ll know that many agents end up buying more products to satisfy the retail sales to still maintain an active member.

Good news to you, if you’re an avid Norwex user, I’m pretty sure you will still buy their products for your own household usage amounted to $250 every 6 months, looking at Norwex’s product pricepoint.

How To Make Money With Norwex?

There are only 2 ways:-

1) Sell Norwex’s products and get commissions

2) Build a team under you

Just like any other MLM, you can make money by promoting and selling Norwex. You’ll be able to get a 35% commission cut which is pretty generous.

And if you want to be able to earn more, you can also recruit people under you and build a team. The more your team grow and the more you’ll be able to get people under you, you’ll get bonuses and other perks.

is norwex a pyramid scheme

They have 8 ranks to which you’ll earn more as you climb up.

But there’s only one rank for you to be able to still make money without recruiting more people under you and that’s the consultant level.

If you want to really know what it takes to get to rank higher and read the full compensation plan, you can read them here.

How Much Do You Make Selling Norwex?

Now I usually like to compare the amount that you’ll be paying first vs how much money you can make based on their income disclosure.

But this is another red flag from Norwex where they don’t actually publish their income disclose anywhere. So it’s very hard for you to gauge the possibility of you making more than a living wage income.

Since I’m not able to compare that, I’m just going to let you know that 99% of people who join an MLM actually not making money and worse, losing money.

FTC had a paper for this and you can read everything there.

And if you’ve read my other MLM reviews before, you’ll know that less than 1% actually make money. And it’s not even big money.

The percentage of people making more than $1,000 per month is RARE. This is only to make $1,000 a month, so what more to make more to earn decent money.

Although I’m sure if you’ve been approached by someone to join Norwex, they might have been giving you some claims on how much you will be able to earn – which usually is prohibited to do.

But just remember that there are much more you need to give to this business in order to make some money. You need to pour your time, energy (that you could be spending on other things), extra expenses like gas, food for parties and other miscellaneous things that will incur.

I know because I’ve done MLM too before. And I’m here to warn you.

Now let’s get on to the next part.

What I Like About Norwex?

1) Free Host Program

As a host (not an agent), you can get some perks. If you like Norwex products, you can simply be a host and get some free products when your friends buy something.

is norwex a pyramid scheme

These perks change frequently so you might need to contact the agent again what perks you will get as a host.

2) Good Customer Service

It’s pretty rare for MLM companies to have a good customer service. My assumption is that they have a lot of complaints to take care of.

But that’s not really the case for Norwex.

When I went through their BBB profile, I could see that they actually replied to all the customer complaints and were trying to solve them.

is norwex a pyramid scheme

3) High Commission

35% commission cut is pretty high. Especially with the expensive Norwex’s price tag.

Even if you were to just sell the products, maybe you’re the city chief and have a lot of connections and know that people will buy from you, you can still make some money even without building a team or a downline.

What I DON’T Like About Norwex

1) Norwex Product Claims

I don’t buy that they are trying to be more eco-friendly with their products because if they truly are, they will definitely opt for another product that is bio-degradable that won’t harm the planet.

I get truly sick from watching their videos on YouTube where they claim to do more for the planet when I can truly say that the products are very gimmicky.

Other than that, even though they didn’t mention that Silver in their microfiber cloth kills bacteria, their agents do. And this is extremely misleading!

I’m pretty sure they know that this is happening because the reviews on this are everywhere but it doesn’t seem they are taking any action against agents giving misleading claims.

I just couldn’t buy into the thought of purchasing such expensive products claiming things like this.

This brings me to another point.

2) Expensive Products

Being “green” or “organic” doesn’t need to be expensive.

The organic unbleached cotton that you can buy is half the price of this microfiber cloth from Norwex.

Even if you buy their other stuff like the mop, and say like, well the mop snap in half, you’re not going to get it fixed even though the product is under warranty.

Because it’s been deemed as tear and wear of a product.

This is just my personal opinion as a buyer. And knowing that I, as another customer find these products expensive, how are you going to convince others to buy them too?

I don’t think it will be an easy sell.

3) Not Transparent With Income Disclosure

This is a red flag for me when an MLM company doesn’t publish their income disclosure because a lot of these agents are giving income claims to their prospects.

And for people to really do their due diligence, they will need to have this data to be able to have better judgement.

Norwex is not a new company. They have been around for quite some time so I’m pretty sure they can have an income disclosure for people to look at and decide whether or not they want to join Norwex as an agent.

Should You Go With Norwex?

With many of my negative remarks, I do, however thing that Norwex would be best if you have such big connections that you know people are going to listen to you. Perhaps if you have a mum club in your neighborhood, you like Norwex’s products, sure you can try to sell them.

But if you’re looking at Norwex for a way to make money, I can’t recommend you this program.

There’s a better way to make money by promoting ANY products that you love and it’s not by joining an MLM company.

A Better Way To Make Money

If you want to promote the product that you LOVE and get users to come to you instead, you will want to learn via  affiliate marketing.

Many people who joined MLM companies find affiliate marketing a much better and sustainable way to make money – me included.

You don’t need to throw parties and recruit people.

You just need to share your opinions on the products that you love, get people to come to you and listen to your opinion. If they buy from you, you’ll get a commission.

Doesn’t it sound a lot like MLM where you promote products that you love? But this time, you DON’T have to constantly trying to find someone to buy your products or be your downline.

People and money come to you instead.

AND the best part is, you can start for FREE. If you want to see how I’ve done it and get my FREE training on this, get my system WITHOUT having to put any credit card details, click the button below.

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