Is Mark Moss A Scam? Can You Trust His Investment Advice?

If you’re thinking of joining one of Mark Moss’s memberships for paid signals, you might be thinking “is Mark Moss a scam?

Well, this is what the review will be all about – to figure out whether Mark Moss is someone you can trust enough to follow his investment and trading signals via his paid courses.

Before I start this review, just a quick disclaimer that I’m by no means associated with Mark Moss or any of his courses/products.

So I’m not going to profit in any way, shape or form should you decide to join his courses (free or paid).

At the end of the review, I’ll also share my thoughts on his investment strategies and what was the alternative route that I had taken as a beginner.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get started!

Is Mark Moss a scam? Here’s the truth…

Here’s an overview what I’ll discuss in this Mark Moss review:

Fake Guru Red Flags

Before I start with my review of Mark Moss, I want to share the video below on how you can detect some red flags from online “gurus” out there.

The red flags don’t necessarily mean that they are all scams, but you might want to be careful with the courses that they offer.

Who Is Mark Moss?

Is Mark Moss A Scam

Mark Moss is a professional investor, having 20 years of experience under his belt who is now giving free and paid education content to people who would like to learn more about investment as well as its history.

Mark claims not to be the typical investor out there – and watching his videos on YouTube and reading up on his story did make me feel that he’s different than other analysts out there who are also giving paid signals (like Matt McCall).

He’s not only an investor, he’s also a great and successful businessman who had achieve the Two Comma Club (an award by ClickFunnel) within 28 days.

Meaning he was able to generate sales of over $1 million under a month.

I believe that also came from his background of having to help businesses start and grow to 7 figures companies.

But one thing that really separates him from many other investors out there to me is the fact that he’s a fundamentalist and he has a deep passion for learning the history of money and the market.

By watching his videos and listening to his podcast, you do get the sense of Mark knowing exactly what he’s talking about and not just doing some technical analysis from the chart.

With his free and educational content, it’s not a surprise that he’s able to garner more than 240,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 10,000 followers on Instagram.

So far, Mark Moss does seem to have a great background.

But before we get to the question of the day, let’s take a look at his paid signal membership briefly below.

Mark Moss Membership Overview

Some of Mark’s courses will have promotions where you will be able to get access for $1 before having to commit to the full monthly membership subscription (usually more than $100 a month).

I found the promo heavily promoted back in late 2020 during the Black Friday season. I have zero idea whether that deal will ever come back.

That said, many of his memberships have a money-back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied in any way, you can shoot an email to him regarding this.

I haven’t seen anyone complaining of not getting their refund back, so this gives a good sign for you to try his products.

So before I digress any further, let’s take a look at 2 big memberships from Mark Moss:

1) 4 Pillar Blueprint

Is Mark Moss A Scam
  • Priced at $997
  • You will get a year access to Mark’s 6 weeks of masterclass
  • Get 3 reports on crypto, silver and CBD
  • Access to private members group
  • Live training and Q&A session

This course is for someone who has the extra money to start investing but not really sure on how to do so to its fullest capabilities.

The masterclass teaches you how to start and understand the concept first and foremost before putting everything down for implementation.

2) Signal Profits

Is Mark Moss A Scam

Signal Profits is the platform and membership that Mark co-founded with Jacob Canfield. It’s highly focused on the cryptocurrency market.

  • 14 days trial period at $7
  • $297/month for a single monthly subscription or $190/month for a 6-month subscription lock
  • You will get the access to Signal Profits platform
    • Trading, Investing, Training sections
  • You can also be a referral and get a 10% commission rate.
    • This will give the tendency for people to simply push the platform. Therefore be cautious when reading reviews on Signal Profits.
  • Group & Community support
    • Discord & Telegram group

Not all memberships are meant for everyone. It depends on your niche as well as your level.

I believe Mark has another course (or perhaps many other courses) that I’ve seen on Black Friday last year but I couldn’t possibly list everything down here without this review becoming very long-winded.

If you do want to know more specifically on each course, I would suggest reading individual reviews on each before committing yourself to anything.

Now, going back to the question of the day….

Is Mark Moss A Scam? Can You Trust Him?

Is Mark Moss A Scam

Nah, Mark Moss is not a scam.

You can actually get a ton of value if you were to go through his free content on his YouTube channel or his podcast.

His content does make sense and I can see how he has garnered such a large following on his social media channels as well as students for his memberships.

That said, I do believe that there’s not one investor that is right all the time.

And if you were to take Mark’s signals word by word, you might also see some losses coming in too. Only take any paid signals with a grain of salt.

Over a long period of time, I’m not sure how those signals gonna pan out.

Remember that only about 20% of active investments outperformed passive investments over a long-term period.

That’s the reason that me chose to go with passive investing instead for a few simple reasons:

  • Passive investing gives me back control over my time. Time is money to me.
  • Dollar-cost averaging is king to me.
  • I’m in the stage of accumulating as much money and income streams with no “disposable” money that I don’t mind losing.
    • Active investing and trading are only an option to me when I have that bulk of money where I don’t mind losing. As of right now, every money I make will go back to my business.
  • Passive investing doesn’t necessarily mean I’m losing money. Instead, I’m at the better bet of making more money than active investing.

So Should You Get Any of His Courses?

If you do have that bulk of money where you’re not exactly sure how to invest, then Mark’s 4 Pillar Blueprint might be the one for you to learn investing from scratch.

Remember to never try taking loan or be in debt just to join his course.

His courses are not the cheapest ones out there. That’s why I only recommend his courses to people who already have that money lying around.

This is not a get-rick-quick scheme.

But what if you’re a beginner trying to make money investing?

For beginners, it’s easy for you to have temperament when investing – which can be deadly to your money.

That’s one reason why I will recommend passive investing to someone who wants to start investing as you’re taking away any emotions attached to your money and investment.

In fact, this is exactly what Warren Buffet, world’s best investor recommends:

So if you don’t have that money lying around but you still want to make money on the side, there’s an alternative for you to do so without making a hole in your wallet.

That brings me to my next section.

Another Way to Make Money For Beginners

When I was still in search of the one way for me to make money online get consistent passive income while still being in my 9-5, I started learning more about affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing illustration min 6 - Is Mark Moss A Scam? Can You Trust His Investment Advice?

Affiliate marketing can give me an extra passive income that can be contributed back to my passive-low-cost-fund investment.

It’s the perfect system for me!

So how exactly I get started with affiliate marketing as a newbie?

I found a course that is free to start and if I like it, it’s a lot more affordable and easier for me to take my hustle further.

The main point that got me hooked is that I can start for free as a beginner.

I don’t need to put down my credit card details. There’s literally ZERO payment that I have to make as a beginner.

I can stay as a free member as long as I would like in order to learn the basics.

Affiliate marketing might not sound as grand as becoming an investor, but it is a business that is still giving me income today from something I’ve built and haven’t touched in 3 years.

Can you see how sustainable that is?

I too, start as a total newbie with this venture and slowly but surely make my way and now have been earning consistently from my websites.

If you aren’t sure what affiliate marketing is all about, you can click here.

But just how much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

See how a stay-at-home-mum student from my #1 recommended training platform was able to make $2K from her new website with a new affiliate offer.

wealthy affiliate success story min 8 - Is Mark Moss A Scam? Can You Trust His Investment Advice?

We both went through the same training and you will too!

If you want to know how I was able to get started with affiliate marketing for free as a newbie, you can check out my short video here where I’ll take you through everything I did.

But if you want to do it too and get free training, here’s my FREE 7-day training where I’ll take you to step by step on what to do each day.

The course is free, it’s free to get started and there’s no credit card details required.

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