Is Lazy Traffic Sniper A Scam? Unbiased Review by a NON-Affiliate

So you might have heard of this new product launch called Lazy Traffic Sniper that can help any newbies in affiliate marketing make money in the next 24 hours.

The question is, is the product really as great and easy for newbies to implement?

Will you actually be able to make $250/day using the technique that they are teaching?

Though it’s not impossible to make money using their technique, it’s unfortunately not the most sustainable for your affiliate marketing journey.

Their main technique is actually by using Quora forum, which isn’t really a new technique when it comes to getting traffic for affiliate marketing or blogging.

But if you’re new to this and have never done this on Quora before, I will share more with you on this in the review below.

Before I get started though, do note that I’m NOT an affiliate to Lazy Traffic Sniper and any of the owners’ products.

Hence, this is really just my unbiased third-party review as I’m not getting any kickbacks should you decide to get the product anyway.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

Is Lazy Traffic Sniper a scam? Here’s the truth…

Here are what I’ll be talking about in this review:

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What Is Lazy Traffic Sniper?

Is Lazy Traffic Sniper A Scam

Product Name: Lazy Traffic Sniper
Price: $13 + Upsells
Owner: Betty Pine, Jono Armstrong, and Shubham
Recommended? Sure, but…

Lazy Traffic Sniper is basically a training for those who have trouble getting traffic to their websites or offers by teaching them on how to fully utilize the power of engaging in forums like Quora.

The main training will be on how to get set up on Quora, how to properly answer the related questions, and how to share your affiliate links onto your answer or post itself.

It’s not exactly rocket science, I’m sure any beginners will be able to grasp the training fairly quickly.

That said, will you really need this training to succeed and will it be sustainable for your affiliate marketing business if you’re still a newbie?

Let’s first find out how Lazy Traffic Sniper really works below before I get to the conclusion.

How Lazy Traffic Sniper Really Works

On Lazy Traffic Sniper’s sales page, they mentioned that you will be able to tap into the buyers traffic for free to promote your affiliate offers.

The whole concept as I mentioned before isn’t new and isn’t really hard to implement – and yes, any newbies can also partake on this.

But like any products that promise easy money making concept, you should do further research and really weigh on the pros and cons.

I will let you know what you should look out for later in the review but let’s take a look at what you’re going to learn with Lazy Traffic Sniper:

1) Set up your profile in Quora.
2) Find questions to answer on Quora.
3) How to answer those questions properly.
4) Create a post and space in Quora.
5) Get your affiliate links from Warriorplus, JVZoo, Clickbank.
6) Redirect the traffic to Google sites or anywhere you want (but not straight to the affiliate offer page, unless you want to get banned).

The steps are quite simple, basically set up your Quora profile, answer questions and link your affiliate links.

It’s so easy that there are so many free guides on this out there, including Neil Patel’s guide for Quora and other abundant how-to-Quora videos on YouTube.

Now here are a few things you need to know when it comes to getting traffic or making money on Quora.

1) It’s all about the numbers game.

The more you answer questions, the higher the chance for you to be lucky for someone to see your answer and link.

The thing is, many hot questions are going to already be answered and even if you give a much better answer but you’re the 7th person answering the question, your answer won’t likely to be seen.

Because people are just not that keen to scroll all the way down to read all the answers. I know I don’t.

2) Quora doesn’t allow affiliate links.

If you were to put affiliate links on your profile in Quora, it definitely won’t go. Quora won’t accept the link.

And if you were to put them on the forum, your links will be more likely to be deleted. Not all affiliate links from years ago have been deleted on Quora though – Quora’s moderators are still human and sometimes the old affiliate links are still there to be seen.

You need to redirect the traffic to your website first and perhaps create some content that will link to the affiliate offer from your website.

If you don’t have a website, here’s my quick guide on how I created my money-generating websites for the past years.

3) You shouldn’t cloak your affiliate links in Quora.

There was a training that I saw recently teaching people to cloak their affiliate links on Quora in order to be able to post the affiliate links straight in the answers.

Well, generally that practice is forbidden on Quora.

Maybe you got lucky and got away, who knows? But if you want to think long term, this is definitely a practice you want to stay away from.

Even though these 3 points are a few important things you need to know when it comes to “make money” in Quora, when it comes to this product, Lazy Traffic Sniper in particular, there are a few cons that I want to share with you.

Here are some disadvantages of Lazy Traffic Sniper:
1) Not a long-term strategy.

As I mentioned before, just answering questions in Quora, and linking back to your affiliate offers or getting them on your email list is a very short-term gain.

This is because you’re not building an online asset of your own first.

Other marketers usually build their online asset first like their own website full of valuable content, and only then they will go to Quora to get traffic and contribute to their make money strategies.

Mayyyybe you will be able to make some money with the training given but if you want to build a business for the long-term, this shouldn’t be a product or training of your priority.

2) Jono Armstrong’s circle.

I’m…. not a fan of Jono Armstrong and his circle simply because from his Ministry of Freedom course, he teaches his students to create products to constantly make money.

I’m sure to a certain extent, they are making good money with their products but the products… are of very low quality.

If the products are extremely valuable with great support, I won’t mind promoting them and telling my readers to go and get them. Unfortunately, many products launched by Jono and his students often promise buyers to make money fast using some “simple and easy” techniques.

When in reality, they are sort of like a get-rich-quick scheme in disguise.

Hence, whenever I come across Jono’s new products partnered with some of his students, it’s a given that I won’t take their testimonials and income screenshot seriously as they are known to be exchanging reviews.

The whole thing and system that they are on just feel a bit misleading to me and I’m sure many beginners will fall for many products promising certain lifesytles.

3) Multiple upsells.
Is Lazy Traffic Sniper A Scam

It’s pretty common for these low front-end price products to have multiple upsells for people to buy in order to get upgraded, get more done-for-you templates, and more.

From getting the front-end price at $13, you might as well end up paying $551.

Yes, $551.

You might be well off getting and learning another way of doing affiliate marketing. Many affiliate marketing training that’s much better than Lazy Traffic Sniper are cheaper and some are even free for beginners to start.

Plus, if you do take the upsells, please be aware that if you were to ever request a refund, you will only get the front-end price, which is $13.

No matter how many upsells you have taken.

Is Lazy Traffic Sniper A Scam or Legit?

Lazy Traffic Sniper is not a scam. It is a legit training that you can get to be able to learn how to use Quora to find traffic for your affiliate offers.

Even though there are many free guides on Quora out there that you can learn from.

Hence I don’t recommend Lazy Traffic Sniper to my readers because I know the system that they teach isn’t exactly sustainable for your long-term success.

There are a few things that you need to do first to become a successful affiliate marketer like building your own online asset. And later on expand to Quora in order to get additional traffic.

Quora is supposed to be your side dish, not your main dish.

As I mentioned before, there’s other affiliate marketing training out there that is far better, that’s free to start and have endless of training of different ways to make money.

If you do want to get a much better system, below is my recommendation.

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In the training that I went through, we didn’t take any shortcuts – we learn to build our own online assets from setting up our own website, and create our own content to make sure that we 100% own our assets.

And from there, we diversify our traffic sources from social media platforms as well as forums like Quora.

It’s a 360 training with all the tools built inside so it’s even easier for beginners to start.

We were taught this way because this is the most organic and long-lasting way to create affiliate marketing business that can bring us money for the next 10 to 20 years.

Get a better affiliate marketing training with my free guide here.

Mind you that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You do need to put in the work, like many successful businessmen if you want your business to grow and last.

The best part of this training is that you can get started for FREE and see whether I am a real person without even opening your wallets or sharing your credit card details.

And if you follow my free guide and get on with the training, you could get ME as your very own buddy, mentor, or personal coach to guide you every step of the way.

So, stop wasting time with done-for-you content that won’t get your far and start investing for a business that’ll last today!


Once you get the training, you will see real testimonials from fellow affiliate marketers who started their journey from scratch.

If you have any questions regarding Lazy Traffic Sniper or anything else, feel free to leave a comment below as I always reply to my readers 😊

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