Is Jono Armstrong A Scam? Should You Buy His Course? Read This

Hey all, welcome to my review of Jono Armstrong.

I’ve recently come across his Facebook ads on my newsfeed, decided to take a look and I’m actually surprised that I haven’t heard of him before as he’s somehow one of the more prominent guys in affiliate marketing.

Anyways, after researching more about him and his courses, I realized a lot of things (and actually learned a few new tricks too) and I want to share them with you here today.

Before I start my review though, do know that I’m not an affiliate to any of his products. This is just my own review and unbiased opinion.

I’m not getting any kind of kickbacks should you decide to buy any of his courses.

Okay now that it’s out of the way, let’s get started!

Is Jono Armstrong a scam? Here’s the truth…

Here are what I’ll be talking about Jono Armstrong in this review:

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Fake Guru Red Flags

Before I start with my review ofJono Armstrong, I want to share the video below on how you can detect some red flags from online “gurus” out there.

The red flags don’t necessarily mean that they are all scams, but you might want to be careful with the courses that they offer.

Who Is Jono Armstrong?

Jono Armstrong is now known as a successful affiliate marketer, course and product creator who has founded the Ministry of Freedom – one of the most talked-about affiliate marketing training out there.

He claims that he’s able to make millions with affiliate marketing and even claimed in his course that his students can also make more than $10,000 a month after 60 days or less!

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam

That’s a very strong claim and guarantee. Which we’re going to talk about more in detail below.

Anyway, he’s a guy from the UK who moved to Indonesia in 1999, built his family there and worked as an English teacher in Jakarta for a good 9 years.

He wanted to be able to earn more than a teacher’s salary ($1,200) so he started to dabble and find rather weird and unethical ways to make money online.

From trying to break Amazon’s rules to selling and dropshipping fake sneakers (claiming they are genuine), he’s had a fair share of ups and downs in trying to get a side hustle going.

One of the things that had stuck with him after leaving the fake sneakers business was doing affiliate marketing with Clickbank.

Oh, by the way, some time along this timeline, he also got into music and performed in many states in Indonesia.

When he wanted to focus back on his affiliate marketing with Clickbank venture, he also got into the business of creating digital products and found a way to promote many of his digital products through paid traffic.

Many of these techniques or secrets are taught in his course, Ministry of Freedom.

So, let’s take a look at that below.

Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom Review

Ministry of Freedom course is an affiliate marketing training and program that newbie to advanced affiliate marketers can join.

Priced at $1,497 or 3 payments of $797, the course is definitely placed at the more expensive spectrum of affiliate marketing courses out there.

Here’s what you’ll get to learn:

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam
Module #1: Mindset, Commitment, and Success

Like many other courses out there, they start with a lesson on how to have the right mindset when it comes to make money online and how to keep a positive mindset throughout.

Module #2: Tools and Applications

This is an introduction of all the tools that you essentially need when running an affiliate marketing business.

You can’t really run away with this as you grow bigger like having email marketing setup, running paid ads. Though I don’t think a newbie needs to really start with this when just starting out.

Module #3-#5: Launch Jacking

This is probably the main technique that’s being taught on MOF – which I don’t particularly agree with.

But basically, you will get a link and demo access to new products that are about to launch from the product creators, you will then do a good review on YouTube (mainly) so that when the product ultimately launches, you will get some traffic to your YouTube videos and people will buy from your links.

The part that I don’t agree with:

  • They always do a good review so people will buy, even if the product is bad.
  • Recommending products that they have never used just to make a sale..
Module #6: Soft Launch

This is a module where you’ll be taught on how to create your own digital products and launch it.

I don’t think the technique is very far from what he teaches in Launch Jacking.

Module #7: Email Marketing

Email marketing will essentially be a very important element in affiliate marketing and this is where you’ll learn it.

I personally think based on my own experience, it’s not something that beginners need to focus yet when they are just starting out. I believe they should focus much more on content creation first and foremost.

Module #8: Product Launching

From soft launch, you will then learn how to properly launch your product to create impact and make more sales even in the beginning.

Module #9: Paid Traffic

This is the module where you’ll get to learn more about paid advertising to drive traffic to your funnel.

Paid ads when done right can be extremely powerful..

…but it’s definitely something I won’t recommend beginners to start with. Because even with seasoned and advanced affiliate marketers, only a small percentage of paid ads will eventually work.

Plus you’ll need to spend and most probably lose a lot more money (on top of paying for this course) as a beginner when you go this route straight away.

Some of the things that you will also get with this course:
  • Facebook private group
  • LIVE calls weekly
  • 101 coaching up to a year

Also, one of the big things about this course is the fact that Jono claims that if you don’t make money in the first 60 days, you will be given back your refund plus $5,000 on top of that.

But make sure you read the fine print because there are a lot of things you need to satisfy to get that refund. And one commenter says that you will need to create your own product (that will take more of your money) first to be eligible.

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam

Now, after doing this review of Jono Armstrong, I just realized that Branson Tay is a student of Jono. You can read more about Branson Tay here.

Spoiler alert: I’m not a fan of Branson Tay.

That brings me to the conclusion that many of the things that MOF teaches can actually bring the students money but not necessarily in the most genuine kind of way.

I personally don’t think this will be a technique that can last 10 years from now because the videos that Branson Tay alike are producing aren’t bringing that much value.. just promoting low-quality products to make a sale.

And I’m sure that people can see it in the long run and your brand/social media channels will slowly lose trust and value.

If you want to know why I’m saying this, below video is one of the very few reviews of an unbiased student on why you shouldn’t get the course:

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam? Should You Trust Him?

No, Jono Armstrong isn’t exactly a scam.

Though many of the things he did in the past were rather unethical and black hat driven.

With his Ministry of Freedom course, one can actually make money using what he teaches, even though I’ve had several reservations about some of the things taught in the course.

Now, even though the training and the course is pretty comprehensive and there are many good reviews and testimonials out there (though be warned that some can just be an affiliate promoting it!), there’s one big barrier that I don’t think it is suitable for beginners.

The price.

For beginners to start learning about affiliate marketing, I don’t think the price needs to be that steep.

I think by putting the course at that price and guaranteeing that newbies can make $10,000 a month in 60 days or less, more people will have a different idea of affiliate marketing all together.

And potentially make people think that the program is a get-rich-quick scheme..

With $1,479 price tag and additional cost to run the business, it’s definitely not for someone who’s strapped with money and on budget.

There are other opportunities that are cheaper or even free to start learning about affiliate marketing.

Get a cheaper course, make some money and if you think you’re ready to reinvest your money, then maybe you can get Jono’s course.

I personally wouldn’t – my opinion, as the teachings aren’t exactly aligned to how I want to operate my affiliate marketing business.

Anyway, remember that no matter what course you decide to get, you must be ready to put in the work to succeed.

A Better Money-Making Opportunity For You

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