Is Ecom Success Academy A Scam? Adrian Morrison Course Review 2021

Hey all, welcome to my Ecom Success Academy dropshipping course review.

One of my friends asked to give a review on this dropshipping course (as I’ve been on a roll reviewing dropshipping courses at the moment) and so here goes – is Ecom Success Academy a scam?!

A little disclaimer here – I haven’t heard of Adrian Morrison before, nor his brother Anthony Morrison. And I’m by no means associated with the course in any way, shape or form.

I’m not an affiliate of the course, so you’ll know whatever that I’m sharing with you here will be unbiased and I’m not going to profit writing this here at all.

That said, I’ve done dropshipping before and gone through a few of dropshipping courses myself.

After trying out dropshipping for a year, I do have an idea on what makes a course the very best one and what you’ll need to know about dropshipping before you jump ahead with the business.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Is Ecom Success Academy really worth the money? Here’s the truth..

Ecom Success Academy Summary

Product: Dropshipping course
Founder: Adrian Morrison
Price: One payment of $2,495 or 3 payments of $997
Rating: 75/100
Recommended: Yes, if you have the means.
Summary: Ecom Success Academy is a dropshipping course created by Adrian Morrison a few years ago (I believe in 2016). As the time of writing (2021), the course has been updated a few times so rest assured that you can still get relevant content.

Adrian Morrison has had a pretty starling track record and background with multiple different businesses that he owns.

But does that mean his dropshipping course will be the most legit course out there? Let’s figure it out together.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when you promote and sell a third-party product without handling the product creation, inventory and shipping.

When an order comes into your store, instead of wrapping and shipping out the products, the wholesaler or supplier will be the one that does the fulfilment.

Therefore, you only really need to focus on the front end and making sure sales are coming in for you to get your “cut”.

The cut is the difference on the retail price minus the wholesale price. If you’d prefer to learn this more through a video and animation, you can watch the video below:

Important to note: Please don’t get misled with screenshots of sales that these “gurus” are making. Those are sales numbers. It’s typical for a dropshipping business to only take home 1-20% from the sales.

What Is Ecom Success Academy?

Ecom Success Academy is a dropshipping course that Adrian Morrison offers to the public with a high price tag – higher than most courses.

But before we get into the details of the course, let’s talk about Adrian Morrison for a bit.

ecom success academy adrian morrison - Is Ecom Success Academy A Scam? Adrian Morrison Course Review 2021

He’s one of the thriving YouTubers mainly giving advice on eCommerce business tips and tricks. He now has over 22,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 190,000 followers on Instagram.

He started internet marketing before finishing his graduate school and now own several internet marketing companies. I’ve tried checking out the 3 companies he listed as the companies he founded:

1) Mpire Media – can’t be traced back to him. The only Mpire Media I found was a media agency based in Australia. Doubt it’s the same company.

2) Mpire Labs – seems like it’s still running though it’s pretty lowkey. Basically, focusing on developing software and apps for Shopify to help fellow marketers.

3) Launchwise – this is the company that I believe is selling you this Ecom Success Academy course, along with 3 other online courses that you can take.

All in all…even though there are a lot of hypes on his content and websites, I personally don’t think there’s anything extremely shady with Adrian Morrison..

I’ve gone through some of his content and though I do like what he’s put up on YouTube – I have to be honest that I’m just turned off with all the showing off. I prefer the likes of Warren Buffet where their works speak for themselves and the word humble is in their dictionaries.

That said, a lot of people have been raving about his dropshipping course. So, I ought to take a look and figure out whether it’s worth it for you to get it.

What Makes Ecom Success Academy Unique?

is ecom success academy a scam

a) Extreme Detail

Even though I’m not Adrian’s biggest fan, I gotta say that his course might be the most (almost) complete when it comes to learning dropshipping.

It does teach every part you need to know to launch your dropshipping business, in extreme detail. No other course that I’ve reviewed have gone through this much detail..

Though it can be a very good thing, it can also just be too much for beginners to absorb. It really depends on people, if you’re someone who likes to learn everything to the T and only get started, you’ll love the course.

But if you’re someone who likes to get the concept straight, get set up and running, you might find the course just a tad bit long.

b) Selling Your Own Custom Designed High End Products

I personally have never done this before but if this is something that you’d like to learn more, then you’ll probably really like this course.

Adrian does go over a few things about art licensing that you need to know when it comes custom designing but in terms of the depth of the lesson, I can’t give much say as I’m not fluent when it comes to this process.

How Much Does Ecom Success Academy Cost?

is ecom success academy a scam

Ecom Success Academy cost one payment of $2,495 or 3 payments of $997.

It’s a pretty steep price for many of us but it does give all the lessons in extreme detail. This price is comparable to Dropship Lifestyle course by Anton Kraly.

And if I were to put these two courses up against each other, I would probably choose Ecom Success Academy for the lessons that you’ll actually be getting.

More lessons, more thorough and no other upsells.

But if you would really like to know whether this IS the course for you, let’s see what’s inside the course first!

What’s In Ecom Success Academy?

is ecom success academy a scam

Module 1: Shopify

This first module is of course for non other than the number 1 choice hosting for more than 500,000 online stores out there – Shopify.

Within the first module (and other modules too), there will subsections that you will need to go through step by step. And for the first module, you will learn how to set up your store the right way and this includes payment, shipping, checkout setup as well as giving you an overview of the dashboard.

Even though it’s within Shopify module, you will also learn the ins and outs of dropshipping business models, your pricing structures, promotion strategies as well as writing a good copy for your products.

You will also learn to get your branding up and running and downloading all the necessary Shopify apps.

It’s like learning how to get started with Shopify but also like a 1-on-1 online business things to do.

Module 2: Sourcing Products

Even though this module is only for sourcing products, you are not going to be disappointed with it – simply because it’s full and thorough.

You’ll get videos of more than 7 hours long on how to find the right supplier to negotiating prices as well as finding the best of the best products that you can find.

Apart from mining products from AliExpress, this is also the part where you’ll be learning how to go about art-licensing for your own print-on-demand business. If this is something that you think you could potentially venture into, you’ll definitely appreciate this part.

Module 3: Facebook

What is dropshipping without Facebook Ads ey?

This module is really thorough, it will help you get set up from the very basics like setting your Facebook Page, to creating your own ad campaign.

Adrian goes through this module in both theoretical as well as over-the-shoulder campaign set up – which is good for any beginners out there.

Many dropshipping courses don’t really go much into detail when it comes to nitty gritty of Facebook Ads – don’t get me wrong, they do teach how to start Facebook Ads, but in their own strategic ways, not necessarily giving them a run through on other things that Facebook Ads can do.

You will also learn how to setup your Facebook pixel, in detail. Though this will probably change (or in need of change) in 2021 with the iOS update.  

There are a lot of things that Adrian covers in this module and it’s going to be a very long windy review if I were to specify everything. Just know that you will be able to learn from A to Z on different aspects of Facebook Ads.

Is it the most complete course on Facebook Ads? No.

Will it really give you an idea on how Facebook Ads work and able you to start launching your Facebook Ads in a couple of days? Yes.

Module 4: Email Marketing

This is where you will learn how to set up your email marketing backend properly so that you won’t leave your low hanging fruits, well, hanging.

You must know though, that with any email marketing service provider, you do need to pay for monthly subscription. And even though it can be cheap at first, the bigger audience you get, the higher the price it will be.

And the more segmentation you create, the higher they will charge you.

That said, email marketing is really important for your online business (even mine). It’s just good to have your mental ready of the different things you will need to be paying to start a dropshipping store.

But before I digress any further, Adrian does teach you on the email sequence to give out as well as sharing email templates that you can use.

Module 5: Google Secrets

I believe this module is a new one for this course.

Now more than ever you will need to start diversifying the traffic that you get to your store and Google is where most users are.

Not all dropshipping course gives a lesson on how to start on Google Ads or SEO in general, so if you do decide to go with Adrian’s course, this is one of the things that you can learn.

Module 6: Building Your Team

This is basically a module where you will need to pay attention to when your store starts to get bigger.

You will probably needs someone to help you do the daily tasks and this is where you’ll learn how to outsource those tasks.

Adrian does give a few options on where you can find these Virtual Assistants that can help you with customer service, or even to start helping you with the promotional aspects of your store.

Module 7: Project Management

It’s not something that many new online business owners talk about but it’s really the key to get things more organized. Adrian suggests Slack and Asana to get started – and though I do love these 2 software, I personally prefer Trello for my project management.

Do note that these apps will cost you money once you get more people in your team.

If you’re doing it solo, they both have free plans that you can take advantage of – though with limited features.

Module 8: Longterm Exit Plan

Many dropshipping courses don’t cover this topic but Adrian does give a bit of an overview on what you can do if you decide to sell your business.

This is definitely not for newbies and I do think you can find more guidance fore free on YouTube on how to go about this process.


There are a few different bonuses that you can get from this course from a software to find products as well as additional training with Adrian’s guests.

Even though it’s nice to get more content out of this course, but treat these recordings as what they are – bonuses. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of videos that you get from here but you can just get started with the main training and only come on here when you do actually have the time.

And try to only look through the most recent ones as with time, many that were a few years ago might not be as relevant anymore.

Is Ecom Success Academy A Scam?

No, Ecom Success Academy is not a scam.

It’s just a very high priced dropshipping course. You will get the lessons that you are paying for and I do believe and see other students who have managed to open up their dropshipping stores from taking Ecom Success Academy.

Managed to open their Shopify stores, not managed to stay profitable all the time.

Though I still can’t convince myself to really trust Adrian Morrison… for some reasons, I don’t think you’ll get scammed out of your credit cards or anything like that.

At this point, you should start drawing up a pros-and-cons list on Ecom Success Academy and weigh on whether or not to get the course. Let’s see mine below.

What I Like About Ecom Success Academy

1) Very Detailed

I do like the fact that the course is very detailed. Even though the bonuses and the weekly live calls can be extremely overwhelming to go through, at least you will still have those information in your hand.

And I think as a beginner, you can really appreciate the detailed explanation given by Adrian in the course.

2) Case Studies

Ok… I gotta be honest. I love learning from case studies.

I’ll draw up some hypothesis and test them real life to see whether I’ll get the same results, or not. Many “course” I’ve paid for, including some for Facebook Ads, are based on case studies. You can actually see their backend and see exactly how they’ve set up their system.

And I love them because they are actually proven to work.

With Ecom Success Academy updates, you’ll get a few case studies that you can learn from. So it’s always a plus to me!

3) Project Management Lessons

I do like the fact that they include this part – a part that not one dropshipping course that I’ve reviewed ever done.

I do remember that when I was running my dropshipping business (at that time, I was still new to building an online business) I was… everywhere. My work was a mess.

And only with time I learned how to keep things organized from backend details, processes and even finances!

That said, you need to know the apps that Adrian mentioned in the course are paid tools/software. Asana and Slack.

Though I do love using Asana and Slack, I actually prefer Trello – and it’s free to use.

But if you’re reading this and want to get the course, hey, go with Trello 😊

What I DON’T Like About Ecom Success Academy

1) No Refund Policy

Yes, you read that right. No refund will be given, period.

So before you give your credit card details to them, make sure that you are completely okay and comfortable to spend $2,495 for a course.

Might be worth mentioning here that you will definitely need more than $2,459 to start a dropshipping business. At least spare $5,000 to start…cause boi you’ll need to spend a lot on Facebook Ads.

Is Dropshipping Still Worth It?

1) Only When You Have Capital

Dropshipping is really NOT for someone who are strapped with money. There are so many other expenses that you will need to pay such as:

– Shopify
– Domain name
– Transaction Fee
– Facebook Ads
– Instagram Influencer
– Additional paid apps
– Outsourcing

So unless you have at least $2,500 to spare to start this business model, dropshipping unfortunately is not for you. You’ll be spending at least $2,000 to get started – and that won’t even guarantee any sales coming in.

2) Not The Best Business Model

As I’ve mentioned in 2021, dropshipping isn’t exactly the best business model out there. A lot of people already know the trick of “free product + shipping” and asking them to wait for 2-3 weeks for product delivery is a deal-breaker.

Put yourself in the customer shoe, will you go and buy a product from a store that will take 2-3 weeks to ship the products to you or you’d rather go to and get your products delivered the next day?

I’d go with And that brings me to the next point.

A Better Way To Make Money

After I left dropshipping, I found a better way to make money online that is a lot more passive and won’t need me to fork out so much capital when first starting out.

I really wish I’d found this sooner.

I switched from doing a dropshipping business to affiliate marketing.

Simply because;

– it was free for me to get started
– I don’t need to be running ads all the time
– my traffic is organic, therefore a lot more sustainable
– I don’t need to handle refunds or customer service
– it’s much easier for me to do with a 9-5 job

See how a stay-at-home-mum student from my #1 recommended training platform was able to make $2K from her new website with a new affiliate offer.

wealthy affiliate success story 2 - Is Ecom Success Academy A Scam? Adrian Morrison Course Review 2021

We both went through the same training and you will too!

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