Is Dominic Tay A Scam? Ugly Truths You NEED To Know Before Buying

So you might have come across his famous YouTube ads and been wondering if this guys is for real.

I personally didn’t know that his intro on his ads had somehow become a meme in Singapore but when I saw his ads, I couldn’t stop wondering “is Dominic Tay a scam” and “what’s Ace Success Academy exactly”

I knew I just had to dig deeper about him and figure out exactly what he’s teaching because let’s be honest, he’s basically selling the dream on his ads, instead of a real business plan.

Anyway, if you’re one of the people who are thinking of spending and “investing” your hard-earned money to his paid course (which isn’t exactly the cheapest thing in the world), stay tuned and I’ll share with you my take on it.

And at the end of this post, I’ll share whether you can actually make money using his teachings and my own personal recommendation to earn side income.

Before I start, just a quick disclaimer that I’m by no means associated with Dominic Tay or any of his courses or companies.

I’m not going to profit or get any kind of kickbacks should you decide to go and get his course.

So, if you’re ready, let’s get started!

Is Dominic Tay a scam? Here’s the truth…

Here are what I’ll be talking about Dominic Tay in this review:

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Fake Guru Red Flags

Before I start with my review of Dominic Tay, I want to share the video below on how you can detect some red flags from online “gurus” out there.

The red flags don’t necessarily mean that they are all scams, but you might want to be careful with the courses that they offer.

Who Is Dominic Tay?

Dominic Tay is an online entrepreneur that’s famous for his make-money-online courses that are popular in the Southeast Asia region.

He’s said to be making consistent income online since 2011 and now is in active mode to teach others how to do the same thing too via his online courses.

From his education to his early working corporate life background, nothing seems to stand out.

Is Dominic Tay A Scam

But like many of us, he felt somewhat incomplete and continue finding ways to make money online.

Now, he’s claimed to be a millionaire but from what I’ve researched, I couldn’t find any legitimate proof that he was able to become a millionaire doing what he teaches others to do.

If you do have any info this, feel free to share it below.

That said, the business concept that he teaches isn’t exactly a scam. You can actually make money doing it. But there are multiple flaws that I’ll explain more below.

So let’s take a look at his famous course in the next section.

Dominic Tays’s Bestseller Income Review

If you’ve ever gone to Dominic Tay’s YouTube channel, you will see rows of students’ testimonial videos on his course and seminar.

And this probably piqued your interest (as it did mine) on what exactly the course is all about.

They will offer you to go for a free seminar (now webinar) that looks something like below at zero cost.

is dominic tay a scam webinar min - Is Dominic Tay A Scam? Ugly Truths You NEED To Know Before Buying

And once you get to the webinar, he will teach – more like share with you on how he’s built the business and show you past student’s testimonials and achievement.

And of course, like many other online course webinars, you will be pitched to get the full course at the end, priced at $2,499 – a discounted price if and only if you take action straight away.

Is Dominic Tay A Scam

Here’s what you’re actually going to learn:

  1. Sell an e-book on Amazon
  2. Hire book cover designer & freelance writer to write the book
  3. List your book on Amazon
  4. Get reviews and “hack” the algorithm to get your book ranked on Amazon

The concept isn’t rocket science.

You can actually make decent money doing this – as I knew a few people who’ve done so. But they are definitely NOT millionaires.

There are a couple of BIG flaws when it comes to what he’s teaching, and I think if you do follow him, it’ll eat at you conscience.

Let’s see:

  • You will be creating books that aren’t even your expertise. Your freelance writers can just take a few available information on the internet and package it up for you. There’s no way this can give you consistent, long-term income as there will be waves of bad reviews coming your way.
  • Exchanging fake reviews among students. I know it’s one way to “hack” Amazon’s algorithm, but not only you’re risking getting banned on Amazon, you will also be scheming people in an unethical way.

I know that selling digital products can be extremely fruitful – I’ve done so, selling printables on Etsy and my other website. I can vouch that it works and it can give you a good passive income.

BUT I’m not selling something that I know nothing of, give people my pen name and asking for fake reviews in order to get some money.

I don’t think I can sleep at night doing that.

And guys, like anything good in life, it doesn’t come without hard work. You’ll definitely need to put in a lot more time and energy to make something work.

3 hours and get a money-making machine? Isn’t that just too good to be true?

And as we all know, nothing good comes free in life.

So, now that we know a little bit more about Dominic, let’s answer the burning question of the day.

Is Dominic Tay A Scam? Should You Trust Him?

Dominic Tay isn’t exactly a scam.

What he teaches you on paper, can be a good way to earn passive income – but it’s in no way that could be a very good long-term strategy for you.

I’m not going to lie, what he teaches you in the course seems a bit sketchy to me, despite having many students giving him good reviews.

I personally think the course isn’t even worth close to $1,000.

There are multiple free blogs and YouTube videos that teach you how to produce your own books and selling them on Amazon, Shopee – anywhere that you could think of.

Even though producing my own book can be a good idea for me in the future, I’m in no shape to do that just yet.

That’s why I love creating websites and sharing my ideas and thoughts on a platform like this – while making money.

If you’re a beginner, not knowing how to create something online as a side income, there’s a better opportunity for you, that can generate income not only for the next few months but for the next 10 to 20 years.

That brings me to the next section.

A Better Money-Making Opportunity For You

If you are still in your search of trying to make consistent income online, you want to learn more about affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing illustration min 18 - Is Dominic Tay A Scam? Ugly Truths You NEED To Know Before Buying

You can take advantage of people buying from Amazon with affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to be competing with Amazon. Instead, you take advantage on the vast number of people shopping there.

And it doesn’t need to just be Amazon. It can be any store or brand that you like.


There are a few reasons why this will be the best opportunity for you when you’re just starting out:

  • You can start for free (using my #1 recommended platform)
  • You don’t need to pay for any expensive tools or software
  • You only need to work on this a couple of hours a day
  • You don’t need to start creating products
  • You don’t need to “hack” anything
  • You will learn the organic and sustainable way of driving traffic
  • You don’t need to worry about customer support etc
  • You will still be able to earn from whatever that you’re building today 10 years from now

If you are interested and want to learn affiliate marketing the right way as a beginner, I will really recommend checking out my #1 recommended platform here.

It’s free for you to start as a beginner.

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Affiliate marketing is a business that is still giving me income today from something I’ve built and haven’t touched in 3 years.

Can you see how sustainable that is?

But just how much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

See how a stay-at-home-mum student from my #1 recommended training platform was able to make $2K from her new website with a new affiliate offer.

wealthy affiliate success story min 20 - Is Dominic Tay A Scam? Ugly Truths You NEED To Know Before Buying

She doesn’t have any internet marketing experience. She just went through the same training as you and do the work.

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