Is ByDzyne A Scam? Shocking Info To Know Before Joining

Hey guys, welcome to my ByDzyne review, a brand new MLM company that unlike others, they offer multiple niches under its umbrella.

They can be seen as more interesting by doing this, as you will have more opportunity to sell their products and make money – but there are things you should know before you join them.

Before I start, as always, know that this is coming from a 3rd party perspective. I’m by no means associated with ByDzyne.

I’m just here to give my honest and unbiased opinion to you before you make the decision to join this MLM company because I’ve been in an MLM and I know what to look for when digging up into these companies.

I hope this review will help you make better decision on whether or not you will still want to join them.

Now without further ado, let’s get started!

Is ByDzyne a scam? Here’s the truth…

ByDzyne Summary

Product: ByDzyne
Nat & Chanida Puranaputra, Sophia Wong, Chad & Nattida Chong
Product Type:
Tech, Beauty, Wellness, Lifestyle and Wealth
$39 Enrolment Fee + $300 to $7,000 Product Kit + $30 Monthly
ByDzyne was founded by a number of top network marketers out there in 2018, offering multiple products to users from tech, beauty, wellness, lifestyle as well as wealth.

Since the company was founded by top network marketers who have managed to become millionaires from their previous ventures, there are a lot of interests and buzz surrounding this company.

But does that mean that this company is better than MLM companies out there? Let’s find out below.

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What Is ByDzyne?

is bydzyne a scam

Now if you’re used to an MLM company offering products only in one niche, ByDzyne is going to be very different. The products they offer are very widespread from tech to beauty.

I’m still not sure whether that’s a good thing but as a consumer, I do find that the company has no exact specialty, and it’s a bit worrisome to me.

Because the founders are not exactly known to be from the tech industry nor beauty industry yet they come up with these 2 and more niches or categories for their company.

The founders are instead known to be successful network marketers or MLMers before this and those previous companies they had joined had collapsed or been under a lot scrutiny for being very close to a scam.

I’m not saying that ByDzyne is a scam or whether they are not a legit company – they are a legit company even though I still couldn’t find where exactly their office is.

If you want to know more about the aspiration behind the company, you can watch the video below:

Now we know that ByDzyne is an MLM company – there’s no hiding on that.

But before you join any MLM company, you need to know whether they are a pyramid scheme in disguise. So let’s first cover…

What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is essentially when a company’s operation is focusing solely on recruiting people. If you want to see a real life example of a pyramid scheme, I do recommend giving the video below a watch:

Now, because pyramid scheme is illegal to operate, many companies are disguising as an MLM company but are in fact still focusing and rewarding their members when they get to recruit more people.

This system is just bound to collapse in a matter of time. Let’s look at the diagram below from Wikipedia.

is bydzyne a scam

You can see that up to a certain level, you will run out of people in the world to recruit. And if you started at the bottom level, not only you will not make money, you will in fact lose money.

Now, to the question…

Is ByDzyne A Pyramid Scheme?

Before we can answer that question, we need to know how exactly they operate. And we can do that by looking at their compensation plan.

In essence, there are 2 main ways you can make money when joining an MLM:

1) Sell their products and get a commission
2) Recruit people under you to join ByDzyne

But many MLM will give a more elaborate compensation plan to excite newcomers. And we’re going to look at what does ByDzyne offers:

is bydzyne a scam

1) Retail Bonus – commission from selling their products

2) Infinity Welcome Bonus – Up to 25% cut from new Preferred Customers or Brand Ambassadors

3) Team Volume Commission

4) Infinity Matching Bonus

5) Global Pool Bank (GPB)

6) Super Car & Luxury Home Promotion

I didn’t give brief explanation from #3 to #6 because it can get tedious for me to explain here. Like many MLMs, they don’t make the compensation plan easy to understand.

If you still want to learn how they had set up the compensation plan for your educational purposes, you can watch the playlist here on YouTube.

You can see that they have 6 ways to reward you as their representative.

BUT only 1 way for you to make money without recruiting people. If you want to make more money, you have to build your downline and in the end, will be focusing more on getting people to join you.

I can say that this resembles very closely to a pyramid scheme. Because I’ve been in the same exact MLM company.

I do think ByDzyne is a pyramid scheme in disguise because I can see that they are not focusing on product selling. If they do, they will these actions below:

a) More commission and incentives to sell products instead of building downlines

b) Product retail for personal consumption should not be considered as PV (personal volume) to be considered as an active member, thus becoming eligible for commission.

In order for you to become eligible for the commission, you need to hit 30BV every month. It’s either you can sell the products or buy the products yourself.

This will create a situation where the reps are actually becoming the “customers” and the products are just a show for a pyramid scheme.

So even though they might not cross the pyramid scheme line just yet, to me, the company seems very risky.

But if you’ve been approached by someone who tells you that you will have an opportunity to make money anywhere and anytime you like by joining ByDzyne, let’s take a look at just how much you’ll be able to make with ByDzyne.

How To Make Money With ByDzyne?

First thing first, let’s calculate how much you will need to pay in order to join them:

– Enrolment fee as Brand Ambassador: $39.95
– Buy a product kit: from $300 to $7,000
– Monthly eligibility: $30

Total: From $699.95 to $7,399.95 annually

Now let’s see how much you’ll be able to make your money back, based on the income disclosure given by ByDzyne (figures from May 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020 ; 11 months).

is bydzyne a pyramid scheme

Just by looking at the table, I can see that at least more than 93% people who had joined ByDyzne actually lost money.

You need to at least spend $339.95 and 93.67% of them are only on average getting back less money than what they have previously invested.

Only 22 people out of thousands of agents actually made a decent living wage. 22 OUT OF 6997 agents = 0.31%.

Do you still want to take your 0.31% chances of joining ByDzyne and make decent money?

It’s something that you have to ask yourself. I wish I’d known all these figures when I first joined an MLM back before.

It’s easy to feel motivated and feel like you’re surrounded by positive-minded people. It’s exhilarating and you will learn how to put yourself out there.

However, when it comes to spending your money and especially YOUR time, you need to take a step back and make an educated decision.

And just to let you know, as an ex-MLMer, it will cost you a lot more as you’ll be spending on gas, training and sometimes paying for people’s lunches to get them to join you.

So it’s not only the initial investment that you’ll be putting down, there are a lot more..

What I Like About ByDzyne?

1) There are a lot of things being offered

One thing that I like when I was browsing through their website is that they actually offer a lot of things to the consumers.

I know that in the beginning I don’t really like this part about them – and it’s true that I still don’t like the fact they are offering tech, beauty etc products when they don’t have specialties in those areas.

But if you were to take a look at the travel or lifestyle part that they offer, that could actually be attractive to people who like to travel and get some discounts and savings.

Even though travel industry isn’t exactly the most lucrative right now.

What I DON’T Like About ByDzyne?

1) Expensive Products

When I first heard about ByDzyne, I know that they are selling a smartwatch called TUW that originally was priced $428 – almost at the same price level as the new Apple Watch 😊

But now that I went back to the website, I could see they have lowered down the price to $285.

That’s a lot of reduction. And it makes me think that perhaps the watch doesn’t worth that much after all.

Even when they reduced the price, the price is still at the level of other well-known brands like Samsung and Garmin that also produce a smartwatch. Perhaps a better smartwatch.

And the CBD – it’s just out of the world expensive. Even more expensive than this other CBD MLM.

2) Success Is Rare

As I’ve shown you before, the percentage of agents who are actually making a decent living wage is just 0.31%.

The possibility of you joining them and making money is very thin. And I do think that it’s much better if you were to put your investment, energy and time for something that’s proven to give you income.

Especially without you depending on recruiting people all the time.

Should You Go With ByDzyne?

My personal recommendation is NO.

I don’t see the buzz and specialty with their products, I couldn’t feel that the founders are genuine in bringing the products to the market that can really, really help people.

And combining the fact that many people are actually losing money with them… I can’t bring myself to recommend this company and opportunity to anyone.

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