Is Arieyl A Pyramid Scheme? DON’T Join Until You Read This!

Hey all, welcome to my Arieyl review, answering the million-dollar question “is Arieyl a pyramid scheme?”.

Arieyl is a pretty new company in the CBD industry that’s also adopted a multi-level marketing distribution method.

Since they are a new company, I won’t be able to dig up as much information as I usually could with other MLM companies, but I hope this review on them and their compensation plan can guide you on making your decision – whether or not to join them as a “Rockstar”.

Before I go on, a disclaimer, I’m by no means associated with Arieyl so whatever it is that I’m reviewing here comes from a third-party view.

I’ll be as honest and unbiased as I can be.

If you’re here to find out whether Arieyl is a legit company to make money on the side, well let’s get to it!

Is Arieyl a pyramid scheme? Here’s the truth…

Arieyl Summary

Product: Arieyl
Founder: Kristen and Travis Butler
Product Type: CBD products
Price: $25 Enrolment fee + Products + $35 Annual Fee
Rating: 20/100
Recommended: No
Summary: Arieyl is an MLM company selling CBD-based products from Florida. The founders used to be in another MLM, MyDailyChoice, and ended up opening their own MLM company last year in 2020.

Though they are a very new company, they have come up with a few product lines and a very attractive compensation plan. Many have run up to become one of the “founding” reps and the company has broken a $1 million sales in revenue in just a week in December.

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What Is Arieyl?

is arieyl a pyramid scheme

Founded in 2020, Kristen and Travis Butler built their own CBD company after being one of the top reps in MyDailyChoice – another CBD MLM company.

There are a few different product categories that they are currently offering:

1) CBD Oil
2) CBD Gummies
3) CBD Bath Salts
4) CBD Relief Cream
5) CBD Supplements

I’m not going to go through each of their product because I personally haven’t tried them out yet but I do know that their products are very overpriced – which is not surprising coming from an MLM company.

And I couldn’t find any reviews on their products just yet as the company is still very new.

If you want to check out their products, you can do so here.

Getting To Know The Founders

When I first heard and doing my research on this company, what’s interesting to me is that the founders are actually ex-representatives of MyDailyChoice.

If you don’t know who they are and want to get to know them better, you can watch the video below:

Now, they did mention that they had become a very successful rep in their previous company but they didn’t mention exactly why they left.

As the previous company that they were with (MyDailyChoice) is also offering basically the same product line, it’s good to tell how their products are different, why they left and started this whole new company.

If I’m one of their customers (not downline) before, I would like to know why. If the previous company’s products are no good, I think I deserved to know that.

But anyway, let’s move on to the next part.

Is Arieyl A Legit Company?

From my time of writing, there’s very little information that I can gather on them. But looking at their terms and conditions stated on their website, they do seem or are a legit company.

Just like any companies selling CBD products, they usually have to get a third party testing to verify the content and Arieyl does have that and shown on their website.

is arieyl a pyramid scheme

And Arieyl does have 60-day Money Back Guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied with their products, you can return the products back.

Take a note on their return policy though – you will need to pay a 10% restocking fee, even when you don’t like the products.

It’s not something that I’d be pleased with as a customer, to be honest.

But anyway moving on to the topic of the day.

How To Make Money With Arieyl?

I’m going to cover the compensation plan briefly here so you’ll have an idea on how you can make money with Arieyl. If you want to see them in detail, you can definitely go here and check it out.

Basically, there are 10 ways you can actually earn money with them:

1) Retail – you buy products at a discount as a VIP and sell them in retail price and you’ll get the profit.

2) Fast Money – depending on your rank, you will get different commission cut, based on how many level of downlines you have under you.

3) Way To Slay Bonus – get to Ruby level and get a bonus of $500, which will be paid in 2 consecutive months and the rank also has to be maintained within that 2 months.

4) Royalty Residuals (Binary) – 20% of the GV (Group Volume) on the lesser leg each month. This income is more tedious to explain, so I do recommend going through their compensation plan PDF.

5) Rockstar Check Matching – percentage match on everyone’s binary commissions in your organization up to 10 levels deep.

6) Rock Bonus – have 90 PV + reach and maintain a rank for 3 consecutive months. It will be one time payment and stackable.

7) Reign Bonus – after Rock Bonus, they will get Reign bonus paid over the next 20 months, based on the rank they maintained for that month.

8) Legacy Bonus – after getting Rock and Reign bonuses, Ruby and higher can continue their Reign bonus at their rank level.

9) Loyalty Bonus – to be updated.

10) Incentives Trips & Prizes – to be updated.

Or you can watch their video below:

Notice how Kristen mentioned the word “high risk” in their compensation plan? Well.

Also to mention here, you need to be commission qualified to get your cheque. And here’s how to do that:

– Enroll with a Business Builder Kit ($25 + Product)
– Accumulate at least 150 PV (they didn’t say monthly or quarterly or annually)
– Choose to process an optional 35 BV (Bonus Volume) autoshipment for Rockstar Rank or 90 BV for Gold Ranks and higher

Since reps can still buy the products themselves to be qualified for commissions, many (not all) who couldn’t sell the products will likely buy their own stocks.

This is a red flag to MLM companies because they are not pushing their reps to actually promote the products to others.

And instead making their agents to be the primary customers and grow the business mainly by recruitment.

There ARE MLM companies out there who wouldn’t count the rep’s own purchases as their PV and the reps won’t get a commission when they sign up a new downline.

This is so that the reps would actually go out and find new product consumers, focusing more on selling instead of continuously finding people to recruit.

Just so you know, this is not the case with Arieyl. I can see from their compensation plan that it will be focusing more on getting people under you.

I want to say that maybe this is not intention of the founders but the founders ARE from another MLM companies practicing this and I’m sure they know of this loophole practice.

Is Arieyl A Pyramid Scheme?

There are a few things that I would really like to highlight in this section but before I do that, if you’re still a bit confused or not really sure exactly what a pyramid scheme is, please watch the video below:

So basically the easiest way to spot a pyramid scheme is when a company is focusing on recruiting people to make money, period.

A pyramid scheme is illegal while MLM is legal for you to operate. However, there are a few companies that have been a pyramid scheme in disguise, hiding behind the products that they are selling.

Usually when the products are bogus or low quality and when there’s actually no one is using their products – not even the representatives.

So one way MLM companies do to make sure that they are NOT making their reps to focus solely on recruiting and buying the products themselves, they create a compensation plan that pushes reps to focus more on selling the products. Just like I mentioned above.

Because their products are actually of high quality, people DO want to get the products and it won’t be hard for reps to actually introduce and sell the products.

A few points to take note on Arieyl:-

1) They practice Pay-to-play

It’s basically a red flag especially when you can just skip a few ranks the minute you join just because you get the biggest starter kit.

It does feel a bit unfair to users who want to join but aren’t able to fork out that much money. It’ll be harder for them to rank higher fast.

2) Only 2 ways to make money without recruiting

Remember with a pyramid scheme a company is focusing on recruiting people? Well, I’m not yet saying that Arieyl is a pyramid scheme, their compensation plan is similar to any other MLMs out there, giving more bonuses when reps are building downlines and recruiting more people.

As Arieyl is still very new, it’s hard to say whether they are crossing the line – usually the company does not cross the line but the reps do, in terms of pushing downlines to get more downlines instead of pushing them to sell the products.

So my conclusion is with the question of “is Arieyl a pyramid scheme?” right now is that no, they are not. BUT I can’t say that my opinion will remain the same a month or a year from now.

It does remind me of LuLaRoe when they first started, and it was not a good memory.

Anyway, let’s move on to talk about things that I actually like about Arieyl (which spoiler alert, are not that many).

What I Like About Arieyl?

1) The company colors

They have branding colors of purple and turquoise which are the color mix that I use for my other website because I love the color combo.

But I do like it better if they were to make their website with a white background so that it’ll be easier to read and see the product clearly.

2) Their box packaging

is arieyl a pyramid scheme

I don’t like the dropper packaging, because on the picture they look low quality with slanted top that looks broken but I saw the packaging that you will get when you buy the starter kit.

is arieyl a pyramid scheme

I gotta say that it’s cute. Though it costs $500 to get this.

What I DON’T Like About Arieyl?

1) Arieyl vs Dispensaries

One thing is that, you can get the CBD products from a dispensary and it’s a lot safer in my opinion since you’ll be consulting with someone with proper certification.

I did some research on the pros and cons of buying CBD products from an online store vs a dispensary and you can do so too here.

Personally, when it comes to my health and things that I put into my body, I only want to deal with professionals. Even though Arieyl does have the third-party testing, to me, it doesn’t mean anything other than the content of CBD in that product.

I need to know how it will affect me, as an individual with my size, my diet, my health conditions etc.

2) Expensive Products

I like to go with Vegan products, so I found this gummies that cost $39.99 for 30 gummies.

arieyl gummies vegan - Is Arieyl A Pyramid Scheme? DON’T Join Until You Read This!

­ - Is Arieyl A Pyramid Scheme? DON’T Join Until You Read This!

Comparing this to Arieyl’s gummies…

is arieyl a pyramid scheme

Arieyl’s gummies come with 30 gummies as well by the way. But the price more than doubled than other store’s.

Is it really good? I don’t know. But is it worth it to pay $3 per gummy? Hmm, nope.

With their products being this expensive, it will be harder for the reps to sell them out too btw. Because other online stores are selling so much cheaper.

What makes Arieyl’s products worth that price? If someone knows, comment them below.

3­) Their Website

I know that they are new but I gotta say that this is probably the worst-looking MLM company website I’ve ever been to. Worse than Melaleuca’s.

I thought that the founders are loaded? Can’t they hire a better website designer?

I honestly feel like they create this website themselves. The product shots are awful, lights reflecting everywhere therefore hard to read the info on the product.

The background color of the website is black and their packaging is also black, oh my gosh. It’s just a sore to my eyes. I just can’t take it.

Sorry not sorry. It’s just awful.

If you go to other CBD online store website, they look amazing. There’s no excuse on this.

4) Lawsuit

Just so you know, there’s a lawsuit being filed against the founders and Arieyl by MyDailyChoice.

Is it a surprise? Hmm, maybe not?

Should You Go With Arieyl?

Now I’m just going to wrap up my review and thoughts on Arieyl.

I personally think if you do like to consume CBD products, I bet that you can get them easily in dispensaries and even if you go to other online stores, you can get them by a lot cheaper.

But if you’re only looking at Arieyl as a way for you to make extra money, then take this from someone who’s been in an MLM for a year – it’s not worth it.

Maybe you’re currently in an MLM right now and you feel great, as I did because you feel like you’re in a very positive environment with your community and so on.

BUT, when it comes to money you just have to be real with yourself.

How much exactly are you getting back out of your MLM business? Does it cover your first “investment”? Does it cover your expenses? How much time do you spend working on it every day?

And at one point you’ll find yourself being too consumed by the business that you can literally forget about things in your life, even your family.

There are a lot of other opportunities to make money out there – pushing people around you to join your “business” is just something that isn’t sustainable.

And the worst part is, there’s only a 1% of possibility of you making money with MLM based on this study by FTC.

A Better Way To Make Money

I and many other ex MLMers have found a lot better way to make money, promoting products that we genuinely love with affiliate marketing.

It’s almost similar to the point that you’ll get a commission when someone buys from you.

But with affiliate marketing, you don’t need to fork up money to start joining a company, you don’t need to recruit people like ever, and it’s much more sustainabl to run.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I still get paid today for a product review that I did 3 years ago.

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  1. I will take this advice and see what happens…so far I am happy with Arieyl and the founders. I will give it a short try and see what happens! I am in it to sell product not recruit people.. maybe I will fail! We’ll see! JM

    • Hi Jane,

      I’m glad you’re happy with them! And happy to hear that you’re in it to sell the products instead of only recruiting people.
      Hope you find your success.



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