Is AffiliateCreatr A Scam? Honest Review by a NON-Affiliate 2021

Hey all, welcome to my AffiliateCreatr review.

So you’re currently thinking of making extra money with affiliate marketing, and somehow came across or being promoted AffiliateCreatr to start your affiliate marketing journey?

This AffiliateCreatr product promises us to be able to create our own affiliate marketing websites in minutes using its many done-for-you templates that we can simply plug and play.

It sounds easy and the cost is also affordable.

But does the product really live up to the hype? And can it really be the one product that can bring you a lot of commission in affiliate marketing?

My review below will show you how this product works and why this product isn’t as great as you think it is.

But before I start off with the review, do know that I’m by no means associated or affiliated with AffiliateCreatr or its product owners.

Therefore, this is my unbiased third-party perspective as I’m not going to profit in any way should you decide to get the product.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now, so hopefully with my bit of experience in this space, it’ll help you decide on getting the right training and tools.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

Is AffiliateCreatr a scam? Here’s the truth…

Here are what I’ll be talking about in this review:

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What Is AffiliateCreatr?

Is AffiliateCreatr A Scam

Product Name: AffiliateCreatr
Price: $17.19 + Upsells
Owner: Kurt Chrisler
Recommended? No

AffiliateCreatr is a software, or rather a WordPress plugin that can help you set up your website in minutes by importing done-for-you content.

It claims to help you create multiple different content surrounding trending niches with more than a million free images to choose from to be put as the featured image in just 3 simple steps.

Let’s look at below on how the product can actually help you in your affiliate marketing business.

How AffiliateCreatr Really Works

AffiliateCreatr concept of making money isn’t exactly new. In fact, many affiliate marketers actually start off by creating content on their website, get traffic to them and get commission when users buy the product that the promote.

It’s a well-known strategy in affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing illustration min 13 - Is AffiliateCreatr A Scam? Honest Review by a NON-Affiliate 2021

However, Kurt had created this product that can help new affiliate marketers to save time by using his templated articles that had been done and written by someone else.

All you need to do is to import the articles to your website, depending on your niche.

Here are the steps that you will need to take:

1) Create your WordPress website (get a hosting and a domain)
2) Install AffiliateCreatr plugin
3) Choose a niche that you want to promote
4) Click on articles that you’d like to feature on your website
5) Select free images to use as featured images
6) Submit and you’ll see those articles on your website.

These steps and AffiliateCreatr will definitely help you save some time with your affiliate marketing efforts.

But you need to remember that if a product is just too good to be true, they usually are..

Here are some disadvantages of AffiliateCreatr:

1) Duplicated Content

Kurt should know this better than anyone if he’s a successful affiliate marketer.

The bottom line is that search engines don’t appreciate duplicated content out there. They want people to always being engaged with different news and content every time.

If there are multiple students of AffiliateCreatr using the same niche and content, both of you will get penalised and the website that you’ve paid for hosting and domain now will just be a waste..

Plus, we don’t exactly know who actually writes all those content. What we know is that the articles are being taken from an RSS Feed. RSS Feed is usually coming from a legit website out there.

If you take an article from there, not only you have duplicated content already on Google but you’re plagiarising other people’s work which is to me, highly unethical.

Yes, on the sales page, it’s mentioned that the plugin will come with a built-in content spinner where it’s going to “spin” the content to make it “new” or “unique” again. But do know that search engines are getting a lot smarter nowadays.

They know when the content is just being paraphrased from an existing website. When Google catches you, your website will be penalized and it’s going to be hard to salvage it.

The way for you to win on search engines nowadays is to create a totally unique content that’s better than any other content out there. Therefore, you’ll be able to outrank your competitors.

2) Done-For-You System
Is AffiliateCreatr A Scam

This correlates a bit with the first point but you need to know that with all done for you system or products, they always come with some risk.

For example, when a product gets shut down or go away some day (which believe it or not, many of them do), you will be at the product owner’s mercy. Your hard work could just go all away in one day.

But with what I do and how I run my affiliate marketing business, my content is from me and no one can take that away.

Another point is that with DFY system, you unfortunately won’t be learning anything. If you want to earn money for long period of time consistently, you will need to know, learn and master the skill of making money online.

Create your own online asset, learn from the process and take control of your own online business! That’s how you become successful.

3) Not A Complete System

While AffiliateCreatr seems to help fellow affiliate marketers to save time from writing content, they forgot to share how to get traffic to those websites.

A full of content website without traffic still won’t generate money.

If you only get the plugin, you will need to find ways to generate traffic. If you’re relying on organic traffic, I don’t think the website will go far with the duplicated content.

But, if you’re sold with one of their upsells, Pro Edition (additional $37), they claim to build traffic and backlinks right from the software.

Do note that many of these products, as I’ve seen and reviewed many of them, whenever they offer to give you backlinks for free, many of those backlinks will be low quality and in the long run will only hurt your website.

Backlinks are supposed to be organic and not meant to be bought. As many affiliate marketers try to “hack” their way to link building, Google has become smarter and actually penalises those websites who try to do black hat link building.

So my advice is not to go this route and do it more organically.

And as for traffic that they mention, it’s basically giving you a whole lot of different online platforms that you can share the articles to. Some platforms are not even meant to be a sharing platforms.

With how I run my websites, all my visitors are coming organically from search engines (just like how you found my website today) and I don’t do any black hat tricks trying to “hack” my way to #1 ranking.

This way it’s more sustainable, Google will love me and I’m not spamming anyone on any platforms.

Is AffiliateCreatr A Scam or Legit?

No, AffiliateCreatr isn’t exactly a scam. It is a legitimate product that can potentially work to a certain extent, but you will definitely need more authentic content and authority to be able to consistently make money with affiliate marketing.

AffiliateCreatr won’t only charge you $17.19, it will also present to you with multiple of upsells if you want to add more articles, add traffic option and backlinks, get developer license as well as getting their iMarketers Hosting to host your website.

From $17.19, you could end up paying a total of $141.

You’re not going to get broke with $141 out of your pocket but you can certainly direct that money to a more legitimate affiliate marketing training.

Instead of getting all done-for-yous, might as well learn how to do them. Do you want to learn how to fish or just keep buying them?

Therefore, from all the things that I’ve presented above, I can’t recommend AffiliateCreatr to anyone.

A Better Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The concept of affiliate marketing that I’ve learned a few years ago when I first started isn’t far from what’s being taught in AffiliateCreatr.

However, the training that I went through teaches us how to create an evergreen online asset and build our very own content because that’s what going to make our business sustainable.

In the training, you will learn how to build a website and online business that will position you as an authority in your niche and build trust with your readers.

You see, one way that a website can build trust with its readers is by giving human-like and unique content. Not only done-for-you content can be penalized heavily by Google but when you have a more human touch in your content, your readers will notice that and in return trust your advice.

The training doesn’t only teach on creating your content, even though that’s one of the biggest parts you’ll learn, but also different aspects that will help your affiliate marketing business to earn in autopilot mode.

You can find out what this training is all about and how it works here in my free training.

It will take work to earn money online but with this training, you won’t need to worry about being penalised by Google or trying to create something that you don’t even like.

You can pick your own niche and the products that you want to promote.

Again, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You do need to put in the work, like many successful businessmen if you want your business to grow and last.

The best part of this training is that you can get started for FREE and see whether I’m a real person without even opening your wallets or sharing your credit card details.

And if you follow my free guide and get on with the training, you could get ME as your very own buddy, mentor, or personal coach to guide you every step of the way.

So stop wasting time with templated content that won’t get your far and start investing for a business that’ll last today!


If you have any questions regarding AffiliateCreatr or anything else, feel free to leave a comment below as I always reply to my readers 😊

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