Exitus Review – Can It Really Give You $414 Everyday?

In this post, we’ll be talking about an information product that teaches you how to strategically convert traffic into sales so you can fully maximize being an affiliate with high ticket products. This is my Exitus review.

A lot of affiliate courses have taught different ways of how affiliates can be more successful in this field. Some products have taught affiliates how they can optimize their content, how to get more traffic, and convert those traffic to sales. Because at the end of the day, what’s the use of traffic if they don’t purchase your product, right?

That’s where products like Exitus come in. It will teach you different strategies and techniques that will entice visitors to purchase the product you’re promoting. But before we buy this product, let’s further research what Exitus is about and what it can bring to the table.

Exitus Review Summary

Product Name: Exitus
Founder: James Fawcett and Mark Barret
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
Price: $12.95 (Front end fee)
Rating: 20/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Exitus is an information product that claims to help newbies earn more in affiliate sales. It has a ton of short training videos that teaches you how you can convert more sales with the high ticket products that you promote. Let’s dig in further to determine whether this product really does what it offers.

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What Is Exitus?

- Exitus Review - Can It Really Give You $414 Everyday?

Exitus is a product course filled with a series of short training videos that teach you strategies on how you can make affiliate commissions on high ticket products that you promote. The lessons taught here also works with any types of products that you’re planning to be an affiliate of.

The main focus of the course here is to teach you to fully utilize opt-in forms to get details of your visitors for you to update and follow up on them. Exitus also covers how to effectively use these forms to have a higher chance of conversion sales.

By definition, opt-in forms are consent given by web users showing interest in a product or service by providing information like emails, names, or phone numbers.

Looking at Exitus’ sales page, it’s almost identical to other products that don’t have much to offer. Because on their sales page, they don’t show what the product offers. They just present how much you’ll make, what life you’ll be living, and how easy it is to make money when you purchase this.

This type of sales page is common to products that don’t give any value to their buyers. But before we jump the gun and assume that Exitus is like those products, let’s first dive in on what it offers.

What Does Exitus Offer?

exitus members area min - Exitus Review - Can It Really Give You $414 Everyday?

In the member’s area, there are at least 6-7 modules or topics that you’ll be learning about before you reach the product’s upgrades and offers.

Section 1: Welcome (Introduction)

Almost all products have a welcome video to make you on board with what they’ll teach you. In this section, the instructor/s will introduce you to the method taught in this course and how it came to be.

Section 2: Overview And Case Study

After giving you an introduction, there will be an overview of the product. Here you will learn about the Exitus process and how it can deliver affiliate sales to you or increase commission sales.

Along with that, there’s also a case study shared in this section. Which is a good feature to have since most affiliate products just go directly to the lessons without showing proof that it has been tested already.

Section 3: Implementing Exitus

Under this section, this is where the meat of the process can be located. Section 3 contains 4 topics to be discussed and all are focused on how you can convert traffic to sales.

  1. Creating An Opt-in Form – You’ll learn how to create an opt-in form that stands out by using Instabuilder.
  2. Choosing A High Ticket Offer – In this lesson, you’ll know where’s the location of these high-ticket “high quality” training programs in the Clickbank marketplace.
  3. Article Creation With An Affiliate Offer – In this section, you’ll understand the use of creating a bridge page or landing page. You’ll also learn a bit of information on how you can create one.
  4. Video Sales Letter – This part shows you the use of a video funnel for a program named Method X which is available in the bonus section of the product.
  5. The Discount Code – Here you will learn how to integrate a discount code on the latter part of your landing page.

Section 4: Setting Up Your Exit Intent

Just like the section above, section 4 also has different topics below it. This time it talks about your exit intent.

  1. Installing The Exit-Intent Popup – In this video, you’ll learn and install the plugin called SUMO. SUMO plugin brings a ton of features to any website that it’s integrated into. It’s able to give a Smart Bar, Scroll Box, a list builder, and even shows you a heat map to show you where your visitors are clicking on your site.
  2. Creating An Exit-Intent Popup Form – In this section, you’ll learn the steps on how you can create an effective exit intent pop up.
  3. Bot Set Up – Here you’ll learn how you can combine a chatbot with your sales page. Although adding this is only optional.
  4. Structuring the Email Follow Up Sequence – In this part of the course, you’ll get to see a video that teaches you how to set up an email sequence to follow up on your sales page.

Section 5: Exitus Traffic Strategies

In this section, you’ll understand two different types of traffic such as Paid Traffic and Free Traffic.

When using Paid Traffic, they promote using Solo Ads and Google Ads. While for free traffic, it focuses on using Twitter.

Section 6: Exit Intent In Action

This section shows the entire method of what this product sells you. You’ll also see live proof and results presented by the course instructor.

Section 7: Exitus Bonus

The bonus included in this product is the top recurring offers to promote, bonus cash converting to follow-up swipes, Little Black Book, and their new product Method X.

How Does Exitus Work?

You can basically implement the Exitus method in only three steps.

Step 1 – Grab A High Converting Offer

exitus step 1 min - Exitus Review - Can It Really Give You $414 Everyday?

As mentioned above, one of the topics discussed here will be knowing where and how to look for offers that can bring you big affiliate commissions. Other than looking for these offers and products, this course will also guide you on how you can be approved as an affiliate.

Step 2 – Blast It With Traffic

exitus step 2 min - Exitus Review - Can It Really Give You $414 Everyday?

It’s in Section 5 where you can learn how to get traffic to your pages and links.

Step 3 – Relax And Enjoy The Cash

exitus step 3 min - Exitus Review - Can It Really Give You $414 Everyday?

And apparently, those are the only things you need to do to see commissions flood in your accounts. Which is very hard to believe and it seems too good to be true.

What I Like About Exitus

newbie min - Exitus Review - Can It Really Give You $414 Everyday?

For me, there’s not a lot to like about Exitus because this isn’t an in-depth information product that really guides you every step of the way.

What I observed is that there’s always missing information regarding the lessons taught in this course. Just like how they shared the importance of landing pages but doesn’t give out a specific way on how to create these kinds of pages.

And if they say that Exitus is good for beginners, then that’s just not true at all. I don’t even believe their statement that it can help newbies quit their 9-5.

Is Exitus A Scam?

No, I don’t think Exitus is a scam. It’s a legitimate cloud-based product where you can really buy it from the vendor. But still, I don’t recommend you wasting time and money on this course.

The product just doesn’t give out quality content and the missing pieces of information were the deciding factor to me. When a product claims that it’s newbie-friendly, it should be assumed that when a person buys this course he or she will be able to apply the methods taught with ease. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for Exitus.

Newbies who will buy this product will be left guessing how the instructor got to where he is presenting. Also, some software presented in the course will require you to buy it separately from the product.

Other than those shortcomings, the product also comes with upsells that are a bit pricey to what it offers.

Upgrade 1: Exitus Fast Track ($37)

The creators will share a “secret asset” that will make your conversion rate go up significantly. Keeping it a secret to your potential buyers is just plainly wrong. If they’ve purchased the product already, you at least should be transparent with them regarding your upgrades.

Upgrade 2: Exitus DFY Package ($97)

This is another mystery upgrade wherein you don’t know what you’re getting since the offer just talks about what you’ll achieve when you purchase this upgrade.

Upgrade 3: Exitus Profit Box ($47)

With upgrade number 3, they claim that you’ll be able to maximize profits. You’ll be able to increase your rate of return and multiply your profits tenfold.

Upgrade 4: Exitus Insiders Commission Profitz Club ($67)

Here you’ll be able to join the Exitus Facebook community wherein you’ll get weekly calls and training sessions.

Upgrade 5: Exitus Unlimited Traffic ($97)

With this Upgrade, it lets you know more about the creators’ traffic methods that will “surely” bring in a handful of buyers to any offer.

Upgrade 6: Exitus Cash Automator Machines ($47)

You’ll be presented to a number of automators that can bring you more affiliate profits.

Upgrade 7: Exitus License Rights ($37)

You’ll have the approval to promote and sell Exitus while keeping 100% of the commissions. I don’t see any advantage because it’s not a product that you would want to sell.

Just by looking at these upgrades, it doesn’t bring much value to the buyers and they will end up just wasting their money on these upgrades.

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