Daily Commissions Blueprint Review – Is The Product Worth Your Time?

This Daily Commissions Blueprint review aims to know whether this system delivers what it promises. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to know what this product offers and is it for you or are you better off with other programs.

Commissions from selling products is a good way to earn money on the side but what’s stopping most people is not knowing where to start. And this where commission programs and systems enter the picture.

Different commission programs claim that their product is the only thing you need to achieve X amount of dollars per day. While some of them are indeed helpful, there’s still a lot that scam people of their money. These groups of people will either sell a fake product or create an overpriced course or program.

In this post, let’s determine whether Daily Commissions Blueprint is the real deal or just another commission program out there.

Daily Commissions Blueprint Review Summary

Product Name: Daily Commissions Blueprint
Founder: Devon Brown
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course (pdf)
Price: $12.95
Rating: 50/100
Recommended: Yes (only if you buy the front-end deal)

Summary: Daily Commissions Blueprint is a 100% dummy-proof blueprint that people are using to pocket up to $480 in daily commissions. With this manuscript, it claims that it will teach you the easiest and fastest method for you to make money online without creating your own products to sell.

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What Is Daily Commissions Blueprint?

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Daily Commissions Blueprint is a 50+ page manuscript that will teach a step by step process on how you can make money off commission sales. You can use this program even though you’re not computer savvy or have prior knowledge in this field.

It claims to be 100% beginner-friendly and has a proven track record. The buyer’s results are displayed on its sales page.

This system is the consolidated product of Devon Brown’s experience and learnings on his 7 years of being an online marketer.

Devon Brown is a top affiliate marketer on Clickbank and has released products that have gained success as well. He’s also the creator of 12-Minute Affiliate which is a Done-For-You affiliate marketing system. This product of his has been purchased a lot and the majority of the reviews are positive.

Aside from being a product creator, Devon is also a blogger, speaker, success coach, and an online entrepreneur. Devon’s name is quite known in the space and has a good reputation attached to it.

What Does Daily Commissions Blueprint Offer?

What Daily Commissions Blueprint brings to the table are the strategies that Devon used to earn as much as $500 per sale in commissions.

  • He’ll be talking about the fastest and easiest method for making money online which truly benefits the users who aren’t tech-savvy, who don’t have products to sell, and those who don’t want to touch customer support.
  • The system that Devon teaches doesn’t involve holding an actual product and dealing with customer complaints. He’s going to teach you how you can leverage online marketing to your advantage so you don’t have to deal with those things above.
  • The manuscript will also include the ONLY 6 ingredients that Devon uses to make a profit every week. And he emphasizes that having more than 6 will be a hindrance to your money-making goals.
  • He’ll also introduce the 3 100% FREE sites that he’s using so he can find products that will pay him as much as $500 PER SALE in commissions. These products aren’t just your ordinary products, these are of quality and delivers what it intends to. With this, he’ll also teach you what products to AVOID and how you can spot them immediately.
  • Devon also teaches a 30-second hack for writing a powerful copy and a single indicator that tells you that this product is a sure thing.

Setting Up In Three Easy Steps

Since the product is a system that’s taught in a written format, you can follow it in three easy simple steps.

3 steps min - Daily Commissions Blueprint Review - Is The Product Worth Your Time?

Aside from those features and these simple steps to get started, the product also comes with a step by step training for you to really understand how this blueprint works.

dab3 min - Daily Commissions Blueprint Review - Is The Product Worth Your Time?

What I like About Daily Commissions Blueprint

Believable Numbers And Testimonials

Unlike other courses that promise to make you earn $1,000 on a daily basis, this system is different from that. It can claim that it gives you $500 on commission sales because its previous users were able to do it.

Plus, on their sales page, the testimonials aren’t made up images. The page was plastered with screenshots of real results of different users. From an increased email list and subscribers to people banking 3 to 4 digits in commission sales.

No Prior Experience Needed

The system is 100% newbie-friendly and can be understood with no complex processes. These lessons can be used with ease and it’s simple to implement.

In case you need further assistance on the product, Devon will be giving a free video that shows the overview of the system.

The Price Of The Product Is Fair

Even though this is a written product that comes with a training video, other people would have sold this for a greater price.

You don’t often see a proven product that sells for less than $20 in this competitive space. Most “marketers” nowadays will sell a mediocre product for 3 to 4 figures.

It Doesn’t Claim That It’s The Holy Grail

I’ve seen creators mention that their product is the only thing you need to make money online. Wherein they entice people to buy the product and let its magic work for them.

In the case of Daily Commissions Blueprint, it mentions that for you to see your desired results, you need to put in the effort and be consistent. You also need to follow what the instructions are so you can utilize the lessons effectively.

Detailed Discussions

Every topic discussed in the product is in detail. Devon dives into the framework of each step/topic so you can really make use of the lessons that he teaches.

Is Daily Commissions Blueprint A Scam?

No, this product isn’t a scam. If you’re also new to the world of making money online, then this product can teach you a thing or two. What I suggest is to ONLY BUY this if you’re planning to only purchase this deal alone.

With $12.95 (considering you won’t purchase the upsells), you’re getting your money’s worth. You’re buying Devon’s 7 years of experience in the field of marketing and making money online. If you don’t like the product or it doesn’t meet your expectation, it also gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

BUT if you’re trying to buy the program along with the upsells, I DON’T recommend you to do that. Because you’re now spending way too much dollars for additional information. The upsells don’t come cheap as well, it ranges from $37 to $197.

Upsell #1: Daily Commissions Blueprint – Walkthrough ($97)

With this deal, you’ll get a step by step walkthrough of the entire blueprint. If you do decline this offer, a discounted price of $47 will be given to you.

Upsell #2: Daily Commissions Blueprint – 3x Commissions Formula ($37)

In this offer, Devon will teach you the exact method that he uses to increase his commission sales by three-fold. The discounted price is $27.

Upsell #3: Daily Commissions Blueprint – Traffic Fuel ($97)

Devon will share his tested and proven strategies to get unlimited traffic to your money-making system. The discounted price is at $67.

Upsell #4: Daily Commissions Blueprint – Ultimate Online Business Toolbox ($197)

If you buy this, Devon introduces you to every tool you’ll need to build a successful internet business. The discounted price is $97.

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