Unbiased Commission Pages Review – Read This First Before Buying

With all the new systems in the money-making space, it’s important to research more about them and be objective to what it promises to deliver. Today, I’ll be writing my feedback on a new commission system that claims to make $525+ every day. Welcome to my unbiased Commission Pages review.

Different money-making software and systems have been made recently due to the influx of demand and curiosity in the industry. A lot of these systems claim that they are the solution to marketers’ problems in making money.

Some of them speak the truth while others are created for the sole reason to suck in newbies and scam them for their money. So in this post, let’s determine what Commission Pages bring to the table.

Commission Pages Review Summary

Product Name: Commission Pages
Founder: Glynn Kosky
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Software
Price: $17.00
Rating: 20/100
Recommended: No

Summary: With Commission Pages, you’re able to create income-generating affiliate campaigns that promote “high quality” products. This software will give you DFY profit pages while you build your list and make commissions at the same time. In addition to those features, you also get traffic, hosting, and training to make you fully maximize this software.

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What Is Commission Pages?

CP min - Unbiased Commission Pages Review - Read This First Before Buying

Commission Pages is a DFY system that comes with products in various niches with high converting landing pages for each of those items. With this system and its DFY profit pages, it aids you in building your list and make commissions at the same time.

Commission Pages comes with your traffic and hosting needs, training on how you can fully utilize it, and has world-class support ready to cater to your needs.

Some people say that with all the features that Commission Pages bring such as its lead page templates and premium DFY lead magnets, you’re not buying just another system, you’re already buying a finished business.

But the question is, is this ready-made business profitable? Does it give you $500-$1,000 every day as it claims? To answer that, let’s get deeper into this product.

How Does Commission Pages Work?

CP steps min - Unbiased Commission Pages Review - Read This First Before Buying

This system has made everything easy for buyers of this product. For you to see its wonders and magic, you only need three steps.

Step 1: Buy the product and login to the system.

Step 2: You can add your campaign, edit existing DFY campaigns, or go with the ready DFY campaigns.

Step 3: Enjoy the “unlimited” free traffic and start seeing the results within hours.

Simple, right? But as you read further on this review, you’ll know why it was intentionally made that way.

The Different Features Of Commission Pages

Tons Of Video Training

While browsing this system, there’s a lot of video training under the Tutorial section of the website. These videos will teach you how you can use the Done For You campaigns, how you can integrate autoresponders, how you can create your own campaign and publish them, and tutorial on other features.

The video training also includes how you can get different types of traffic so more people can see your commission pages. It also has bonus content that redirects you to their Youtube channel.

Zero Learning Curve And No Experience Needed

With this system featuring and utilizing a ton of DFY, any user can take advantage of this system with ease. Beginners will have an easy time setting up their own campaigns while using the DFY to get commission sales.

Everything Is Provided For You

When you’re going to build a campaign or edit existing ones, you don’t have to do a lot. You just simply provide what the system is asking for like Theme Color, Background Image, What Autoresponder To Use, Affiliate Name, Affiliate URLs, etc.

Other Key Features:

  • Commission Pages App
  • Free Traffic Generator
  • High Converting DFYs
  • 180 Days Money Back Guarantee

What I Like About Commission Pages?

There’s not much I like about Commission Pages other than the fact that their system is easy to navigate and customize.

On top of that, they also offer a 180 days money-back guarantee if you don’t see results within that time period.

Other than those things, I think the creator of this system is more concerned about his product than actually helping out beginners. Let me explain further in the next section.

Is Commission Pages A Scam?

No, I don’t think this system/software/company is a scam BUT I really suggest not to waste your money and time on this.

Why? Because of several things… Let’s first start off on their sales page.

Sales Page

If you read their entire sales page, they’re just using the same information over and over again. When a company does that, it’s a clear sign that their product doesn’t have much to offer.

It Sells You A Lifestyle Than Actual Facts Of The Product

You know when a product has limited features because the creators will advertise what life you’ll have if you purchase the product. Instead of advertising more of the features, these people will sell you a lifestyle instead.

The only group of people that will fall for that trick would be beginners or newbies in the industry. That’s why they made everything so simple – they tell you that you don’t need any experience, little work is needed to be done, you’ll receive a ton of free things, you’ll be your own boss and be financially free.

Where’s The Actual Proof? Where’s The Receipts?

What they’re showing on their sales page can be easily photoshopped or edited. The sales and the figures that they’re presenting are not coming from the system itself. If it does what it promises (make $525+ every day), how come they still need to make images with dollar figures?

Who Does It Really Benefit?

Does this system really benefit beginners or the creator (Glynn Kosky)? Because when you look at the Done-For-You Campaigns, it’s all the products of Glynn Kosky. The way I see it, Glynn is using this system so that he will get free promotions when buyers of this product will publish the DFY.

With this, it raises the question – does Glynn Kosky really make money as an online marketer?

The Same People Reviewing All The Products

Of course, when you look at a sales page of the product, you always look at what people are saying about it. Obviously, you’ll only get to read positive feedbacks but you’re hoping that their review is genuine and true. Is this the case for Commission Pages?

Let’s take a look at what “newbies” have to say:

cp testi min - Unbiased Commission Pages Review - Read This First Before Buying

When reading these reviews, you need to be a little bit skeptical.. So I searched for other products that do the same thing as Commission Pages. And lo and behold, here they are again:

Here’s another product review:

cptesti3 min - Unbiased Commission Pages Review - Read This First Before Buying
Its Brendan..without the cap.

And lastly, I searched the sales page of an OLDER product and guess who are the reviewers? Yes, you guessed right:

cp testi 4 min - Unbiased Commission Pages Review - Read This First Before Buying
Taylor, how long have you been a newbie?

You’d think that this innovative product will be reviewed by unique and genuine users but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Another common thing about those reviewed products is it’s coming from Glynn Kosky – these are all of his products.

No Reviews With Results

Since this is a product that can give 3 to 4 figures a day, I’m sure a lot of people have bought this money-generating machine, right? Wrong. All the reviews about this product are just trying to sell you this system. It’s not genuine and they’re writing their reviews for the sake of converting a commission sale.

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