Cash For Steps App – Can This App Give You Money By Walking?

In this review, let’s determine whether the Cash For Steps app can be a legitimate software to earn money, or will it scam you of your time and effort. This is an application that claims that you can earn real money just by walking and reaching achievements.

In today’s society, a lot of software companies urge a lot of people to take action using their application. Some apps encourage people to jog in return for rewards while others push users to even just walk for certain steps and they’ll be receiving cash instantly.

These applications are quite appealing to users because walking, jogging, or any physical activity is just part of their everyday routine, so why not join these apps to make potential money? Today, let’s figure out just how true what Cash For Steps claims. Let’s find out whether we can indeed get significant money from this application.

Cash For Steps App Review Summary

Product: Cash For Steps
Creator: Oleh Stakhovych
Product Type: Fitness Application
Price: Free download
Rating: 30/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Cash For Steps is a fitness application that gives you the chance to make money just by simply walking. The application itself goes beyond recording your steps, it has features where you can see the success of other people, chat with them and interact with their posts. It also has bonuses that you can do within the app to get accumulate points in exchange for money.

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What Is Cash For Steps

cash for steps min - Cash For Steps App - Can This App Give You Money By Walking?

Cash For Steps is an application that’s available for download on your mobile phones. It’s an app that claims to make you money just by simply walking.

Applications like Cash For Steps are a hit throughout recent years because it basically rewards you just by doing everyday things. In the case of this app, it rewards you cash by walking which is very easy to achieve since you do this every day.

Fitness applications with rewards are appealing to users because there’s no actual downside when participating in them – you get to exercise, do your daily routine, and potentially get paid.

Upon further research on the app, it seems like it doesn’t just give out cash but it also rewards you with gift cards. Which is another benefit to its users since some people are into acquiring gift cards from their favorite stores.

How Does Cash For Steps Work?

cash for steps how it works min - Cash For Steps App - Can This App Give You Money By Walking?

To get the money, you need to first walk. Every day, Cash For Steps will select 20 random users within yesterday’s top 200 and will get $1 dollar each.

So before you get awarded with $1 dollar, you need to beat all the other users in terms of walks registered. But at this point, you don’t have to surpass all of them, you just need to be at least in the top 200 to be qualified for the random draw.

Other than reaching the top percentile, you can also go for reaching achievements. There are a total of seven achievements that you can earn that pays you $1.00 each time you reach 5 stars to complete them.

Below are the different achievements that you can accomplish:

Daily Check-Ins

In this achievement, you can log-in to the application and check-in. Once you’ve reached a total of 100 check-ins, you’ll get five stars on this achievement which qualifies you to receive $1.00.


Just by having the app installed, you can get paid already. For every 50 days that the application is installed on your device, you’ll earn $1.00.

Maximum Steps Per One Day

Just by reaching 30,000 steps, you’ll be able to achieve five stars on this feature. When you reach that, you’ll receive an additional $1.00.

How Often You Reached Top 100: Reaching the top 100 with thousands of users is a great achievement to reach. Wiht this, if you have reache the top 100 for 21 times, you’ll be eligible to get $1.00

How Often You’re In Top 5

Since getting at the top 100 is already hard enough, reaching the top 5 requires to get a lower number. If you get to reach the top 5 only 7 times, you’ll receive $1.00 immediately.


To reach five stars on this achievement, you need to get 100,000 points. After achieving that, you’ll get$1.00. There are a lot of activities that the app tells you to do so you can accumulate points faster. Some of those would be daily check-ins, special offers, random bonuses, completing a survey, following them on social media, and many more.

Survey Points

To achieve five stars on this achievement you need to accumulate 1,000 points.

Features Of Cash For Steps

cash for steps features min - Cash For Steps App - Can This App Give You Money By Walking?

There are tons of features that Cash For Steps app provide for its users. It’s even designed to be like social media app on its own. The overall flow and feel of the application is smooth, easy to use and simple to navigate.

Track Your Progress

On the home page of the application, you can immediately see today’s result and where you rank. It shows you how many steps you’ve taken and the measurement of that in Kilometers. You can also share your accomplishment to other users as well.

Daily Bonuses

Under Today’s Bonuses, you get to see the points you’ve received today and the total maximum points that you can achieve. It also tells you what other activities you can do and how much points will it give you.


Next up would be the leaderboard. In this feature. you’ll get to see today’s ranking. You can see the top 200 users who are gunning to take part of the top 200 randomization to get some cash.

Other than displaying today’s leaders, you’ll also get to see Yesterday’s top users and the previous winners.

features min - Cash For Steps App - Can This App Give You Money By Walking?

News Feed

In its news feed feature, you’ll get to see the different accomplishments done by different users. You can also see how many stars they’ve achieved. You can interact with those posts by liking or sharing it. The same goes for you. You can also share your results with other users and they can interact with it as well.

Finding New People

You can meet new people inside the application. You can message them or follow them to be updated with their accomplishments.

What I Like About Cash For Steps

What I like about Cash For Steps is it gives a ton of opportunities for its users to have easy bonuses. Just by simply logging in, watching ads, sharing on social media, and completing surveys, users earn bonus points to get closer to its monetary rewards.

On top of that I also like how easy it is to use and how you can chat with other people. Not are you motivated to get active and hit those goals but it also allows you to converse with other users of the application.

Overall, any application that strives to get their users active and healthy, is a good one. Not only are users motivated to walk more than they should but they also get paid if they manage to be at the top percentile of users.

Is Cash For Steps A Scam?

No, I don’t think Cash For Steps is a scam. It’s a functioning application that’s updated every few months. The application has received 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Apple store and has received a total of 23.4k ratings.

review - Cash For Steps App - Can This App Give You Money By Walking?

The common bad reviews about this product is that some users claim that a good number of people at the top of the rankings are cheating. Wherein it’s still 12:00 am and there are already people already reaching 50,000+ steps.

But regardless of the application having mixed reviews, I still can’t recommend this to you. If you want a bit of competition, then you can go for this app. Although I’m not sure just how accurate their system is.

If you’re doing this to get one dollar, it’s definitely not worth your time and effort. If you’re working hard just to get that reward there are better things online where you can get rewarded for a much better deal.

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