Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review 2021: Is It Still Worth It?

Hey all, welcome to my Biaheza Dropshipping Course review.

I’ve been meaning to get to this dropshipping course by Biaheza for a while now because Biaheza has been the craze on YouTube for some time and he’s only 19 years old this year!

From what he claims to be making with his store, plus the course that he had put up as another source of income, it’s not too bad for 19 years old to make.

But.. that also raises the question whether you can actually take his word for it, due to his young age.

I’ve had to ask myself a lot of time while doing this review. And I’m going to share whether or not he’s someone that you can look up to when it comes to creating a dropshipping business.

Before we get started with the review, a little disclaimer that I’m by no means associate with Biaheza or any of his course. I don’t earn anything should you decide to buy his course.

So this will be an unbiased review of Biaheza’s dropshipping course from a third-party perspective.

If you’re ready to learn whether this is THE course for you, then let’s get started.

Is Biaheza’s dropshipping course legit? Here’s the truth…

Biaheza Dropshipping Course Summary

Product: Dropshipping course
Founder: Biaheza
Price: $294
Rating: 55/100
Recommended: Sure, but…
Summary: Biaheza’s dropshipping course is a course where beginners can take to be as a guide for them to create their own dropshipping business. Or also for someone who has created a dropshipping store before but hasn’t gotten any traction.

Since Biaheza is one of the top YouTubers putting content on dropshipping business tips, does that make his course the best one out there?

And will his course really deliver given his age? Let’s figure it out together.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when you promote and sell a third-party product without handling the product creation, inventory and shipping.

When an order comes into your store, instead of wrapping and shipping out the products, the wholesaler or supplier will be the one that does the fulfilment.

Therefore, you only really need to focus on the front end and making sure sales are coming in for you to get your “cut”.

The cut is the difference on the retail price minus the wholesale price. If you’d prefer to learn this more through a video and animation, you can watch the video below:

Important to note: Please don’t get misled with screenshots of sales that these “gurus” are making. Those are sales numbers. It’s typical for dropshipping businesses to only take home 1-20% from the sales.

What Is Biaheza Dropshipping Course?

 This dropshipping course is created by Biaheza who claims to have had a good and proven track record doing dropshipping before – and his mission is to bring whatever he has learned towards this course to help others who are still struggling.

Who Biaheza Is?

Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review

Biaheza – if you find his name unique, it’s because he’s a Belarusian-American.

He’s a 19 year old entrepreneur who is one of the biggest YouTube content creators when it comes to building dropshipping business. He now has also shared more content for stock trading and other entrepreneurial type of videos on his YouTube channel.

He has over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

As I’ve said before, his followers base is massive.

He started out as an influencer himself before getting approached by brands who are mostly dropshippers to collaborate with them with shout outs etc.

Once he’s gotten to know how these dropshippers are making money, he then decided to pursue this business himself and had success. Now, he wants to “share” or rather sell his exact strategy on how he’s gotten his success with dropshipping in this course.

So now let’s take a look on what exactly is the winning factor in his strategies.

What Makes Biaheza Dropshipping Course Unique?

Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review

If you ask me, I’d say nothing.

Compared to other dropshipping courses I’ve reviewed, almost each of them will cover the exact same thing that Biaheza does here.

He does show you his exact stores and what he has previously sold to make more than a million in sales. Now, even though that can be a good thing for you to learn, here’s something that you need to know.

In dropshipping, many of the business owners don’t actually want to share their niche and their products because they are scared that someone might copy them. And I find that those who share their niches or products, they know that the products are already in declining trend.

You can still definitely go with the course and learn his strategy but my one advise is to NOT copy his store that he’s showing you in the course.

How Much Does Biaheza Dropshipping Course Cost?

This course costs $294.

There’s no other upsell that is going to pop up when you decide to buy.

BUT, that said, you need to be aware of the other extra additional costs when you start your dropshipping venture.

There are apps and platforms that Biaheza is going to suggest to you and many of them are actually paid resources.

So it isn’t exactly the only $294 you need to spend to get started. Ok?

Ok cool. Now let’s take a look at what exactly you’ll be learning in the course.

What’s In Biaheza Dropshipping Course?

1) Shopify Store Creation

You will learn how to set up a Shopify store from scratch.

Getting Shopify hosting, a domain name and setting up appropriate apps for your store. Even though the lesson on this is pretty thorough, there are a lot of free content out there on YouTube that can give you to exact steps for free as well.

2) Finding Products

This  is where you will get to learn Biaheza’s strategy on finding products.

He does use paid apps for this (other courses do this too) so this might be an additional “investment” for you. Biaheza does mention that he’s going to update this part that can further help you explore more ways in finding those winning products.

3) Setting Up Instagram

Biaheza is an influencer on Instagram before he even ventured into dropshipping. So he might have a knack on getting your Instagram game on.

He also teaches on how to find the right influencers to collaborate with and how to work with them.

4) Setting up Facebook

Other than Instagram, Biaheza’s favorite way in driving traffic to his store is by using Facebook Ads – it’s not only his favorite. Many other courses also use Facebook Ads almost 99% of the time.

You will get to learn from creating your Facebook Page and Ad Account, creating your viral ads and how to scale those campaigns.

5) Other housekeeping topics

There are lessons that you will need to learn as you get more success with your dropshipping store like how to pay your taxes as well as setting up some automation backend for your daily tasks.

What I Like About Biaheza Dropshipping Course

I’m #sorrynotsorry to say that the only thing I like about Biaheza’s dropshipping course is the fact that they are straight forward.

If you’re not someone who likes to have all the resources in front of you, then you’ll probably like this course too.

What I DON’T Like About Biaheza Dropshipping Course

1) No Refund Policy

Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review

Yup, there’s no refund policy for this course. Not many courses do this though, a lot of them actually give people money back guarantee if they have done the work in a stipulated time period but didn’t get the results they had expected.

But yes.

I personally like money back guaranteed products, so I’m not a fan of Biaheza’s no-refund policy 😊

2) Too Basic

For $99, it’s understandable.

For $294, I’m expecting more. You can definitely get more content for a cheaper price in other courses like Ecom Elites or Project Verum

3) Only Focuses on Facebook Ads & Instagram

I know these are the two ways that Biaheza is famous with but for the price of the course, I think he can still include Google SEO or even a module on a proper email marketing strategy.

Is Biaheza Dropshipping Course A Scam?

No, Biaheza Dropshipping course is not a scam.

If you buy the course, you will still get the access to all modules and you can still learn how to get started with dropshipping if you’re a beginner.

The only thing I have against this course is simply its price tag. I just don’t think it’s worth $294 for the lessons.

That said though, I do give my respect to Biaheza for doing something that not a lot of 19 year olds out there is doing.

But will his success inspire me to get started with dropshipping again? The answer is no… I explain more in the next section.

Is Dropshipping Still Worth It?

I know that eCommerce is still growing year by year, especially now that many of us are stuck inside the house, eCommerce has truly changed the game for us.

That said, it doesn’t mean many solo stores like dropshipping can thrive under this eCommerce boom simply because there are giants in the industry like Amazon that can guarantee shipping time and offer a lot more variety within a single receipt.

ecommerce dropshipping

Here are 3 reasons why I no longer think dropshipping busines is still worth it:

1) Only When You Have Capital

Dropshipping is really NOT for someone who are strapped with money. There are so many other expenses that you will need to pay such as:

– Shopify hosting
– Domain name
– Transaction Fee
– Facebook Ads
– Instagram Influencer
– Additional paid apps
– Outsourcing

So unless you have AT LEAST $2,500 to spare to start this business model, dropshipping unfortunately is not for you. You’ll be spending at least $2,000 to get started with Facebook Ads – and that won’t even guarantee any sales coming in.

2) Vicious Cycle

If you argue that you will be able to take home $2,000/mo if you get to make $10,000/mo, I’m sorry to break it down to you but that $2,000 will need to be re-invested to find another winning product and be spent for Facebook Ads testing.

This is one of the biggest reasons I quit dropshipping.

A lot of beginners are not aware of this vicious, vicious cycle.

3) Not The Best Business Model

As I’ve mentioned in 2021, dropshipping isn’t exactly the best business model out there. A lot of people already know the trick of “free product + shipping” and asking them to wait for 2-3 weeks for product delivery is a deal-breaker.

Put yourself in the customer shoe, will you go and buy a product from a store that will take 2-3 weeks to ship the products to you or you’d rather go to and get your products delivered the next day?

I’d go with And that brings me to the next point.

A Better Way To Make Money

affiliate marketing

After I left dropshipping, I found a better way to make money online that is a lot more passive and won’t need me to fork out so much capital when first starting out.

I really wish I’d found this sooner.

I switched from doing a dropshipping business to affiliate marketing.

Simply because;

  • it was free for me to get started
  • I don’t need to be running ads all the time
  • my traffic is organic, therefore a lot more sustainable
  • I don’t need to handle refunds or customer service
  • it’s much easier for me to do with a 9-5 job

But just how much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

See how a stay-at-home-mum student from my #1 recommended training platform was able to make $2K from her new website with a new affiliate offer.

wealthy affiliate success story min 3 - Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review 2021: Is It Still Worth It?

We both went through the same training and you will too!

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