American Consumer Panels Review – Is This Company Legit?

If you’ve wanted to be a product tester and get free products to try them out, then you’ve probably heard of the company that I’m going to review today. In this American Consumer Panels review, I’ll be talking about what this company does and is it worth applying for.

Product testing platforms and companies will always be there as long as there are new products released in the market. Companies let other people test out their products so they’ll have an idea of how the market would react when it’s released to the public. In return for giving out products, the companies expect an honest review from the testers.

Today let’s determine if American Consumer Panels is a legit product testing company. We’ll also look at what it offers, what people have to say, and how does it actually work.

American Consumer Panels Review Summary

Product: American Consumer Panels
Founder: Innovation Consulting LLC
Product Type: Product Testing Company
Price: Free Application
Rating: 20/100
Recommended: No

Summary: American Consumer Panels claims to be a product testing company that provides in-home testing services. Their website claims to be legitimate and is currently looking for product testers to hire. They pay a high salary rate but do they actually hire applicants or only use their data? To know more, read the whole review.

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What Is American Consumer Panels?

ACP - American Consumer Panels Review - Is This Company Legit?

American Consumer Panels is a product testing website that offers job for Americans to test out products before it hits the market. And in return, the testers will be giving out their review and experience with the product.

The mission of the company is to add value to products and service providers by helping them with their goal of achieving the level of quality and safety for their items.

Looking at the website’s footer, it can be seen that they present an FTC Guardian badge. This means they’ve completed their compliance training under the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC is in charge of preventing fraud, deception, and unfair business practices.

But just because a website presents a certain badge doesn’t mean that they are already legitimate. It doesn’t clear them out of the woods immediately.

It’s always a smart decision to know more about a company than what they present on their website.

How Does American Consumer Panels Work?

acp how it works min - American Consumer Panels Review - Is This Company Legit?

Ideally, when you successfully join a product testing company, they will send you products to try within a certain time period.

According to ACP’s website, they design and conduct In-Home Usage Testing locally and nationally. With this, they can provide actual user feedback to evaluate products, packaging, related product instructions, and more.

When they send out these products, testers are asked to write reviews, record audio, or video regarding their experience.

How to become a product tester?

At this point – you might question, how does one become a product tester? First, you need to read the job description and duties and then apply for the position.

ACP application min - American Consumer Panels Review - Is This Company Legit?

To start your application process, you need to first provide your email address. After that, you proceed to establish your consumer profile and demographics which can be done in two steps.

American Consumer Panels tells you to first join The LifePoints Consumer Panel as the first step. The second step tells you to join the i-Say Ipsos Consumer Panel. APC mentioned that the purpose of answering these surveys would be to know what products are fit for you.

After answering the surveys, APC will then contact you if you’re qualified to be a product tester.

If you think about this process, it’s actually inconvenient for both parties (you and APC) to utilize different survey companies. If American Consumer Panels just want to know more about your consumer profile, why don’t they just create the questionnaires or survey themselves? Why does the applicant need to sign up for those companies?

It raises the question – does APC have some sort of incentive from people answering these surveys?

How Does American Consumer Panels Pay You?

Since we’re trying to determine whether this company is legit and is able to pay their product testers, let’s take a look at how much they’re paying their people.

acp product tester min - American Consumer Panels Review - Is This Company Legit?

When you look at the product tester job page, they stated that the pay is at $25 – $45/hr which is quite high since the average minimum pay in the US is at $7.25/hr. And this hourly rate seems too good to be true when the position doesn’t require any experience. The company also guarantees work of 15-20 hours per week.

When they mentioned “guarantee”, it’s quite difficult to understand since you only get paid when there’s a product sent to you to be tested. But this isn’t frequent at all, it doesn’t happen every week or every day. If you don’t fit the demographics of the product, you won’t be receiving any.

When it comes to paying you, they do so after the job is done. They pay via check or direct deposit.

What Products Are Tested?

acp product tester image min - American Consumer Panels Review - Is This Company Legit?

There’s no clear answer when it comes to this question. But looking at their Product Testers Gallery, they cater to a wide variety of items. The products can be from Tefal, KitchenAid, PlayStation, Xbox, to Dyson.

It seems like if you’re a brand manager or a company, you can also have a free consultation with American Consumer Panels and see how you can utilize their In-Home Usage Test. They also offer nationwide in-home product testing for brands to capitalize on specific and broad-based geographies/audiences.

What I Don’t Like With American Consumer Panels

At this point, it seems like American Consumer Panels is a legitimate company. But I did some further research on them and found some major red flags:

Fake Address

APC address - American Consumer Panels Review - Is This Company Legit?

Looking at the Contact Page of American Consumer Panels, they’ve written that they are located in One World Trade Center, 285 Fulton St., Suite 8500, New York, NY, 10007.

But when you search for this address on Google, it appears it belongs to ServCorp which offers a virtual office service.

ServCorp allows businesses to rent out this address so they’ll have a more “reputable and esteemed” office address.

This is a major red flag because if American Consumer Panels is indeed a legitimate product testing company, I can’t see the reason why they need to put up a front to make their company look more prestigious.

Who Are The People Behind The Company?

Even though I’ve spent hours researching this company, I still can’t find the people behind this. All I saw was Innovation Consulting LLC owns and operates this website business.

But you still won’t see who’s the CEO, the founder, or any staff for that matter. Again, this is a major red flag because companies that can’t provide a face behind their business are deemed to be shady.

If American Consumer Panels is a trustworthy company like they claim, how come its founders or management can’t show face to potential clients and staff members.

Feedback From Other People

acp review 2 min - American Consumer Panels Review - Is This Company Legit?

The complaints from this company are scattered all over the internet. Lots of people claim that the company is a scam and a fraud.

If a company is true to their words and back up what they claim, no one would go out of their way to complain and write that it’s doing fraudulent acts. But unfortunately, 90% of the reviews for American Consumer Panels are negative and are related to being a scam.

Never Ending Surveys

acp review 3 - American Consumer Panels Review - Is This Company Legit?

Right from the start, I was already doubtful about why they would ask me to sign up for two survey companies. If they wanted to know more about my consumer profile, why didn’t they just tailored a questionnaire for their applicants?

I was guessing that if they’re not a legit product testing company, then maybe they’re profiting off these surveys which explain the high salary.

Since high salaries tend to invite more people to apply, there will be a higher number of survey takers as well. The higher the survey takers, the more profit for them.

And it seems that idea was right. I’ve read different complaints from Glassdoor and other forums wherein users never had a product to test and all they did was answer surveys.

Is American Consumer Panels A Scam?

With all the reviews I’ve read, the fronts that they’ve put up, and the process I’ve been through, it seems like American Consumer Panels is a scam. Don’t waste your effort and time with these types of companies.

Out of all the websites, posts, and videos I’ve seen, there was not a single testimonial claiming that American Consumer Panels is legit. Or they’ve been employed under this company.

It’s just another website that misleads you to think you’re going to get paid from home but instead you’ll be answering numerous surveys. Instead of being a legitimate company, helping out brands with their products, and employing people, they decide to deceive people for profits instead.

Final Thoughts

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