AffiliBuilder Review – A MUST Read Before Buying

AffiliBuilder is a new software in the affiliate space that claims that you can build your affiliate website in just a matter of minutes. In this post, let’s determine whether how much of what they claim is true and is it worth your money. This is my AffiliBuilder Review.

Affiliate marketing has been gaining some traction for quite some time now. It’s an industry that’s been proven and tested throughout the years. And as more and more people search for ways to make money online, affiliate marketing will just continue to grow.

But as this industry continues to flourish, there will be groups of people that will be taking advantage of this. They will produce programs, start courses and create software that will entice people to buy but in the end, will only scam them of their money or just produce a mediocre product that’s not worth their price.

Today, let’s determine whether AffiliBuilder delivers its promises or is it just like those scam software above.

AffiliBuilder Review Summary

Product Name: AffiliBuilder
Founder: Kurt Chrisler
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Software
Price: $17.00
Rating: 30/100
Recommended: No

AffiliBuilder is an affiliate software that allows you to quickly make high-converting professional sites with ready-made content and images. This product doesn’t any APIs and no formatting required, it’s just a plug and play software that will “generate” you profits.

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What Is AffiliBuilder?

affilibuilder min - AffiliBuilder Review - A MUST Read Before Buying

AffiliBuilder is a new software that creates automated and done for you affiliate sites in just minutes. With this software, you don’t need to spend too much time on content creation, image research, or any API. Everything here is automated.

Anyone who has built an affiliate website knows that it’s not an easy task to do. It involves a lot of research, thinking, and decision making. On top of that, you need to sacrifice time to really create a website that can stand out in your niche.

Kurt Chrisler who’s the creator behind the software knows and has experienced that struggle. So with this software, he aimed to create the easiest affiliate site creator on the market. Wherein people don’t have to worry about content, finding the perfect image ,and inserting affiliate links to each posts.

And Kurt did address and solved those issues with this software. It can do all the heavy work for you from choosing a topic, writing several contents about it, inputting your affiliate links, to even adding backlinks.

How Does AffiliBuilder Work?

AffiliBuilder can be fully utilized in just only three steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Topic

affilibuilder step 1 min - AffiliBuilder Review - A MUST Read Before Buying

Simply choose what topic you would like your affiliate site built on. This option is totally up to you. You can choose whatever topic on whatever niche.

Step 2: Choose Your Done For You Content

affilibuilder step 2 min - AffiliBuilder Review - A MUST Read Before Buying

In this step, you can choose what articles would you like to put on your site. It’s from their own database so you shouldn’t worry about copyright.

Step 3: Let AffiliBuilder Do Its Magic

affilibuilder step 3 min - AffiliBuilder Review - A MUST Read Before Buying

This is probably what separates AffiliBuilder from its peers. In just 3 steps or a matter of minutes, you already have an affiliate website that’s up and running.

What Features Does AffiliBuilder Offer?

A Big Database To Work With

affilibuilderdatabase min - AffiliBuilder Review - A MUST Read Before Buying

Every affiliate marketer knows how time-consuming making written content for a website is. You need to do research, you need to come up with your unique article, you need to proofread it, and you need to be smart on the structure of your writing so your readers won’t get overwhelmed.

With AffiliBuilder, you rid yourself of all those hassle and effort. Because as mentioned earlier, all you need to do is to choose an article that you like on their database. They have over 10,000 articles to choose from.

This means that you’re content (which takes up a lot of work) is already taken care of. It’s important to note that these articles didn’t come from other people, so don’t worry about copyright and stealing other people’s work.

Featured Images Are Already Provided

affilibuilderimages min - AffiliBuilder Review - A MUST Read Before Buying

Using this software, even images are already taken care of. It’s as simple as typing what image you’re looking for and browse until you find a picture that fits your article.

These images are royalty free and you won’t have any problem about lacking images since their database has around 1 million images.

Built In Automatic Content Spinning Integration

affilibuilderspinning min - AffiliBuilder Review - A MUST Read Before Buying

This software has built-in integration with The Best Spinner Writer and Spin Rewriter. With this plugin, you’re able to immediately spin your content before posting it to your site.

Promote ANY Affiliate Programs

affilibuilderpromote - AffiliBuilder Review - A MUST Read Before Buying

With this feature, you’re given the opportunity to include any affiliate program that you’d like to promote. And this can be done via a one time process. Just enter your affiliate link/s once and let AffiliBuilder spread them across your website.

Compatible With Any WordPress Theme

affilibuilderWP - AffiliBuilder Review - A MUST Read Before Buying

Even though this software does the hard work for you, you still have 100% control on your website’s design and overall feel of it.

Responsive And Optimized

affilibuilderresponsive min - AffiliBuilder Review - A MUST Read Before Buying

AffiliBuilder works on all gadgets and platforms. It’s built to be already optimized and responsive. If the WordPress theme that you’re using is mobile-optimized, rest assured that AffiliBuilder will be as well.

What I Like About AffiliBuilder

In their demo video, Chris has done a great job showing how easy it is to set up the site. The process was seamless and you could get a website up and running with just a few clicks.

Their features has made everything simple from integrating affilaite programs, to picking articles, to choosing images and publishing them.

To be honest, this is the fastest and easiest software I’ve seen in the market that can do all the things above.

Is AffiliBuilder A Scam?

I don’t think AffiliBuilder is a scam. But even so, I can’t recommend this software to you especially if you’re serious about affiliate marketing. Although you can try it yourself since it’s relatively cheap compared to other software. But for me, it’s not worth the time and money. Here are the reasons why:

The Usage of Article Spinning

For those who don’t know what article spinning is, it’s a writing technique that produces several contents from one article.

So if I write a review on AffiliBuilder, an article spinner can make different contents from my review. Basically, it can rehash my article into different ones but with just different wordings and structure.

To me, that’s not the optimal way to create content. Sure you can get ideas from multiple people, but to get it from one single source can erase the fact of it being unique.

It Doesn’t Cater to Every Topic

According to their sales page, you can enter ANY topic you wish and you’ll receive thousands of articles related to it. And yet I’ve seen some other demos wherein they searched for a topic and not a single article about it was presented.

So for you to avoid that unfortunate situation, you need to first know what topic, niche, or products you’ll be promoting and ask them if they have articles on it. Otherwise, you just wasted your money since this is one of their core features.

This is a major issue since most of the users probably bought this for this feature. It’s a great help if they can cater to your products but if they come up empty, there’s no use in this.

DFY’s Are Not A Solid Affiliate Marketing Foundation

If you really want to make a living off Affiliate Marketing, DFY software and programs is not the way. You’ll learn nothing and you’re taking a shortcut to the proper processes of being a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing is an industry that requires patience, technical knowledge of SEO, and up to date information about changes in the digital marketing space. If you’re trying to skip all of them, then maybe affiliate marketing isn’t for you.

The most successful affiliate marketers I’ve seen, met and read, are the ones who embodies the traits above. They’ve been patient enough to build a loyal following, they’ve learned SEO and has applied it effectively and they’re up to date with the digital marketing landscape so they can be ahead of their competitors.

All in all, those are the reasons why I wouldn’t suggest AffiliBuilder to you. But if you do want to try it out, then go for it.

Upsells in AffiliBuilder:

Pro Edition – $37
Developers License -$27
iMarketers Hosting – $39-$60

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