Affiliate Triad Review – An Online Marketing Advantage Or A Scam?

Affiliate marketing courses and programs have been on a tear for the past months. A lot of these programs have popped up ever since more people were searching for ways to make money online. Today, I’ll be talking about a new affiliate program that does all the hard work for you while you earn 50-70% of affiliate sales. This is my Affiliate Triad review.

Since most people are busy and have a lot of things going on, these affiliate marketing programs have stepped their game up. A lot of these programs offer you affiliate sales while doing minimal work. But with such a deal, it also comes with a hefty price tag – some are worth it while others are way too overpriced.

In this post let’s determine what Affiliate Triad has to offer and is their program worth the $349/mo.

Affiliate Triad Review Summary

Product Name: Affiliate Triad
Founder: Jason Fladlien
Product Type: Affiliate Software/Community
Price: $347
Rating: 45/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Affiliate Triad makes you participate in a private group wherein they share with you what products you should promote. They introduce a new product on a monthly basis so you can take advantage of selling high ticket offers as an affiliate. It also introduces you to funnel systems, emails, and even bonuses,

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What is Affiliate Triad?

affiliate triad min - Affiliate Triad Review - An Online Marketing Advantage Or A Scam?

Affiliate Triad is a mixture of done-for-you service and live pieces of training on how you can set everything up. It comes with email swipes, webinars, bonuses, and funnels which you can utilize to earn some affiliate commissions.

Every month, the team behind the program will send you a product that you will promote. They’ll also send and discuss all the resources you need to effectively promote it and eventually land a sale.

These products go through several criterias. The Affiliate Triad team handpicks these products and ensure that it’s able to deliver what it promises. Information and features that come with it are shared with the users so they can strategically promote them.

Here are some of the products that they’ve promoted: The Wholesale Formula, Crush It With Challenges, Product eClass, Social Covers, Experience Product Masterclass, and The Unite Challenge.

This program is led and taught by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos which are top internet marketers according to their sales page.

Affiliate Triad Features

Handpicked Product To Promote + Access To It

af product review min - Affiliate Triad Review - An Online Marketing Advantage Or A Scam?

There are thousands of products and programs that you can be an affiliate with but sometimes it can take much effort to find the legit and valuable ones out there. When joining Affiliate Triad, their team carefully handpicks these products and tell you what you should promote.

Other than picking the products, Affiliate Triad also gives you the option to use it if you want to.

Information And Strategies Are Provided For You

af dfy min - Affiliate Triad Review - An Online Marketing Advantage Or A Scam?

Affiliate Triad will provide you necessary information and details. These things will help you know immediately what the important features are of the product. This rids you of the effort and time needed to be done for product research.

Jason and William will also give you an email copy, video sales letter, host a webinar, and support so you can promote the product effectively and convert sales.

Private Slack Community

affiliate triad slack min - Affiliate Triad Review - An Online Marketing Advantage Or A Scam?

The guys behind this program have made sure to create a community where members can help and ask each other. Slack is where members can ask questions to the founders and other team members. They can ask for help, tips, and strategies.

Free Traffic Coaching

affiliate free traffic min - Affiliate Triad Review - An Online Marketing Advantage Or A Scam?

With this feature, you get access to a training course that talks about bringing traffic and organic reach. The top Affiliate Triad members will also give 2 free months of access to their coaching program wherein these members will teach you strategies and actionable tips.

Weekly Mentor Calls

af wkly mentor calls min - Affiliate Triad Review - An Online Marketing Advantage Or A Scam?

Four of the most successful Affiliate Triad members will make themselves available to answer any questions you have for them.

Full Marketing Software Suite

af marketing software min - Affiliate Triad Review - An Online Marketing Advantage Or A Scam?

When you join this program you get to use the same platform the founders and the team use to power their businesses.

This marketing platform is capable of sending emails, take payments, build web pages, and many more.

What I Like About Affiliate Triad

Affiliate Triad has done a great job in making some of its users make money. Some video reviews I’ve seen mentioned that their affiliate commissions on these programs have been the “easiest money” in their lives.

Plus, their sales page looks decent. It’s not flooded with dollar figures on how much you’re going to make with this program. They were straight to the point and focused on what the program offers.

Using this program, you’ll receive a ton of DFYs for you to use such as DFY emails, webinars, funnels, and bonuses. To add to that, they provide additional support with their weekly mentor calls, coaching, and training by their top members.

Is Affiliate Triad A Scam?

I don’t have any reason to believe that Affiliate Triad is a scam so this program is legitimate. But there are a few things that I personally don’t like and have issues with.

The Program’s Price

The monthly payment for Affiliate Triad is at $347/mo. That’s somewhat expensive compared to other programs I’ve seen that gives a lot more features and lessons to buyers (see next section below).

You can argue that this price is cheap when you’re able to make money off what they promote. As I’ve read and watched from others, some products will let you keep 50% of the sale while others would be 70%. FYI, these are high-ticket products, so one sale can cover the whole price of the membership.

That is IF YOU’RE ABLE to make a sale.

Not A Good Avenue To Learn How To Really Be An Affiliate Marketer

It’s already given that beginners in affiliate marketing will be drawn to this program because everything is provided for them. The product, the research, the emails, the videos – all of these things will be given by their team. Their system is basically handing you all the things you need to do and it’s on you to implement them.

But if you really want to make affiliate marketing a source of living, there’s no shortcut to it. Every aspiring and successful affiliate marketer needs to go through a learning curve.

For me personally, I like searching for good affiliate products and programs. It’s part of the affiliate marketing process that when you’re able to make commissions out of those things, it makes it more rewarding and satisfying.

Limited To Certain Products

When you’re a legitimate affiliate marketer, you want to be affiliated with products that you’ve used and truly believe in. Otherwise, you’re just promoting a product for the sake of converting a sale.

When you do that, it shows that you’re not being genuine when you’re advertising a product. And your readers will notice that.

Promoting products for the sake of commission sales will make your readers and visitors think if whether you’re promoting so that you can help them or are you promoting for your own benefit.

Bounded On A Single Niche

The products on this program will ONLY be under internet marketing. So if your interests and likes don’t fall under this niche Affiliate Triad is not for you.

And those are the reasons why I can’t recommend it. It’s a high price to pay, it’s highly dependent on the program’s team, and its products can only be found under one niche. Unless you’re totally fine with the points above, then by all means go join Affiliate Triad.

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