An Honest Affiliate Maniac Review – Is It Worth Your Time Or A Scam?

This Affiliate Maniac review aims to let you know more about this software on what it does, what it teaches, and what it promises to deliver. In this post, let’s determine whether this software’s method of making money through affiliate commissions can be the answer to your money-making problems.

In this new digital era, change is the only constant thing. Software and applications have been changing throughout the years. And updates and developments are done from time to time. But innovation doesn’t limit to only technology. The methodology of people making money has changed as well especially with the help of the internet.

And this is what Affiliate Maniac offers – an innovative way to make money with Youtube without having to upload a single video. So if you’re ready to know more about this method and software, then let’s get right to it.

Affiliate Maniac Review Summary

Product: Affiliate Maniac
Founder: Jamie Lewis
Product Type: Affiliate Software
Price: $16.00
Rating: 30/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Affiliate Maniac is a fully loaded software that some vendors use to acquire targeted Youtube accounts. This software claims that this will put your affiliate link on the top pages and videos of Youtube. To determine whether this software can really help you with your affiliate journey, continue reading this post to the very end.

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What Is Affiliate Maniac?

AM min - An Honest Affiliate Maniac Review - Is It Worth Your Time Or A Scam?

Affiliate Maniac is both a software and a method to acquire targeted Youtube accounts. The product is created by top marketers, James Lewis and David Kirby.

With this software, it claims that you can find “vacant accounts” and allows you to place an affiliate link for easy and steady affiliate commissions. Other than teaching this money-making methodology, Affiliate Maniac also comes with a software.

By using their software, you’re able to search for these targeted videos with ease. It can make you narrow your search to different topics and niches. Along with that you also get the basic details of the videos and Youtube channel with just a click of a button.

The software also has features that go beyond Youtube. It has options where it can help you with traffic, campaigns, image editing, and article writing.

How Does Affiliate Maniac Work?

am how it works min - An Honest Affiliate Maniac Review - Is It Worth Your Time Or A Scam?

With the Affiliate Maniac method, you’re going to search for Youtube videos that you can purchase. You can even look for Youtube channels that have a lot of subscribers. You’re searching for these videos and channels so you can contact the channel owner and ask whether you two can do business.

And in the member’s area of Affiliate Maniac, Jamie teaches you how you can reach out to these content creators. Jamie has used this method to approach a Youtube channel owner that has an OLD video of over 93 million views.

Wherein he proposed to the video owner to put his affiliate link in the comment section and the commissions earned on that link will be split 50-50 between him and the owner. Apparently, with this method, Jamie claimed that he was earning $700 a day.

To me, Affiliate Maniac has some advantages and disadvantages. But we’ll further discuss that in the latter part of the course. Let’s first talk about the features that Affiliate Maniac offers.

What Are The Features Of Affiliate Maniac?

Youtube Software

This is a search engine wherein you can find the videos or channels that you’ll potentially buy. It’s easy to use and it works just like a normal search engine wherein you can customize your search results to really narrow down the videos presented to you.

You can use a search term, a keyword list, and the order of videos presented to you. It will also make you choose a category, a safe search, and the duration of the video.

Video Tutorials

am vid tutorial min - An Honest Affiliate Maniac Review - Is It Worth Your Time Or A Scam?

With the videos presented here, Jamie teaches you strategies about finding the right video, commenting, and how to approach the video creators. It’s important to note that these videos aren’t 3-5 minute clips but they are long and explained thoroughly.

Under this feature, Jamie also teaches you about funnels, trainings, and the advertising strategy that you can use to make the Youtube creators be on board with your business proposal.


am campaigns min - An Honest Affiliate Maniac Review - Is It Worth Your Time Or A Scam?

This feature is where you can control and monitor all of the campaigns you’re running. It shows you the basic metrics such as your budget, results, reach, impression, and cost per result.

Traffic Suite

am traffic min - An Honest Affiliate Maniac Review - Is It Worth Your Time Or A Scam?

Basically, if you need traffic this feature can help you with that. It includes 6 different traffic sources.

Graphic Editor

af graphic editor min - An Honest Affiliate Maniac Review - Is It Worth Your Time Or A Scam?

This image editor can help you create beautiful images and graphics which you can easily customize and design to your liking.

One thing that’s very clear is that it resembles Canva’s interface.

Article Rewriter

article spin min - An Honest Affiliate Maniac Review - Is It Worth Your Time Or A Scam?

This feature allows you to rewrite swipes that are included. It has a button available to download the swipes that come with this software.

It can also work for any written content that you think is full information since it has the feature of spinning it.

What I like About Affiliate Maniac

What I like about Affiliate Maniac is that it’s both a method and software. Wherein Jamie introduces you to a new method of getting your affiliate link out there while at the same time providing you the tools needed to be successful with the method.

Just by looking at the software, it’s easy to navigate and it has the ability to narrow down its search by customizing the information you need.

Is Affiliate Maniac A Scam?

No, I don’t think that Affiliate Maniac is a scam. But regardless of what I like and what it presents to users, I DON’T suggest you wasting money and time on this.

Below are the different points that you should read as to why you can do all the things above without purchasing this product.

The Features Are Simple

All of the features that it presents are basic. The Youtube software feature can be done exactly on the Youtube platform itself.

With Youtube’s filter feature, you can also look for videos with your preferred duration, the relevance and the upload date.

The Method Has A Small Conversion Rate

The method that they teach here makes you search for videos and channels that you can potentially buy. Let’s say that you do find a content that you like, what are the chances of the content creator selling you his or her channel? A channel that the creator built from scratch and produced videos with their hard work?

The only people that will sell you their creation would be the ones that are no longer interested in making videos on Youtube. And most likely their channel is already dormant and is buried below a stockpile of newer and active channels in that niche.

So if you do get a channel or a video with your link on it, how will these contents pop up on people’s Youtube home page when it’s been inactive for quite some time?

You’re Better Off Making Your Channel

Reading and understanding the Affiliate Maniac method just raises the question – why not start your own Youtube channel?

I mean that’s what affiliate marketers do nowadays. They have a blog for their audience who prefer written contents and they have a Youtube channel for their people who wants contents in video format.

Starting your own Youtube channel and building it from the ground up will allow you to have a higher conversion rate since you’ll be building an authentic audience rather than buying one.

A Lot Of One Time Offers

I understand why these product creators need to give out one-time offers but it’s very dismaying to see that the product that comes with the front end price doesn’t give any value to the buyers.

  • OTO 1: Unthrottled (upsell $39, downsell $27)

With only the front end price, the software gives you 20 searches of profitable Youtube accounts. But with this offer, you get unlimited searches.

  • OTO 2: Done For You (upsell $67, downsell $39)

You’ll have your own virtual assistant to mine Profitable Youtube accounts for you. The guys behind Affiliate Maniac will assign you a team member to work for you.

  • OTO 3: Partner With Jamie (upsell $197, downsell $47)

With this offer, you’ll get to meet Jamie every week in an exclusive members only class where Jamie will train you on how you can get better results.

  • OTO 4: Affiliate Maniac Monetization Sites (upsell $97, downsell $67)

Their Affiliate Maniac monetization sites are installed with quick and easy steps so you can maximize the profitable Youtube accounts you’ll see.

  • OTO 5: 10x Multiplier (upsell $67, downsell $37)

With this feature, you’re able to unlock offers and monetization which were handpicked by Jamie and his team.

  • OTO 6: Winners Circle (upsell $77, downsell $37)

And with this last OTO, users will obtain resell rights to 5 of Jamie’s most high converting funnels.

These are the things that I see as to why I can’t recommend Affiliate Maniac to you. The features you’ll get from the front end price doesn’t give you enough value for its price tag. If that’s the case then what more for the OTOs.

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