Affiliate Cloner Review – Is This Software Worth Your Time?

Today, I’m writing about an affiliate software that claims to copy the affiliate business of a seven-figure affiliate marketer. Using this software, it claims that it can easily generate $1,500 per day. What you’ll be reading below is my Affiliate Cloner Review.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. When you search about how you can make money by using the internet, being an affiliate marketer is always on the top spot. So it’s only natural that people become curious about it.

With curiosity and attention, it breeds different systems and courses that promise to deliver passive income and success as an affiliate marketer. Some of these systems claim that it can give you X amount of dollars per day while other courses boldly announce that it’s the only thing you need to be successful in this niche.

So today, we’re here to find out whether Affiliate Cloner is one of those systems above.

Affiliate Cloner Review Summary

Product Name: Affiliate Cloner
Founder: Rich Williams
Product type: Affiliate Marketing Software
Price: $27.00
Rating: 25/100
Recommended: No

Summary: Affiliate Cloner is an instant turnkey authority review website wherein you get 100% of the commissions while doing zero to minimal effort of work. This software provides the programs that you’ll promote, the review posts on those programs, and the bonuses included in your offer. But you need to read further to know whether Affiliate Cloner really does all the hard work for you is it just another software that’s full of fake promises.

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What Is Affiliate Cloner?

affiliate cloner2 min - Affiliate Cloner Review - Is This Software Worth Your Time?

Affiliate Cloner is a new software that gives you the world’s most “profitable” website. It comes with different affiliate campaigns and built-in features. This software is created by a “7 figure” marketer/s so you can be successful and earn a lot as an affiliate.

I needed to put quotation marks on those descriptions because there’s no actual proof of those words.

This software is also packed with affiliate programs, reviews, and bonuses. Along with those things, it also comes with a ton of DFY campaigns that have a high converting rate. On top of that, when you make a sale on your affiliate links, you get to keep 100% of the commissions while exerting 0% effort.

What Does Affiliate Cloner Offer?

affiliate cloner3 min - Affiliate Cloner Review - Is This Software Worth Your Time?

Well, it basically offers to do all the hard work for you because with just one click you get to clone the affiliate business of Chris who’s a “7 figure marketer”. Chris claims to be an elite marketer and has chosen only the best affiliate programs on this software.

Since Affiliate Cloner is doing all the heavy work for you, it rids you the effort of finding affiliate programs. Because when you sign up for this, it already has a list of products for you.

It also gives out high-value software for giveaways while at the same time it can grow the website for you and achieve a high number of traffic. What’s good is that you’re able to get those things with just a click of a button.

With Affiliate Cloner, you get to clone:

  • Profitable affiliate promotions
  • Profitable campaigns
  • A $10,000 software for bonuses or giveaways
  • Reviews and relevant contents

Plus the affiliate programs that you’re going to promote are connected to the big 3 affiliate networks which are JvZoo, ClickBank, and Warrior+Plus.

It’s also easy to set up since it can be done in only three easy steps:

AC steps min - Affiliate Cloner Review - Is This Software Worth Your Time?

Everything has been made easy by this software – from the setup phase to making money off it. The creators have made sure that you’ll do minimal effort on your end.

Additional features include:

  • Professionally written reviews
  • Stunning graphics
  • A call to action for all high converting programs
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Social media share option
  • Hosted on vendor’s site

What I like About Affiliate Cloner

What I like about this software is it really does all the hard work for you. The reviews of each product are extensive and in-depth. They’re not lying about not writing a single word because they’ve written all the content for you. It doesn’t just consist of words though, but it also has images of the products that highlight its best features.

It runs like a normal website minus all the fees you pay for hosting and domain. You don’t need some fancy web theme as well since the theme is already built-in.

The bonuses you’re going to give away are also built-in already and can be used depending on your liking. Which means that the bonus software and programs that you’ll use is already created for you.

The creators of this software have done a great job to make it easy to use. Because almost everything that needs changing here can be done by clicking a button.

Is Affiliate Cloner A Scam?

I don’t think Affiliate Cloner is a scam but it can be close to it. So I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you don’t waste your time on this software. Even if it’s just $27, you’re better off buying something that will give you satisfaction.

False Promises

Affiliate Cloner claims to give you $1,500 PER DAY for commissions on Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus. If this is true, then in a month’s time you’re able to rack up around $45,000. To reach that number is no joke, especially if that comes from commissions alone.

AC profits - Affiliate Cloner Review - Is This Software Worth Your Time?
No actual proof that these are legitimate affiliate sales.

If Affiliate Cloner promises to give that amount or even something close to that, how come no one’s talking about it? Not a single written review or video testimonial can be found regarding the results of the software. All available contents regarding it are just promotional and enticing you to buy.

It’s Not Ideal For Beginners

They also mentioned how it’s good for beginners which I don’t agree with. Beginners who are serious about making money in affiliate marketing shouldn’t be going for these kinds of programs or software. Why? Because they don’t learn anything when almost everything is provided for them.

What happens when these beginners want to be an affiliate for other products? They’ll have a hard time transitioning from DFY to doing it themselves. The learning curve will be slow and they’ll be wishing that they went the other route when they were starting out.

The Same Content For Every Buyer

And another thing that I’ve realized is, if it already has prebuilt reviews on products, then all the people who bought this software will have THE SAME PRODUCT REVIEWS.

With that fact, it’s not an effective way to make affiliate sales.

No Track Record From The People Behind The Software

With further research, it seems like the founders of this software are Rich Williams, Chris, and Yves Kouyo. On the sales page of this software, they mentioned that these guys are 7-figure marketers but there are no images shown to validate this claim.

If they really wanted to prove that this software is cloning a profitable affiliate system, you’d think that they would show a screenshot of their earnings or even a screen recording showing their affiliate sales but sadly that’s just not the case.

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