2021 Verblio Review – A MUST Read Before Joining

In this Verblio review, I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about this platform. What it does, how it works, and whether it’s legitimate or not.

Content writing has been around for years already. Big and established companies to small businesses utilize this type of content creation to gain more traffic to their websites. That’s why different platforms are created to cater to this specific need.

And this is exactly what Verblio does. The platform can connect you to writers if you’re a business and it can also connect writers to companies. With Verblio claiming to do this, it raises the question – is the platform legitimate? does it pay its writers? are the quality of the contents?

Today, I’ll be answering all of those questions in this review. By the end of this post, you’ll know whether Verblio is worth your time and money.

Verblio Summary Review

Product: Verblio
Founder: Steve Pockross
Product Type: Content Creation Platform
Rating: 50/100
Recommended: Yes

Summary: Verblio is a content writing platform that connects businesses with their top-writers. Housing 3,000+ writers, Verblio can provide content for any client under any niche. With its selection process, it guarantees businesses the best content product. To know more about the platform, read the whole review.

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What Is Verblio?

verblio - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

Essentially, Verblio acts like a “middleman” to companies and writers. Wherein if you’re a company that’s looking for writers to write articles and blog posts for you, Verblio has a number of people to present.

On other hand, if you’re a writer that wants to get paid for your content, Verblio can also display your work on the platform or even connect you to different companies and businesses.

For Companies/Businesses:

Verblio claims it houses 3,000 top-tier, US-based content writers. These writers go through rigorous testing and are personally reviewed by their in-house writing team.

With that number of writers, Verblio can provide content on every niche possible. As they mentioned they can write from niches like Astrology to even Zoology. Their writers have diverse professional backgrounds ready to serve various industries.

If you’re looking for writers to create blog posts, articles, product descriptions, ebooks, or even just for web content, Verblio can easily give you writers who specialize in those fields. These are writers that are proficient in English, know SEO, and how to make quality and engaging outputs.

For Writers:

As mentioned earlier, Verblio doesn’t just cater to companies, they also look for excellent writers. Here are some of the qualifications that Verblio is looking for:

verblio writers quali min - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

The platform allows writers to grow their career in writing with the simplest and time flexible work out there. A common thing that Verblio asks from their writers is excellence and quality writing. If you’re planning to apply as a writer, then you must bring your A-game.

How Verblio Works

Step 1: On Boarding Process

veblio s1 min - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

In this step, you’ll share everything about your business. You’ll share about your audience, the tone of your content, and your requirements.

Step 2: Building Your Plan

verblio s2 min - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

Carefully choose a plan that’s fit for your needs. Take into account the length of your desired content and the number of articles you need per month.

Step 3: Request Content

verblio s3 min - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

In this step, you’re basically telling what type of content are you looking for. The more specific, the better.

Step 4: Receive and Review Content

verblio s4 min - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

According to the platform, the client’s request gets done immediately within 48-72 hours timeframe. If there’s anything that needs changing, the client can just comment on the desired revisions.

Step 5: Leave A Feedback

verblio s5 min - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

Let your writer know what you like about their work. Let them also know what they can improve on. These reviews or feedbacks can be seen by other writers on the platform.

The Signing Up Process

For Companies/Businesses:

verblio 1 min - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

To start looking for writers, you need to first sign up on the platform. Here, Verblio will ask you if you’re a business and you need content for yourself or are you an agency that needs content for your clients. You can also apply as a content provider for Verblio.

verblio 2 min - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

After picking the choice that’s right for you, you’ll be asked what industry does your business belongs to, what’s the tone of your content, the links to your website, the type of audience you’re targeting, and other things you want writers to know.

They ask you to fill out such questions, so Verblio writers know what to expect. They’ll know if your industry and niche is their strength or is something they’re not familiar with. With this information, the writers will also have an idea about what kind of content you produce and would like from them.

verblio pricing min - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

After putting all the necessary information, it’s time to choose the pricing. As you can see on the image above, 1000 – 1,499 word blog content costs you around $120.00 / piece. Yes, you read that right, it’s per piece.

verblio addtl srvs min - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

But the pricing doesn’t stop there. If you want extra services like adding photos to content, making it optimized for search engines, or more, you need to pay for it. These upgrades range from $9.95 to $64.95.

Lastly, the platform will ask whether you want the payment to be done monthly or annually. After finishing all of this, you need to input your payment details and finally activate your account.

For Writers:

Although it’s not clear how writers can apply for Verblio, what’s clear is the qualifications that they’re looking for. As mentioned on their website, they’re looking for 18 years and above and can legally work in the US.

In terms of pay, it’s based on the size of the job – how many words you’ll be writing. To know more about writer FAQs, you can go here.

Features Of Verblio

One of the best features of Verblio is its diversity of niches. Some platforms are only limited to a number of topics and industries but not Verblio. They have a series of niches that their writers can go for.

verblio niches min - 2021 Verblio Review - A MUST Read Before Joining

Another feature that I like about the platform is its blog section. The blogs written here don’t just talk about random topics but it’s carefully picked to help both the businesses and writers.

You’ll see posts about what writers want to see and know from clients. And you can also read about what clients are looking for in terms of writing style.

What I like About Verblio

The website itself has all the information you need to know about the company. It’s very informative and it’s not shy about providing answers to every question you can think of. Whether you’re a writer or a business, Verblio has the answer to your questions regarding the platform.

Another thing that I like about the platform is that it’s very competitive. When a business posts a writing job about a certain topic, writers will give their drafts to the client. This means that the best writer who had the greatest output and satisfied all the conditions of the client will be picked.

In that type of scenario and process, only the best of the best will be selected. Which is good for both writers and businesses.

Is Verblio A Scam?

Verblio isn’t a scam, it’s a legitimate website where it backs up what it claims. If you’re a business that’s looking for writers, then Verblio can be a good platform for you.

But if you’re a writer that’s just starting out, you might find it difficult to be picked. Why? Because you’re in competition with other seasoned writers. So you might not get paid for your time and effort when you send your content.

That’s what most people complain about in Verblio. They mentioned how they spent hours researching and creating content but only to find out that they’re not picked which means they won’t get paid.

The pay isn’t also that high especially when you’re just starting out. The pay begins at $10.50 for a 300-400 word post. But it increases when it goes beyond that.


To summarize, I recommend this for businesses because not only will you get the option to pick drafted content that’s suited to your liking but you get to choose from top article writers.

For writers that are starting out, I can’t recommend you Verblio because landing a client might be difficult since you’re up against writers who already have years of experience.

But if you’re a business and want to do the content creation yourself, the last section can be of help to you. It will help you in making a sustainable income online with the chance of scaling up in a great industry.

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